Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30 2012

Moooooommmmm... tsk tsk tsk. I told you not to send me anything.
Seriously. I can get those pro biotics here in Ghana for a million
times cheaper i'm sure. Medicine isn't expensive at all and it's the
same stuff as back home.

I could probably get what you can get for 1 dollar that you can get
for 10 dollars. So at least ask me before you send anything and I'll
check if they have it here. You don't need to worry about medicine,
it's if I needed to get surgery that you would need to worry.

So if you haven't sent it yet, don't send it. You want me to look for
pro biotics? I'm on it today. They have everything here. If I find
something that they don't have I'll tell you. The reason is i'm on a
Ghanaian budget not on an American budget that I can't get the same
stuff as back home.

That is sad about Trinity though.. We make mistakes all the time
though, and at least the puppies have someone to help them rather than
the animals born in the wild where they just die without any help. (note: we had one of our puppies die)

The main things I have are tomatoes, onions, green onions for cheap.
I'm thinking about making a light soup with Tomatoes, onions, Peppe,
Garden Egg, Green pepper, Carrot, and Cabbage today. Light soup is my
favorite (It's what you eat with Fufu) but I'm not sure if it'll turn
out so well for my first time making it. Especially when I'm just

I have chicken boulion, I bought a huge pack that will last my whole
mission. Then we have curry and shrimp maggi (boulion). I haven't
really looked for much other spices.

I've been feeling pretty well. I've had a runny nose and sore throat
this week. I lost my voice for a couple days, but I was able to go out
proselyting. I had one day that my stomach starting hurting and it
felt like I hadn't eaten all day. So I got some bread after the lesson
but I don't think I got enough. We had one more lesson for the night
so I just endured it. It was painful though, I didn't speak the whole
lesson and I was just telling myself I'm going to make it.. I'm going
to make it.. Haha. But When I got home I just ate a huge loaf of bread
and layed down for like 15 minutes and then I was fine again. I don't
understand why that happened because I actually ate more than usual
for lunch. I had rice, onions, soy sauce, and a couple hot dogs (We
found a place that sells them for 2 Cedi's for a 10 pack which is an
amazing deal, Usually it would be like 6 Cedi's at least, but you do
have to buy a ton of them so they're cheap). But ya it was weird.

Yes I'm able to use my Debit card, but I haven't needed to. I still
have money from when I got the flight here and I brought 200 dollars
with me.

Yes thank you Jackson! We've contacted Elizabeth now, and taught her a
few lessons. She's a cool girl, and she's always home so she's easy to
get in touch with. We're taking her to a FHE tonight. We also met
Clifford, and the third boy that you were talking about was Daniel
Assan Andoh. Yup, we know him very well. In fact, he was baptized
yesterday. Dang I forgot to write down
his email. I'll get you his real email next week, but he wants Jackson
to write him. He remembers Jackson well. Sorry I keep calling you
Jackson I'm just use to using your last name now. But probably don't
put his email online on the blogs if you're still doing the blogs.

Anyways Clifford came to his baptism. Haha it was funny they were both
really nervous, but it was cool. We haven't been able to share a
message with Clifford yet, but we'll probably see him this week.

We tried to see Diana, but she wasn't home. And maybe we'll try and
contact Abigail this week. Thanks again James! If you think of anymore
just let us know, and we'd love to go and see them.

I'm with my companion for about 2 more weeks for sure. Then there is a
small transfer because 3 missionary's are going home. And then 3 weeks
later there will be 16 missionaries coming, so I'll probably be
training. We'll see how it works out. Uh oh I'm probably going to lose
my washer. Scary thought.

Hey I'm finally getting my shirts altered! Hurray, my shirts have been
huge this whole time. I'm just a slow poke to get them altered. I
know. Random thought sorry.

Oo mom you're back at home by yourself. That is weird. We're all grown up
now. You still get Cherish and Suzy though soo I think that's fair
enough. And Brandon is just down the street.

That's cool Brandon can have a dog there. Is he getting along with his
room mate now? Is he still going to the gym?

It's the vegetables I think I'm lacking on, so that's why I'm looking
for ways to put it in my food. In the morning I've been having Indomie
with onions, then lunch rice with onions and soy sauce (I'm hoping
this light soup will taste better with rice because my stew hasn't
been cutting it for me. My stew tastes awesome on an egg sandwich, but
I only eat those for dinner), then for dinner I've just been trying to
use up my stew with an egg sandwich, but since it's been apostasy week
(Last week of money) I've been using up my flour. I used the stew on
it once and it was alright.. A bit hot. Haha I put a lot of Peppe in
my stew.

