Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 18 2012

This picture of Brady at the MTC two and a half months ago!!
Yea Fante is a language. I only know a few words
Medasi - thank you
Kakra Kakra - small small
ieeko - Working hard?
iyeah - I'm working hard
O ten den - How's the day
Bakor - The day is good
O chin na - See you tomorrow
Yabeshua - We will meet
Nyame - God
Ye Fre Me - My name is
Wo Fro a Den - What is your name

etc. Those are the main ones I know though, so not very much.

I We finally got the conference talks magazine! I've only been able to
read a couple talks, but I loved this part in Boyd K Packers talk "And
a Little Child Shall Lead Them"

"Our parents served faithfully in their Most Important Calling - As
Parents. Our Father led the home in righteousness, never with anger or
fear. And the powerful example of our father was magnified by the
tender cousel of our mother. The gospel is a very powerful influence
in the life of every one of us in the Packer family and to the next
generation and the next geration and the next as far as we have seen.
    I hope to be judged as good a man as my father. Before I hear
those words "well done" from my Heavenly Father I hope to hear them
first from my mortal Father."

There was also a talk by David O. Mckay in one of the other Ensigns
that month that talked about how even the prophet and the apostles,
their Greatest Calling is as parents.

Ya the indomie is just like top ramen back home. I could put
vegetables in it, but it would just cost more. I got my friend Paul
Wesley who is making me a vegetable stew that I can mix with my
Indomie so that should help. The stew has spinach, garlic, onions,
tomatoes, beans, etc. so it will be healthier. Of course it has loads
of oil like everything else here though haha. And ya he puts fish in
his stew as well. I'm excited to see how it turns out.

Elder Adair

Love you

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