Tuesday, December 31, 2013

DEC 31, 2013

It was good to hear your voices as well.
Haha you missed the game night? That's one of the funnest parties!
Sounds like a fun Nativity. I suppose we will be starting our own soon huh. Wow weird. The traditions of the past just keep going on.
I still haven't seen Nicky. Where's he at now? and where's Alec at? That's sweet they still come to the family parties.

Yes the converts have been staying active in Odoben so far. I'm still learning as a missionary though. Lot's to learn. Lately the Couple Missionary's have been challenging us to get our converts to the temple within 6 weeks after baptism. That's something I think will help a lot the converts staying active to the church and help them in keeping the commandments.
Now we're back to finding new investigators again. It's always a challenge ;).
So now they've sent Elder's to Asikuma. So we no longer have to take tro tro's to Asikuma. Elder Harris and Elder Brown are taking over and they are sweet Elders.
Now we'll be having District Meetings in Odoben on Tuesdays. Which will be sweet. Hopefully no more rides on the bumpiest 1 hour tro ride to Swedru.
It'll be strange being in Odoben all the time now though.
So far we've got 3 main people we're focusing on
Sister Evelyn - 18 yrs. Very very smart. probably one of the smartest Ghanains I've met. The thing is she seems to be viewing our teachings just as bible learning and not finding out for herself whether the message we are sharing is true.
BrotherEric - 18 yrs. He's a referal from a less active member. He has good potential. The last time we went his mother had sent him to do something. So tonight we'll find out if he's very serious or not.
Sister Vida - 40 or so. She doesn't speak English but her 2 daughters are recent converts. We taught her the message of the Restoration and she promised to visit the church, but then was "sick" when we came to pick her on Sunday. She hasn't really been trying to meet with us either. But because she's got family in the church we haven't given up yet.
Our lessons and everything has dropped a lot. I think it was because we had started going to Asikuma and now that we've dropped Asikuma we've got to pick things back up again in Odoben. It's a bit depressing when we report for the week our numbers though.
This Sunday we had a member feed us rice and stew. We had to wait an hour and then it took us like an hour and a half just to finish it.
Then Monday our Branch President wanted all the Odoben Elders to come eat at his house. So we Elder Loader, Elder Collins, Elder Adams, and I all went. They made us a huge bowl of Fufu with Peanut Butter Soup and Goat Meat. But we all finished it pretty easily.
I suppose it was because of the Christmas Holidays that all the members suddenly wanted to feed us. I'm actually glad that's over though because it uses a lot of our time. Well actually there's even one member we avoided and they'll probably have us another day... I forgot about that. Yikes.
Elder Loader is the New Elder in the Apartment. He's from California as well. He's a sweet guy. He likes exercise so apparently he's been making Elder Collins do a bunch of push ups at lunch time. He's been on the field for 4 and a half months. Seems like Elder Collins and him get along well though. Sadly I think he's picking up my eating habits because I've seen him eating plain loafs of bread. (Haha I'm starting to think that's part of the reason they've put me in Odoben because I'm fine with not eating too much food, and in Odoben there is not a lot of food choices available).
Elder Lee (from California) left to Moree in Cape Coast to be with Elder Oodoh, One of my old companions.
So yup there's a little update. Hope you all enjoy your New Years.
The Gospel is still true. Jesus really did come and die for our sins. And if we follow his commandments we will receive the peace and joy and the kingdom he has promised for each of us.
Elder Adair

Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16 2013

This week was good.

Elder Ivie and Sister Ivie are the Senior Couple Missionaries living in Swedru (An hour from Odoben) They help a lot, and it's been fun having them in the mission.
We've started taking a taxi to Sis Augustina and Bro Francis. They are cousins and live in the same area.
Sis Augustina will be baptized this Saturday. With Bro Francis we found out he'd only been going to sacrament meeting for the past few months so we think we're going to move him back a bit until he starts coming to the whole church service.
We fixed Elder Lee's washer. It was a 10 Pesewas coin that had gotten got in the fan of the drainer.
When you send packages they either arrive at the post office or at the mission home in Nkanfoa. Then when the Zone Leader missionaries go to the Mission home to receive instruction from the mission president they will bring back the packages for the zone after they are finished. And then they give it to me at a combined district meeting. Or sometimes it can happen in different ways.
The Christmas Devotional was sweet. The missionaries were very prepared for the talent show. Haha my zone wasn't too good though haha. I didn't try very hard, I was mostly just enjoying what the other missionaries did. The movie "Forever Strong" was nice to see again. It has a lot of good messages in it.
We are definitely enjoying the running water in the apartment. Now you can just press the button to flush the toilet. Or fill up a bucket inside the house.
Elder Lee's washer is quite enjoyable as well.
Haha I'll just call. Everyone in Odoben is calling because we don't have internet in Odoben. Unless I get transferred to an area with internet. We will see.