With fruit I just eat 50 pesewas banana every day. I don't know if
that is bad just eating one type of fruit and the same food everyday..
Probably is. But if I get pineapple or oranges they don't seem to help
with the after affect... Mango's and Watermelons.. I could get.. the
small mangos are out of season and so the big one's are expensive. I
think watermelon would have the same effect as the pineapple. I also
could get an apple and just eat half of one I suppose? They are 1 cedi
each. But they are small.

I think Avacado is out of season as well. I thought it was just
because we weren't in town but in the village, but even today as I've
been walking through town I haven't seen any avacado's.

Once again, don't send the probiotic. I'm going to look for it today.

P.S. Sarah Mackliet thanks for the email haha you make me laugh

P.S.S. Courtney Tribe, I'm looking for your last letter you wrote me
so I can get your address, but if not could you email me it real
quick? And also, I saw a Yellow Hummer in Ghana the other day. I'm
pretty sure that was your dream car? One in a million chance that
you'd find one in Ghana.

Now I think my time is up. I know my letters tend to talk about food
way too much.

Love you all

Elder Adair

Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23 2012

Sorry I used up most of my time reading Jackson's email writing down and taking some tips from it. Thank you for getting him to send me an email. It was really cool to see that I knew all the places that he talked about and a lot of the investigators that he had taught as well. There is a boy named Daniel that we are planning for his baptism next week that he taught. He was part of the big circle of boys that Jackson was teaching by the Bakaano round about. He's an awesome guy and seems to have a lot of friends in the ward already so it's exciting. We will also try and contact some of the investigators Jackson had been teaching, a lot of them I already knew and some of them I haven't heard of before so I'm excited to go and find them.
note: James Jackson is a guy from Centerville, Utah. Brady took guitar lessons from him he just returned from the Ghana Mission just before Brady left. Brady is serving in the same area's as Jackson and knows the people he has taught and Brady is even teaching some of them.
The other day we taught Adrina's sister Allswell. We were doing a service project for them of fetching water, and we found out for the first time that she had been seriously investigating the church before. We were shocked as we were teaching her about what she knew, she definitely has a testimony of the church and knows that it's true. I was interested that you said James that she was afraid to leave her friends, because we thought it was the fact that their mother wants them to come to her church? Anyways I felt like crying after that lesson because she definitely definitely knows it's true. But she wouldn't let us come for another lesson or even come to church.

Josephine came for the first time since I've been here, yesterday. We've been having small visits with her, but she usually runs away if she gets the chance. She's an awesome girl though and she knows that the church is true, I don't understand why she doesn't come to church. But yes I was basically jumping for joy, and wanted to give her a big hug but obviously couldn't.

Thank you for the warning about not doing FHE's too often at Sister Donso's because she just recently returned from a vacation in England, and she's an awesome lady but she has invited us to come to FHE's every other week so maybe I'll let my companion know to not do it so often. Anyways, tell Jackson if he thinks of anything else or wants to tell me anything else about the area I'd love it. It was exciting to learn a bit from him as well.

Sooo the food situation.. Mmm some Elder's take more than their portion so that making soups and sharing it dealio doesn't work out so swell.

The thing is I don't eat Ghanain food that often. And I don't see how I can make a stew for a week if my stomach gives up on it after a couple days. But I'm slowly finding out a bit more things I can make and what other Elder's do. I think I'm mostly going to have to be creative with the vegetables. My next attempt will be pancakes with onions and avacado.. hahaha it just makes me laugh. But it's probably better than pancakes with Jago (It's like swedish pancakes)

Yes I take the pro biotic with my doxy everyday. It's pretty easy since I have to take the doxy anyways.

Ya we're having alright success in the area. For how hard we're working it's not really that good though. Maybe it's the area? We're looking for ways that we can improve though. We're starting to work more with the members and so far it's helping a bit.

Aw that's where the waterfall was. Bridal Veil Falls up Provo Canyon. I was looking at Cherish's picture and I was like where did they go to see that? I'll have to remember that waterfall for a date idea when I get home. Write that one down so I can have some ideas haha.

Trinity is having puppies? Hmm it's not fair that I don't get to see how big Trinity is though.. hmm... 5? My guess is 5 puppies.

