Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23 2012

Sorry I used up most of my time reading Jackson's email writing down and taking some tips from it. Thank you for getting him to send me an email. It was really cool to see that I knew all the places that he talked about and a lot of the investigators that he had taught as well. There is a boy named Daniel that we are planning for his baptism next week that he taught. He was part of the big circle of boys that Jackson was teaching by the Bakaano round about. He's an awesome guy and seems to have a lot of friends in the ward already so it's exciting. We will also try and contact some of the investigators Jackson had been teaching, a lot of them I already knew and some of them I haven't heard of before so I'm excited to go and find them.
note: James Jackson is a guy from Centerville, Utah. Brady took guitar lessons from him he just returned from the Ghana Mission just before Brady left. Brady is serving in the same area's as Jackson and knows the people he has taught and Brady is even teaching some of them.
The other day we taught Adrina's sister Allswell. We were doing a service project for them of fetching water, and we found out for the first time that she had been seriously investigating the church before. We were shocked as we were teaching her about what she knew, she definitely has a testimony of the church and knows that it's true. I was interested that you said James that she was afraid to leave her friends, because we thought it was the fact that their mother wants them to come to her church? Anyways I felt like crying after that lesson because she definitely definitely knows it's true. But she wouldn't let us come for another lesson or even come to church.

Josephine came for the first time since I've been here, yesterday. We've been having small visits with her, but she usually runs away if she gets the chance. She's an awesome girl though and she knows that the church is true, I don't understand why she doesn't come to church. But yes I was basically jumping for joy, and wanted to give her a big hug but obviously couldn't.

Thank you for the warning about not doing FHE's too often at Sister Donso's because she just recently returned from a vacation in England, and she's an awesome lady but she has invited us to come to FHE's every other week so maybe I'll let my companion know to not do it so often. Anyways, tell Jackson if he thinks of anything else or wants to tell me anything else about the area I'd love it. It was exciting to learn a bit from him as well.

Sooo the food situation.. Mmm some Elder's take more than their portion so that making soups and sharing it dealio doesn't work out so swell.

The thing is I don't eat Ghanain food that often. And I don't see how I can make a stew for a week if my stomach gives up on it after a couple days. But I'm slowly finding out a bit more things I can make and what other Elder's do. I think I'm mostly going to have to be creative with the vegetables. My next attempt will be pancakes with onions and avacado.. hahaha it just makes me laugh. But it's probably better than pancakes with Jago (It's like swedish pancakes)

Yes I take the pro biotic with my doxy everyday. It's pretty easy since I have to take the doxy anyways.

Ya we're having alright success in the area. For how hard we're working it's not really that good though. Maybe it's the area? We're looking for ways that we can improve though. We're starting to work more with the members and so far it's helping a bit.

Aw that's where the waterfall was. Bridal Veil Falls up Provo Canyon. I was looking at Cherish's picture and I was like where did they go to see that? I'll have to remember that waterfall for a date idea when I get home. Write that one down so I can have some ideas haha.

Trinity is having puppies? Hmm it's not fair that I don't get to see how big Trinity is though.. hmm... 5? My guess is 5 puppies.

My stomach is feeling well. Now I'm still just working on eating healthier so I can worry less about getting sick.

Hey! You keep reading the letters I send to people. Tsk tsk tsk. eavesdropper?

Love you too mom

Mmm there was something short I wanted to share that I thought was cool. It was from the teachings of presidents of the church - Brigham Young

"What hinders this people from being as holy as the city of Enoch? I can tell you in a few words. It is because you will not cultivate the disposition to be so. this comprehends the whole. If my heart is not fully given up to this work - I will give my time, my talents, my hands, and my possessions, UNTIL my heart consents to be subject. I will make my hands labor in the cause of God, until my heart bows in submission to it.
  I have now told you what course to pursue to obtain an exaltation. The Lord must be first and foremost in our affections, the building up of his kingdom and cause demands our first consideration."

I thought this was cool because the gospel does cause us to work. But as we do so the Lord becomes the one whom we cling to and our affections are placed on. I was reading a couple scriptures this morning about the attitude of Laman and Lemuel on the ship and how they set to please THEMSELVES. Compared to the attitude of the Brother of Jared when he was on the ship and he was set on praising GOD. I think as we turn to please god rather than ourselves - that is where the true satisfaction comes from. The true joy that lasts. It also makes us able to endure any trial and find joy during it, knowing that it is only bringing you closer to God. This life is the time to prepare to meet God.

Love you all,
Elder Brady Adair

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