Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15, 2013

No worries today we had the mission doctor come to Cape Coast so you're getting email late on Tuesday this time.
I don't know when changes will come. The next change will be in 4 weeks. I don't really care, I just go with the flow and where ever the Lord wants me to be.
We're going to watch "The Best Two Years" this coming Monday. And we talked the Sister Missionaries into making food for My companion and I, so we'll enjoy. I've waited a long time to see this movie.
That's true scripture study is important. We were talking about Mulek one of the sons of Zedekiah who was spared by King Nebuchadnezzar today and how when he came to the America's they had forgotten about god and their language was scattered and their were lots of wars and contentions about his people because they didn't have any records of the prophets when King Mosiah met them.
It was funny as well because on Sunday I was reading small from.. lets see was it Jeremiah? And it just makes more sense who Zedekiah was and the Babylonian King was Nebuchadnezzar. I really love the Bible a lot and it makes a whole lot more sense to me now.

But Hey Elder Dube, what did he talk about in General Conference. You got to send me some little quotes from conference and what you liked about it!
And you can tell Grandma it's fine, I'm not too into writing emails anyways.
As for this side of the world -
This week we spent a lot of time working with recent converts, I feel I've been slacking on helping them out. I've gotten to focused on Less Actives and Investigators. We were able to help one recent convert come on Sunday, When he joined the church he was a drummer in another church soo the church wanted him back and I guess he was getting a lot of pressure.  Luckily he opened a phone shop on the side of the road so now it's easy to get into contact with him and help him get back and grow his testimony.
With Brother Kwesi he didn't come this Sunday because of something he had to do with his Cocoa seeds, but we're still planning on his interview tomorrow for baptism and then we're giving him this Sunday to come for his 6th time to show that he's really committed and then his baptism will be next Saturday.
Elder Doggett taught me some Solitaire when he came to our house so I'm enjoying that a little bit these days.
We've got a sweet apartment, Elder Lee from California he's been out for 3 months he's training a new missionary called Elder Collins from California as well so he's been out 2 weeks.
Elder Lee was a water polo guy back home and his dream is to be a professional Water Polo player in Europe
Elder Collins was a Basketball player back home and apparently was even the team captain. We're planning on pumping our basketball and we'll probably play it on his birthday in 2 weeks for our P-day activity. He's a sweet guy, super humble and very effective missionary. Although I get jealous of his stack of candy he brought along with him haha.
Elder Kirumira my sweet companion from Uganda. He's such a sweet guy, sometimes he'll fetch me a bucket of water in the morning, or he'll polish my shoes. He's just a fun guy to be around as well. He likes to give the impression that he's a stubborn missionary, but really he's just sweet.
A talk I enjoyed in studies was one about Loving God - it talked about how in our faith we shouldn't be thinking "If god loved me.. then.. (he wouldn't let my son get sick, he wouldn't let it take so long for me to have an eternal companion, etc.)" or "I've sinned too much, god can't possibly love me"
It talked about how god always loves us no matter what. He loves us so much that he sent his son Jesus Christ to come die for us.
It touched a bit deeper for me because that is the very first principle we teach our investigators "God is our Loving Heavenly Father", and for me to teach it I need to apply it in my own life and truly remember all the time that I am a Son of God, and he loves me and cares about me and wants to help me. Just as he cares for me he cares for every one else too.

Anyways love you

Elder Adair Your favorite :)

October 8, 2013

Hey mom,

No the computers are usually pretty fast, it's just some weeks the
connection will be slow.

Yes, I'm still in the same area, Odoben, with Elder Kirumira from Uganda.

Hey, I forgot you guys got to watch general conference! Oh well i'll
see it soon enough. That's a sweet talk from Pres. Monson. Personally
I think it'd be best just to focus on people that you already know.
What Converts need is a friend in the church who can be there to give
them confidence, and help them know what's going on really.

Yes dad is getting old, but now that I'm thinking about it that means
he gave birth to Cherish around 22 years old. That's only 1 year away
for me now. Wow. Is my math right?

Haha I'm glad Suzy still misses me :)

Yikes that's a sad story about the puppy. That is strange that it took
so long to show up. But as well looking at it from a Ghanian point of
view.. 2 thousand dollars of surgery money on a dog... Maybe I won't
say anything on that haha ... Except I still want to know what dog
tastes like :)...

As for what's happening on this side of the globe -

Brother Nestor was baptized and confirmed the past couple of days. I
love this guy, he would have been my best friend back home. It was fun
teaching him the commandments and making them clear of the do's and
don'ts. I played the piano during the baptism as well. The piano makes
it so much nicer :). But I'll be excited to continue teaching him.

Sis Gifty has returned, but for some reason she has backslided and
hasn't been progressing :(. So we're just backing off a bit and
letting her decide for herself to act on what we've shared with her.

Bro Kwesi is doing well and still likes the church, it's harder
teaching the lessons because they have to be translated and you don't
get to become as close to the investigator, but he's got solid friends
who help him as well.

Sis Henryetta (13 years) is good as well. She's got a sister and a
bunch of friends in the church. I guess we're mostly working on making
our lessons a little more interesting for her age though. I was
thinking of like for the 10 commandments to use each finger to
represent each commandment. for example the first commandment I would
use 1 finger to point at the sky. Representing worshiping only 1 god.
the second commandment use 2 fingers and act like they are bowing down
to idols. Etc. it wasn't amazing but I think it would help keep her
attention a bit more. Luckily she likes reading and so she is good at
restudying what we teach as well.

With study I read a little bit from Jeremiah about how the people at
that time were worshipping idols, they were sacrificing their children
to the gods, they were commiting adultery and harloting, they were
liars, and just how god continually warned them to repent. That's what
I loved the most is that god keeps telling them about the destructions
that will come to them for their sins, but he would always add repent
and he would forgive.

As well I read a talk from Henry B Eyring, he mostly was covering the
commandments like Keeping the Sabbath Holy, Prayer, Scripture Study,
Service in the Church. He also jumped around to the Ressurection of
Christ as he explained about Scripture Study and things like that. But
it's interesting to see how they always focus on the missionary
lessons in general conference, but you can see how they go at it from
different angles.  I liked how he related the principles to himself
and a personal experience he had by doing each of the commandments.

At District Meeting today Elder Doggett explained about using the Book
of Mormon in our teachings and how important it is to use the Book of
Mormon, and he reminded us of Once Sister Shulz (Mission Presidents
Wife) asked the missionaries how many of them had their testimony come
from reading the Book of Mormon, and almost every Elder raised their

So he just reminded us to use the Book of Mormon and use it to help
against objections or confusions on the church. Which I felt I could
improve on more.

Heyy for our next Zone P-day Activity we might get to watch "the best
2 years" and have food! Cross your fingers that it'll happen.

Love you Mom, I'm grateful for your great example and thanks for
keeping up with the emails every week, it's something nice to look
forward to each week :). I'm grateful for Christ and that he took the
time to come and share with us what is most important in life.

Family Forever

Elder Adair