My stomach is feeling well. Now I'm still just working on eating healthier so I can worry less about getting sick.

Hey! You keep reading the letters I send to people. Tsk tsk tsk. eavesdropper?

Love you too mom

Mmm there was something short I wanted to share that I thought was cool. It was from the teachings of presidents of the church - Brigham Young

"What hinders this people from being as holy as the city of Enoch? I can tell you in a few words. It is because you will not cultivate the disposition to be so. this comprehends the whole. If my heart is not fully given up to this work - I will give my time, my talents, my hands, and my possessions, UNTIL my heart consents to be subject. I will make my hands labor in the cause of God, until my heart bows in submission to it.
  I have now told you what course to pursue to obtain an exaltation. The Lord must be first and foremost in our affections, the building up of his kingdom and cause demands our first consideration."

I thought this was cool because the gospel does cause us to work. But as we do so the Lord becomes the one whom we cling to and our affections are placed on. I was reading a couple scriptures this morning about the attitude of Laman and Lemuel on the ship and how they set to please THEMSELVES. Compared to the attitude of the Brother of Jared when he was on the ship and he was set on praising GOD. I think as we turn to please god rather than ourselves - that is where the true satisfaction comes from. The true joy that lasts. It also makes us able to endure any trial and find joy during it, knowing that it is only bringing you closer to God. This life is the time to prepare to meet God.

Love you all,
Elder Brady Adair

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 16 2012

Hey I'm feeling pretty good, my stomach feels weird throughout the day
but I just deal with it. It's hard to find things to eat because I ask
everyone what they eat and I just hear the same 3 things - egg
sandwich, rice and stew, and indomie. I think the locals just know how
to make different varieties of stews, but if I ask someone to make me
a stew I get sick of it after a couple days of eating it. I would make
multiple stews but I think it would just fill up our fridge.

That's not good to hear about the chicken noodle soup cuz it's
actually lasting me 3 weeks now. Umm I'm not sure how long they say
stuff lasts, I'm just mostly trying to survive haha. I guess i'll
start sticking it in the freezer. Problem is, I don't know if there is
enough room for that much soup.

I think i'm just going to buy some indomie and put onions and garlic
in it, my companion has been doing it lately and it looks pretty good.
Plus it's quick to make.

Tsk tsk, Hmm we got a book of recipes we can make for the mission, but
i've studied the thing over and over looking for new things and so far
all i've made is-swedish pancakes - I get my carbs but lots of sugar with the syrup.
-chicken noodle soup - It tasted good for a couple days, but it
doesn't taste too great now.
-rice and a stew that I learned at the beginning of my mission - So it's the battle against the stomach and time basically.

For fruit I get about 2 of our size bananas back home a day.

This week we've started out a new lesson in the mission that we think
will help with finding people to teach. We are just working with the
members more. I get nervous when I work with the members haha, but I
just do the best that I can. Hopefully I don't mess too much up :P.

Today we watched 17 Miracles again for Elder Rogers birthday. He's one
of my zone leaders that we live in the same apartment with. For dinner
last night I had a 1 liter bottle of Hot Chocolate and some Biscuits.
Once again not good for me at all. And by the end of drinking it I
realized it was a bad idea. I should probably think before I act huh?

But don't worry as we watched 17 Miracles I made up for it by eating
another pack of biscuits that my companion brought for the movie and
some skittles Elder Rogers had gotten for his birthday.

Last Monday we had a FHE and watched "The Testaments" with Ebenezer
(our recent convert) and Brother Minnow (he's preparing to serve a
mission). They seem to be becoming good friends which is cool, and
Ebenezer even called him when he was sick to check to see if he was
ok. Haha they're so caring here, it's awesome.

Tuesday we had a combined District Meeting and we learned a little bit
about the Book of Mormon and how the Bible came to be. Pres. Shulz was
instructing and the Assistants. And we got to eat fried rice and
chicken which was nice.

We got to see Brother Davis and it's mostly just sad because he knows
that this is the true church of Jesus Christ, but his family is
supporting him so he can't be baptized. They don't have any hard
feelings against the church, but they feel that since he's been a
Methodist his whole life he can't change churches. We can't contact
them either to explain why because they live in Accra.

Daniel (Andoh?) is an investigator we met just talking on the street.
He had been taught by Elder Jackson. He's doing really well and we
think he will definately one day join the church.

