Thursday, July 5, 2012

June 25 2012

Hey mom i'm actually doing pretty good today. I spent the weekend
staying in bed because my stomach felt like it was attacking me. It
feels like i'm starting to get better again. Haha and I found out that
it is possible to get a sore throat here because I got one of those as
well. What a week.

Let me tell you our week actually.

Monday we had a normal P-day, at night we went and taught a Family
Home Evening (they are so fun to teach, and you can just feel how
special it is to have the whole family together.)

Tuesday my companion got sick so we just went to district meeting, he
went home and then I took the district leader to interview Brother
Davis for his baptism, of course he was totally prepared and excited,
and then we stayed home the night

Wednesday we got a call at 9 that we were moving house. So we hurried
and packed our bags, or beds, our dresser, our curtains, our washer, a
fridge, etc. moved into the house and spent the day settling in all
our stuff

Thursday we went out, a lot of our appointments flogged so we only
taught a few lessons

Friday we went out and my stomach was a bit hungry. We taught 3
lessons and each lesson my stomach started hurting me. It was pretty
bad by the time we got to the house for lunch but I just dealt with
it. I thought it would be fine after I ate. I ate a big lunch. I ate
some biscuits while I was waiting for my stew to be done, ate my stew,
ate half a loaf of bread. Then we went out again, and gradually each
lesson my stomach was paining me more and more. Our appointments were
all super close luckily because each step I took I felt like I was
getting punched in the stomach, but I didn't want to go home because
we hadn't taught all week, and we'd already cancelled so many
appointments with people that I didn't want to do it again. It was
probably a bad idea because when we got home to our apartment my
stomach was paining me so bad that I just collapsed on my bed with my
clothes on and was basically dying of pain.

Saturday we obviously didn't go out. I slept the entire day. But
Brother Davis called and said he couldn't be baptized as well. It's
definately a family issue thing so we'll have to sort it out during
the week. This guy has read the entire Book of Mormon now and he knows
it's true.

Sunday I was able to make it to church and sit but afterwards I just
rested and did a wash because I knew it would just get worse again if
I started walking around the area.

And here we are today, I'm feeling good, I kinda have a sore throat
and a runny nose. My stomach feels a little weird but luckily there is
only 1 appointment tonight and I'm hoping by tomorrow it will be ok.

It was a weird thing to happen though. I've never experienced
something like that. I even called Sister Shulz and she didn't know
what it was. She just said drink plenty of water, rest, and don't eat
so your stomach can rest and especially not hot peppe.
(It kind of made me laugh because I had eaten just that before I
called and asked her.)

The mission is coming along well. I just have to remember to take it
one day at a time though. It looks kind of daunting looking at how
much I have to learn if I look at the entire two years and what some
missionaries have the responsibility to do. I'm especially amazing at
how much the mission president does. But hey, god knows everything and
has the power to create a universe, I'm sure he can help me do this
simple stuff :P.

But ya when I look at it one day at a time, like today, it looks like
a piece of cake. I liked that talk in President Monson's talk to the
young women on enduring to the end.

Yes we've had 1 zone conference. I think they happen every 6 months.

Umm on Sunday we also have a branch coordination meeting with our
Branch Mission Leader. We do it right before church. Then after church
we just go out to work again.

Yup I feel old. I still feel like a 13 or 14 year old though.

Ya my friends are writing me a bit, by the way -Leslie Frandsen - If
you're reading this you need to give me your address in an email so I
can write you a letter haha

And I just got an email from Adam with his address as well. So yup
it's going good.

I'm sorry about the pictures I don't know if there are going to be too
many good ones. But yes I think I do need to send you a memory card.

I did get the memory card you sent to me thank you. I think my MTC
companion Elder Ayang will be excited to get those pictures.

I actually haven't gotten an Avacado since then soo ya. But yes it's
actually just a guy in our Branch named Paul Wesley who loves to make
us a stew if we give him the money. So now I have stew to eat with my
Indomie and it's delicious. Probably an expensive meal, but still
delicious and healthy. (Im not really sure what healthy means here
though because at the same time the stews have so much oil in them
that they are probably still terrible for me) Do you know if Red oil
is a bad oil?

I want to learn how to make it. I haven't needed to make one yet. Plus
since we're in a new apartment and we only have a small fridge for 6
Elders it's kind of hard to have 2 let alone 3 stews.

Awwww... my time ran out and I had to buy more time. I should have
learned by now not to trust the timer on these computers

Anyways love you all

Elder Adair

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