yes I get a printed copy of your emails each week.
I haven't received a package from you yet. I'm actually starting to wonder if I finished that letter to Grandma Walpole for her package.. Uh oh.. I can't remember.
As for this week
We had the Christmas Devotional which was sweet. Elder Barnett (My Trainer in Ghana Cape Coast Mission) gave his goodbye testimony to all the missionaries. He's going back home tomorrow to England. Elder James (My brother in the Ghana Cape Coast Mission, because he was trained by Elder Barnett) gave a powerful talk about the Restoration of the Gospel and how Christ has sent us forth to teach his word and how he is a Living Christ.
Elder Barnett's Zone did a sweet presentation with them starting the Lion King Song that goes "From the day we arrive on the planet, and blinking step into the sun" they changed it to "from the day we arrived in Cape Coast Mission.. etc." and at the end Elder Kalahiki did some sweet rapping it was cool.
For my zone we sang "We are Children Holding Hands Around the World" and had pictures of our zone.

Today (Monday) We did a service project for an Elementary School by weeding for them with Cutlasses, and Sister Ivie had us sing "We are Children Holding Hands Around the World, and I am a Child of God" with them after we finished. She also gave them some treats.
Yesterday we went to Asikuma and finished up the lessons with Sis Augustina so she's ready for this Saturday for baptism. She'll be a sweet convert.
We saw a few recent Converts this week and just did reviews with them.
With Bro Nestor we reviewed the Restoration and he loved it. He said "it's true, it's true". He also asked a couple questions about why we don't use the cross symbol and why we never said the Lord's prayer. He's been working had as a nurse at the hospital in Asikuma. He's such a humble guy. He use to work to help purify water around Ghana for people that didn't have clean water. The shifts he works now as a nurse hardly give him a moment to sleep, and yet with his free time he was willing to let us come see him. He's working with New born babies now. It's funny how he talks about how cute the babies are, some are as small as his hands.
With Sis Nadia she's an old convert from before I came to Odoben and has fallen less active. She hasn't come to church since I came, but we reviewed the Restoration and asked if she had been praying about what we'd taught her about the temple. She said she felt alright about it. She admitted after we reviewed that she hadn't prayed about Joseph Smith and the Restoration so we asked her to pray about it and she said she would. When Elder Cowan came on splits to the area she needed to fetch water but the bucket had fallen down the well. Elder Cowan was able to use a big stick and get the bucket back out of the well. It was a miracle I thought.
With Bro Kwesi and Sis Yeboah we tried to teach them how to do a family home evening. Kind of hard when they are only 16 and 14. Soo I don't think it helped too much. Haha but Bro Kwesi has been such a strong convert. He is truly converted to the gospel. He always goes to Seminary and he truly studies the gospel, if he doesn't end up on a mission I would be very very surprised.
We've really been just searching for new people to teach, but not with too much luck so far. We finally got some potentials and they have already disappeared. Sooo we get to start again :) Hurray!

So we've been working with the members.

With Bro Donso's family (members) we went and asked them if we could teach them. I showed them the 6 main pamphlets and asked them what they would like to learn about. They chose Chastity. So we taught them. I really like teaching that one. But it was a good message and they all said they would live it. I had Bro Lord bear his testimony as well which was sweet. They are a sweet family in the branch we go to. Very Humble. Their mother sells Kenke and Stew and the Islamic School. Their father is a farmer. Bro Lord is planning for a mission. And Sister Haiti attends the Islamic School.
Anyways there is a little bit about the week.
The gospel is true. This Christmas Season remember it's not about the receiving but the giving. It's all about the work.
Love you

Elder Adair

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December 10 2013

Hey that's awesome he's back now. That would have been hard to learn a
language haha.
Yes, Sis Camille Boyce has been emailing me a few times so it sounds
like she's doing well.
I can't wait to see Bro Mitch Davis though. I haven't heard from him
for a long time.

Mm let's just stick with the phone for Christmas. That'll be the easiest.

Yes I believe they've finished it today. I took a few pictures. Sorry
I'm afraid I'm probably going to cry when I get home because I don't
have too many pictures. Yikes.

Haha it's alright you don't have to keep sending journal entries from
our Great Grandpa. But he's got a very detailed journal, We have his
journal just at home?

It's interesting that in his journal he talked about his dream.
Because in Sunday School they learnt about Revelation a little bit
about Visits from Angels, Dreams, Visions, but usually you receive in
through the Holy Ghost.