Dennis (Maybe he's Andoh.. I can't remember) He's a guy we've been
teaching at a Fan Ice shop. He's a really cool guy, and when we taught
him he thought our beliefs were strange, but he's taken the time to
pray about our message and he actually ended up coming to church even
during the rain (which is awesome). It sounds like he might have some
difficulty joining the church though since he doesn't live on his own.

Racheal - Awesome awesome awesome 15 year old girl that wants to be
baptized and definately is ready but has to wait 6 months. She has
family in the church so she'll be a strong member.

Selima - An awesome girl as well, but she's having a difficulty coming
to church each week. We'll continue to pray for her.

And there's a lot more but ya just so you know a little bit about what
is going on.

On Saturday we did a little service project of filling up members
buckets with water. It was fun to do, and it's always nice to see that
it makes the members happy.

I'm not sure how much time I have left so I'm just going to send this email.

Tell Emily if she gets bored enough she can make herself an angel
dress and then rush in to help those poor pioneering trekkers in the
middle of no where :). Hahaha and then to take a photo of it and send
it to me so I can laugh. Good plan.

Love you all

Elder Adair

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 9 2012

Brady wrote this on Monday but just got it from Cherish !! Enjoy!!

Hey Cher thanks for the pictures!

Ya I'm feeling pretty well now. I was able to go out proselyting for
the full week, it felt weird not doing much for those couple weeks.
Now I'm just getting a hang of the schedule again.

Mm this week we started off with a P-day in Takoradi. I got to see my
old MTC companion Elder Ayang. I probably already told you last week
though. But I just played monopoly while everyone else went to play
football because I was still kind of sick. We also went to the beach
and I just bought a loaf of bread for lunch.

Then we had a family night and just taught about how we are all
missionaries and we can share the gospel with our friends in simple

Tuesday we just taught the normal lessons and for district meeting we
went and got fried rice and chicken which they have this good sauce
here called Shito. You should try and make it back home if you can
figure it out. Most Ghanaians say it takes a long time to master
though. But it's delicious, well it might take you a couple times to
get use to.

Wednesday was the 4th of July and I didn't even realize it until we
passed an American and he said Happy Independance day haha. We're
still teaching Ebenezer who is a recent convert, but his testimony is
growing a lot and it's exciting to see.

I don't know if I told you that Brother Davis had to cancel his
baptism because his children didn't want him to be baptized and they
basically pay for his bills now so even though he has a strong
testimony (he is seriously the sweetest guy i've ever met) there isn't
much we can do.

We're teaching a girl called Racheal who is 15 and her Auntie is a
member. She is doing awesome and doing all the things we ask, but she
has to wait for 6 months until she can be baptized. I definately think
she'll be a strong member the rest of her life though.

Mmm Thursday we taught like normal

Friday was my birthday! But we weren't able to teach very many
lessons. We need to start working on finding new investigators because
we've had to drop quite a few lately.

Saturday we gave one of our investigators a baptismal date. He showed
up late to church so we were kind of worried, but that raised our
hopes when he came.

Sunday we taught like normal as well and Ebenezer came out teaching
with us. He's really a powerful member for only having been baptized a
couple months ago. It was nice because he was able to translate in a
lesson as well.

Oh and a guy named Mike Nyarko has decided to be baptized as well.
He's from Burmuta (I don't know how to spell), and we've been teaching
him since I got here. He's had a testimony for a long time so
basically we've just been waiting for him to give us a date that he
would be baptized. So that's exciting as well!

Haha Cher, I don't think I'll ever get the hang of it. But it's just
like Nephi he went ahead not knowing beforehand the things that he
would do, but he was led by the spirit. Haha on Sunday we had to teach
a lesson in Sunday School with no notice really, I'm still getting use
to the always be prepared deal :P. Ya i'm having fun.

Transfers aren't for a while. It's confusing why. Our mission just
split into 2 and I'm in the Cape Coast Mission while the other half of
missionaries are in the Kumasi mission. But basically we have 9 weeks
to transfer instead of 6. So I think there is still like 5 weeks to

I haven't taken very many pictures so hopefully you guys aren't too
sad when you get it haha sorry!

Don't die at Martin's cove. If you step on a rattlesnake don't forget
to bring the rattle home.

