Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30 2012

Moooooommmmm... tsk tsk tsk. I told you not to send me anything.
Seriously. I can get those pro biotics here in Ghana for a million
times cheaper i'm sure. Medicine isn't expensive at all and it's the
same stuff as back home.

I could probably get what you can get for 1 dollar that you can get
for 10 dollars. So at least ask me before you send anything and I'll
check if they have it here. You don't need to worry about medicine,
it's if I needed to get surgery that you would need to worry.

So if you haven't sent it yet, don't send it. You want me to look for
pro biotics? I'm on it today. They have everything here. If I find
something that they don't have I'll tell you. The reason is i'm on a
Ghanaian budget not on an American budget that I can't get the same
stuff as back home.

That is sad about Trinity though.. We make mistakes all the time
though, and at least the puppies have someone to help them rather than
the animals born in the wild where they just die without any help. (note: we had one of our puppies die)

The main things I have are tomatoes, onions, green onions for cheap.
I'm thinking about making a light soup with Tomatoes, onions, Peppe,
Garden Egg, Green pepper, Carrot, and Cabbage today. Light soup is my
favorite (It's what you eat with Fufu) but I'm not sure if it'll turn
out so well for my first time making it. Especially when I'm just

I have chicken boulion, I bought a huge pack that will last my whole
mission. Then we have curry and shrimp maggi (boulion). I haven't
really looked for much other spices.

I've been feeling pretty well. I've had a runny nose and sore throat
this week. I lost my voice for a couple days, but I was able to go out
proselyting. I had one day that my stomach starting hurting and it
felt like I hadn't eaten all day. So I got some bread after the lesson
but I don't think I got enough. We had one more lesson for the night
so I just endured it. It was painful though, I didn't speak the whole
lesson and I was just telling myself I'm going to make it.. I'm going
to make it.. Haha. But When I got home I just ate a huge loaf of bread
and layed down for like 15 minutes and then I was fine again. I don't
understand why that happened because I actually ate more than usual
for lunch. I had rice, onions, soy sauce, and a couple hot dogs (We
found a place that sells them for 2 Cedi's for a 10 pack which is an
amazing deal, Usually it would be like 6 Cedi's at least, but you do
have to buy a ton of them so they're cheap). But ya it was weird.

Yes I'm able to use my Debit card, but I haven't needed to. I still
have money from when I got the flight here and I brought 200 dollars
with me.

Yes thank you Jackson! We've contacted Elizabeth now, and taught her a
few lessons. She's a cool girl, and she's always home so she's easy to
get in touch with. We're taking her to a FHE tonight. We also met
Clifford, and the third boy that you were talking about was Daniel
Assan Andoh. Yup, we know him very well. In fact, he was baptized
yesterday. Dang I forgot to write down
his email. I'll get you his real email next week, but he wants Jackson
to write him. He remembers Jackson well. Sorry I keep calling you
Jackson I'm just use to using your last name now. But probably don't
put his email online on the blogs if you're still doing the blogs.

Anyways Clifford came to his baptism. Haha it was funny they were both
really nervous, but it was cool. We haven't been able to share a
message with Clifford yet, but we'll probably see him this week.

We tried to see Diana, but she wasn't home. And maybe we'll try and
contact Abigail this week. Thanks again James! If you think of anymore
just let us know, and we'd love to go and see them.

I'm with my companion for about 2 more weeks for sure. Then there is a
small transfer because 3 missionary's are going home. And then 3 weeks
later there will be 16 missionaries coming, so I'll probably be
training. We'll see how it works out. Uh oh I'm probably going to lose
my washer. Scary thought.

Hey I'm finally getting my shirts altered! Hurray, my shirts have been
huge this whole time. I'm just a slow poke to get them altered. I
know. Random thought sorry.

Oo mom you're back at home by yourself. That is weird. We're all grown up
now. You still get Cherish and Suzy though soo I think that's fair
enough. And Brandon is just down the street.

That's cool Brandon can have a dog there. Is he getting along with his
room mate now? Is he still going to the gym?

It's the vegetables I think I'm lacking on, so that's why I'm looking
for ways to put it in my food. In the morning I've been having Indomie
with onions, then lunch rice with onions and soy sauce (I'm hoping
this light soup will taste better with rice because my stew hasn't
been cutting it for me. My stew tastes awesome on an egg sandwich, but
I only eat those for dinner), then for dinner I've just been trying to
use up my stew with an egg sandwich, but since it's been apostasy week
(Last week of money) I've been using up my flour. I used the stew on
it once and it was alright.. A bit hot. Haha I put a lot of Peppe in
my stew.

With fruit I just eat 50 pesewas banana every day. I don't know if
that is bad just eating one type of fruit and the same food everyday..
Probably is. But if I get pineapple or oranges they don't seem to help
with the after affect... Mango's and Watermelons.. I could get.. the
small mangos are out of season and so the big one's are expensive. I
think watermelon would have the same effect as the pineapple. I also
could get an apple and just eat half of one I suppose? They are 1 cedi
each. But they are small.

I think Avacado is out of season as well. I thought it was just
because we weren't in town but in the village, but even today as I've
been walking through town I haven't seen any avacado's.

Once again, don't send the probiotic. I'm going to look for it today.

P.S. Sarah Mackliet thanks for the email haha you make me laugh

P.S.S. Courtney Tribe, I'm looking for your last letter you wrote me
so I can get your address, but if not could you email me it real
quick? And also, I saw a Yellow Hummer in Ghana the other day. I'm
pretty sure that was your dream car? One in a million chance that
you'd find one in Ghana.

Now I think my time is up. I know my letters tend to talk about food
way too much.

Love you all

Elder Adair

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