Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 9 2012

Brady wrote this on Monday but just got it from Cherish !! Enjoy!!

Hey Cher thanks for the pictures!

Ya I'm feeling pretty well now. I was able to go out proselyting for
the full week, it felt weird not doing much for those couple weeks.
Now I'm just getting a hang of the schedule again.

Mm this week we started off with a P-day in Takoradi. I got to see my
old MTC companion Elder Ayang. I probably already told you last week
though. But I just played monopoly while everyone else went to play
football because I was still kind of sick. We also went to the beach
and I just bought a loaf of bread for lunch.

Then we had a family night and just taught about how we are all
missionaries and we can share the gospel with our friends in simple

Tuesday we just taught the normal lessons and for district meeting we
went and got fried rice and chicken which they have this good sauce
here called Shito. You should try and make it back home if you can
figure it out. Most Ghanaians say it takes a long time to master
though. But it's delicious, well it might take you a couple times to
get use to.

Wednesday was the 4th of July and I didn't even realize it until we
passed an American and he said Happy Independance day haha. We're
still teaching Ebenezer who is a recent convert, but his testimony is
growing a lot and it's exciting to see.

I don't know if I told you that Brother Davis had to cancel his
baptism because his children didn't want him to be baptized and they
basically pay for his bills now so even though he has a strong
testimony (he is seriously the sweetest guy i've ever met) there isn't
much we can do.

We're teaching a girl called Racheal who is 15 and her Auntie is a
member. She is doing awesome and doing all the things we ask, but she
has to wait for 6 months until she can be baptized. I definately think
she'll be a strong member the rest of her life though.

Mmm Thursday we taught like normal

Friday was my birthday! But we weren't able to teach very many
lessons. We need to start working on finding new investigators because
we've had to drop quite a few lately.

Saturday we gave one of our investigators a baptismal date. He showed
up late to church so we were kind of worried, but that raised our
hopes when he came.

Sunday we taught like normal as well and Ebenezer came out teaching
with us. He's really a powerful member for only having been baptized a
couple months ago. It was nice because he was able to translate in a
lesson as well.

Oh and a guy named Mike Nyarko has decided to be baptized as well.
He's from Burmuta (I don't know how to spell), and we've been teaching
him since I got here. He's had a testimony for a long time so
basically we've just been waiting for him to give us a date that he
would be baptized. So that's exciting as well!

Haha Cher, I don't think I'll ever get the hang of it. But it's just
like Nephi he went ahead not knowing beforehand the things that he
would do, but he was led by the spirit. Haha on Sunday we had to teach
a lesson in Sunday School with no notice really, I'm still getting use
to the always be prepared deal :P. Ya i'm having fun.

Transfers aren't for a while. It's confusing why. Our mission just
split into 2 and I'm in the Cape Coast Mission while the other half of
missionaries are in the Kumasi mission. But basically we have 9 weeks
to transfer instead of 6. So I think there is still like 5 weeks to

I haven't taken very many pictures so hopefully you guys aren't too
sad when you get it haha sorry!

Don't die at Martin's cove. If you step on a rattlesnake don't forget
to bring the rattle home.

Love you Cher

Elder Adair

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