Love you Cher

Elder Adair

Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9 2012

Hey mom,

Alright haha I'll take the food one day at a time. For my birthday I
ate swedish pancakes with this stuff called Jago. Which basically
tastes like powdered sugar milk syrup. Yup. Then my companion shared
his bag of Mnms and I ate like half. Plus a coke bottle of chocolate
milk. The next day my body was telling me I shouldn't have eaten all
that sugar (Probably especially after my past couple weeks with my
body not being happy) But it was a good birthday dinner. I ate as many
pancakes as I could.

Mmm I can get green peppers but they're a bit expensive. This week I
made a chicken noodle soup with lots of carrots and onions so that
might be a little bit good for me. It'll last me about 2 weeks.

I was feeling pretty good this week. Kind of on the verge of sick but
not really that sick.

Spencer is doing pole vaulting? that's sweet! Dang how long has he
been doing that? Did you guys get to see him do it at all? And is it
like a summer competition that he's doing? Or they do it for his
school in the middle of summer?

One random exciting thing - during proselyting we found kids that had
made a small pool table out of random peices of wood they had nailed
together and then they used brooms for the sticks that they had carved
to have the little end, and then they used marbles for shooting.
Apparently they make foosball tables by doing the same sort of thing
and just using bits of paper for the players (I'd guess like cardboard
paper) It's just interesting how creative the kids are. I mean how
many eight year olds do you see back home that can make a pool table.

Umm mission related - James Jackson. Tell him to email me if you can.
I want to know if there are any investigators that he would want me to
see here in Cape Coast. I also got to talk to Kofi Johnson and he said
that James had called him and told him to say hi to me so that was
exciting haha. I've got like a month at least left here in Cape Coast.
Also ask him what other areas he served in so maybe if I serve in any
of his other areas I could get some tips from him as well. Oh by the
way I was looking through the Area Book and got to read a lot of the
comments he had about some of the investigators he was teaching when
he was in Cape Coast. Some of his comments made me laugh.

Finally I was wondering mom I know that you made some delicious like
umm... granola? Would that be cheap to make here? I just remember how
delicious they were back home but I never got to see how you made
them. Because I could use them for a cereal here if they are cheap to

Oh and if Leslie Frandsen is reading this I got your home address so I
should be writing you a letter today. But it'll probably take a couple
weeks to get to you.

Well yup.

I'm doing good mom. I'm learning to start take more responsibility as
well. This is definately a great learning experience for me. Haha it's
just as tough as high school and college and everything, it's just a
continual learning process. But I feel like I get to learn a little
bit more about who god is each day and the love he has for each and

Thanks again for the amazing mom you've been and continue to be

Can't wait to hear from you again next week!

Love you

Elder Adair

Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 5 2012

Brady at airport before leaving for his mission. Holding niece Suzie!

July 2 2012

I've been stuck in bed all week. But that's good to hear that the oil
is good, I'll start using it a lot more. I think it's even cheaper
than the oil that I'm using right now.

I'm still a bit sick. We did a couple lessons on Friday, a couple
lessons on Saturday, I went out for the full day on Sunday, and so far
today I've been ok. Now I have a headache, sore throat, and runny nose
though. We're going to do a family home evening though tonight.

The gospel is definately the way to put off the natural man. It's
amazing to think about what is in store for us as we endure to the
end. It's cool to see the humble circumstances of those who live here
in Ghana as well, and although they seem to have a lot of hardship I
think that they will be some of the greatest in the kingdom of god.

Sorry my emails are so short

Thank you for all that you've sacrificed for me, Love you

Elder Adair

Hey Em thank you for the email. I really loved reading it. Sorry my
computer whacked out and deleted the message that I had written in
response so I'm going to have to keep it short so I can write mom and
cherish, but I love hearing about what's happening back home. It'll be
an interesting experience to come back home. I think i'll just be
blown away with how different it will be.

I think the first thing I'll freak out about is the grass. Then the
carpet. Unless, I'll probably be dying for food. Haha yes that's the
first thing i'll freak out about. Air conditioned stores with food
that you don't have to worry about dying from :P.

Anyways I love you Em you've been an awesome example to me, and I love
being able to hear from you. It really is so nice to know that you
always have someone who loves you and cares about you no matter where
you are. It's easy to see why families are so essential in the gospel.

Keep being awesome. I'm sorry if I think about home and food too much.
I'm a terrible missionary ;)

Love you
Elder Adair

June 25 2012

Hey mom i'm actually doing pretty good today. I spent the weekend
staying in bed because my stomach felt like it was attacking me. It
feels like i'm starting to get better again. Haha and I found out that
it is possible to get a sore throat here because I got one of those as
well. What a week.