This upcoming Friday is our Christmas Devotional, so that should be
fun. We're going to sing "We're Children Holding Hands Around the
World" for our zone haha. Elder and Sister Ivie are bringing a slide
show for pictures of us in the zone.

We tried to set up a home teaching system for the branch we are in,
but on Sunday I showed the Branch President an example of what he
might like and they said they'd have a meeting with the Relief Society
Pres. And Elder's Quorum Pres. and have them set up the people, but I
guess that works out. I wasn't sure if what I was doing was any good

We visited a few of the members who are being less active lately and
they came on Sunday so that was good to see.

As well we've been doing a lot of personal contacting, but I'm getting
reminded that it's a mistake, Working with the members is definitely
the way to go. Most of the people we pick up aren't very serious so it
doesn't go anywhere.

From study I liked a talk from Elder Bednar on Tithing about how it is
a chance to show Gratitude for the things that we already have, and
self control for things that we want to have.

He talked about how those that are grateful for the things that they
already have are satisfied and happy.

While those that are ungrateful for the things that they already have
and always want more are never satisfied and thus aren't happy.

Sis Augustina is a sweet lady we're teaching, she has a great love for
the gospel, and she is very quick at picking things up - I was
surprised. Anyways she had been coming for a couple months to church
in Asikuma and we were asked to go and teach them. We were mostly just
trying to teach her everything so she could be baptized, but this week
she didn't come to church so I guess that gave me a wake up call that
we also need to make sure she's truly gaining a testimony of the
things we are teaching.

Bro Francis is a 13 year old boy. He's a sweet kid, but he's super
shy. His two brothers, his sister, and his mother are all members, and
he's been coming for a couple months as well. But he learns slowly
slowly so we might have to slow down a bit for him.

Really this Thursday and Sunday will determine which way we go with them.

The Gospel is True

Love you

Elder Adair

Friday, December 6, 2013

December 5, 2013

Wow that journal entry was pretty intense. You want to send me more of that journal entry from our great grandfather?
So that's where the church started from your Mom's side of the family? Interesting. He's very detailed in his journal writing.
No you don't need to send me Cavanaughs chocolate haha.
I'll call home on Christmas Between 7-10 pm. So over there it would be Noon- 3. Supposing I'm still with the same companion. Transfer day landed on Christmas this year. But luckily they decided to do the transfers on the 23rd of December so we don't have to worry about it.
But that airplane deal is pretty sweet! Wow. So if I wanted to fly back to Ghana it would only cost me 100 Dollars For the Trip to Ghana and Back? Tell Cherish she needs to keep that job for the rest of her life.
Haha and you've got some fun people to work with there at Cavanaugh's chocolate factory. I'm surprised so many of them are working there.
So this week Elder Collins got one of the Ensign's sent from home so I've been reading the General Conference talks. As well the mission President allowed us to watch conference on P-days on Elder Lee and Elder Collins mini Movie player (Because Elder Collins is training they watch the training videos during study).
As well this week they have decided to dig a bore hole for us. It costed the mission a bunch of money. So on Tuesday we didn't go to District Meeting, but we stayed with Elder Ivie and watched them bring a big huge machine to dig a bore hole in front of our apartment 330 feet or so into the ground. Our whole Compound was covered in Mud like a foot or two deep. Tomorrow they will bring the pump in so now we will have running water in our hosue that will not run out. Hurray!
As well Elder Ivie took us with him to look for apartments in Asikuma. They found a nice one, and for cheap so it looks like their going to send Missionaries to Asikuma December 23rd. It's a super nice area, and the people are very well educated so which ever missionaries come will enjoy.
We went to teach Sister Augustina and Brother Francis in Asikuma. So it was a 1 hour tro ride to Asikuma, then an hour walk to their house. Then another hour to teach them. Then an hour walk back and an hour tro tro back to Odoben. So we left Odoben at 2 and got back at 7. Quite a journey for one lesson. But they both have been coming to church for over 2 months and they have a testimony that the church is true. Now they mostly just need to be taught. Soo now the decision is to teach them Twice a week and we're planning for their baptism on the 21st of December.
We're planning on just getting a taxi to their house so it doesn't kill all our time though.
In Study I've been looking a lot at just what the prophets have to say about successful marriages mostly and how to improve such as Saying I love you, Saying I'm sorry, and Saying Thank you. Things like service for each other. The tone of voice we use. How it's ok to mess up, but rather think that "we can fix it". And how most things can be worked through even if it's Budgeting Problems, Entaglement in Sin, Interference from In-laws, lack of Temper Control, etc. Or how we should pray that your companion's joy can be your own joy. And that you do everything in your power to make your companion happy.
well I love you Mom. Thanks for your great example. The gospel is true and I know it's what brings us true joy.
Elder Brady Adair