Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 16 2012

Hey I'm feeling pretty good, my stomach feels weird throughout the day
but I just deal with it. It's hard to find things to eat because I ask
everyone what they eat and I just hear the same 3 things - egg
sandwich, rice and stew, and indomie. I think the locals just know how
to make different varieties of stews, but if I ask someone to make me
a stew I get sick of it after a couple days of eating it. I would make
multiple stews but I think it would just fill up our fridge.

That's not good to hear about the chicken noodle soup cuz it's
actually lasting me 3 weeks now. Umm I'm not sure how long they say
stuff lasts, I'm just mostly trying to survive haha. I guess i'll
start sticking it in the freezer. Problem is, I don't know if there is
enough room for that much soup.

I think i'm just going to buy some indomie and put onions and garlic
in it, my companion has been doing it lately and it looks pretty good.
Plus it's quick to make.

Tsk tsk, Hmm we got a book of recipes we can make for the mission, but
i've studied the thing over and over looking for new things and so far
all i've made is-swedish pancakes - I get my carbs but lots of sugar with the syrup.
-chicken noodle soup - It tasted good for a couple days, but it
doesn't taste too great now.
-rice and a stew that I learned at the beginning of my mission - So it's the battle against the stomach and time basically.

For fruit I get about 2 of our size bananas back home a day.

This week we've started out a new lesson in the mission that we think
will help with finding people to teach. We are just working with the
members more. I get nervous when I work with the members haha, but I
just do the best that I can. Hopefully I don't mess too much up :P.

Today we watched 17 Miracles again for Elder Rogers birthday. He's one
of my zone leaders that we live in the same apartment with. For dinner
last night I had a 1 liter bottle of Hot Chocolate and some Biscuits.
Once again not good for me at all. And by the end of drinking it I
realized it was a bad idea. I should probably think before I act huh?

But don't worry as we watched 17 Miracles I made up for it by eating
another pack of biscuits that my companion brought for the movie and
some skittles Elder Rogers had gotten for his birthday.

Last Monday we had a FHE and watched "The Testaments" with Ebenezer
(our recent convert) and Brother Minnow (he's preparing to serve a
mission). They seem to be becoming good friends which is cool, and
Ebenezer even called him when he was sick to check to see if he was
ok. Haha they're so caring here, it's awesome.

Tuesday we had a combined District Meeting and we learned a little bit
about the Book of Mormon and how the Bible came to be. Pres. Shulz was
instructing and the Assistants. And we got to eat fried rice and
chicken which was nice.

We got to see Brother Davis and it's mostly just sad because he knows
that this is the true church of Jesus Christ, but his family is
supporting him so he can't be baptized. They don't have any hard
feelings against the church, but they feel that since he's been a
Methodist his whole life he can't change churches. We can't contact
them either to explain why because they live in Accra.

Daniel (Andoh?) is an investigator we met just talking on the street.
He had been taught by Elder Jackson. He's doing really well and we
think he will definately one day join the church.

Dennis (Maybe he's Andoh.. I can't remember) He's a guy we've been
teaching at a Fan Ice shop. He's a really cool guy, and when we taught
him he thought our beliefs were strange, but he's taken the time to
pray about our message and he actually ended up coming to church even
during the rain (which is awesome). It sounds like he might have some
difficulty joining the church though since he doesn't live on his own.

Racheal - Awesome awesome awesome 15 year old girl that wants to be
baptized and definately is ready but has to wait 6 months. She has
family in the church so she'll be a strong member.

Selima - An awesome girl as well, but she's having a difficulty coming
to church each week. We'll continue to pray for her.

And there's a lot more but ya just so you know a little bit about what
is going on.

On Saturday we did a little service project of filling up members
buckets with water. It was fun to do, and it's always nice to see that
it makes the members happy.

I'm not sure how much time I have left so I'm just going to send this email.

Tell Emily if she gets bored enough she can make herself an angel
dress and then rush in to help those poor pioneering trekkers in the
middle of no where :). Hahaha and then to take a photo of it and send
it to me so I can laugh. Good plan.

Love you all

Elder Adair

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