Let me tell you our week actually.

Monday we had a normal P-day, at night we went and taught a Family
Home Evening (they are so fun to teach, and you can just feel how
special it is to have the whole family together.)

Tuesday my companion got sick so we just went to district meeting, he
went home and then I took the district leader to interview Brother
Davis for his baptism, of course he was totally prepared and excited,
and then we stayed home the night

Wednesday we got a call at 9 that we were moving house. So we hurried
and packed our bags, or beds, our dresser, our curtains, our washer, a
fridge, etc. moved into the house and spent the day settling in all
our stuff

Thursday we went out, a lot of our appointments flogged so we only
taught a few lessons

Friday we went out and my stomach was a bit hungry. We taught 3
lessons and each lesson my stomach started hurting me. It was pretty
bad by the time we got to the house for lunch but I just dealt with
it. I thought it would be fine after I ate. I ate a big lunch. I ate
some biscuits while I was waiting for my stew to be done, ate my stew,
ate half a loaf of bread. Then we went out again, and gradually each
lesson my stomach was paining me more and more. Our appointments were
all super close luckily because each step I took I felt like I was
getting punched in the stomach, but I didn't want to go home because
we hadn't taught all week, and we'd already cancelled so many
appointments with people that I didn't want to do it again. It was
probably a bad idea because when we got home to our apartment my
stomach was paining me so bad that I just collapsed on my bed with my
clothes on and was basically dying of pain.

Saturday we obviously didn't go out. I slept the entire day. But
Brother Davis called and said he couldn't be baptized as well. It's
definately a family issue thing so we'll have to sort it out during
the week. This guy has read the entire Book of Mormon now and he knows
it's true.

Sunday I was able to make it to church and sit but afterwards I just
rested and did a wash because I knew it would just get worse again if
I started walking around the area.

And here we are today, I'm feeling good, I kinda have a sore throat
and a runny nose. My stomach feels a little weird but luckily there is
only 1 appointment tonight and I'm hoping by tomorrow it will be ok.

It was a weird thing to happen though. I've never experienced
something like that. I even called Sister Shulz and she didn't know
what it was. She just said drink plenty of water, rest, and don't eat
so your stomach can rest and especially not hot peppe.
(It kind of made me laugh because I had eaten just that before I
called and asked her.)

The mission is coming along well. I just have to remember to take it
one day at a time though. It looks kind of daunting looking at how
much I have to learn if I look at the entire two years and what some
missionaries have the responsibility to do. I'm especially amazing at
how much the mission president does. But hey, god knows everything and
has the power to create a universe, I'm sure he can help me do this
simple stuff :P.

But ya when I look at it one day at a time, like today, it looks like
a piece of cake. I liked that talk in President Monson's talk to the
young women on enduring to the end.

Yes we've had 1 zone conference. I think they happen every 6 months.

Umm on Sunday we also have a branch coordination meeting with our
Branch Mission Leader. We do it right before church. Then after church
we just go out to work again.

Yup I feel old. I still feel like a 13 or 14 year old though.

Ya my friends are writing me a bit, by the way -Leslie Frandsen - If
you're reading this you need to give me your address in an email so I
can write you a letter haha

And I just got an email from Adam with his address as well. So yup
it's going good.

I'm sorry about the pictures I don't know if there are going to be too
many good ones. But yes I think I do need to send you a memory card.

I did get the memory card you sent to me thank you. I think my MTC
companion Elder Ayang will be excited to get those pictures.

I actually haven't gotten an Avacado since then soo ya. But yes it's
actually just a guy in our Branch named Paul Wesley who loves to make
us a stew if we give him the money. So now I have stew to eat with my
Indomie and it's delicious. Probably an expensive meal, but still
delicious and healthy. (Im not really sure what healthy means here
though because at the same time the stews have so much oil in them
that they are probably still terrible for me) Do you know if Red oil
is a bad oil?

I want to learn how to make it. I haven't needed to make one yet. Plus
since we're in a new apartment and we only have a small fridge for 6
Elders it's kind of hard to have 2 let alone 3 stews.

Awwww... my time ran out and I had to buy more time. I should have
learned by now not to trust the timer on these computers

Anyways love you all

Elder Adair