Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27 2012

Haha I have heard that Ghana has gold mines as well, but I think their
government is just super corrupt. Because Ghana has Cocoa beans as
well so really they should be doing really quite well, but you don't
even see the Ghanain chocolate here, but apparently it's one of the
best chocolate's you can get in the world. So ya I haven't seen any
gold. I'll let you know when I'm coming home if I find any haha.

Sweet, I'm excited to have chickens when I get home. Maybe I'll teach
you how to kill a chicken when I get home. My companion is thinking
about getting one for his birthday this coming Saturday, but he's
probably getting transferred out of the area so we'll see on Saturday
what happens I guess. I'll probably get the call on Wednesday or so if
I'm becoming a trainer so we'll kind of be able to tell if he's
staying or leaving. There's 16 new missionaries coming so it's pretty
likely that I'm going to train.

I'm so lucky for all the support that I have back home. There's a lot of
strength knowing that there are people behind you. It had to have been
hard for Moroni when he was by himself, but I suppose he was
remembering all those who had gone before him and who would come after

It's good to hear from you
Love you

Elder Adair

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 20 2012

Hey tell mom sorry I didn't get to send her an email. My computer shut
down when I was trying to send it. And tell Adam I'll send him a
letter this week as well.

I'm doing good, Ghana's fun. Transfers are coming up though so that'll
be interesting. 2 more weeks and I'll probably be training and Elder
Barnett will move out.

I can understand people for the most part. I think they can understand
me. Either that or they are really good at faking like they can
understand me.

Umm I haven't really been taking pictures. But I did take a picture at
that bridge and with the crocodiles.

Mmm peaches. I forgot about our peach tree.

Well it was good to hear from you guys.

The work is going well. Selima and Racheal are going to be baptized
next week, and hopefully Lawrence the week after that.

The time just flys by doesn't it? I can't believe it's almost 6 months either.

I still haven't even used any of my birthday money haha, I even tried
to celebrate this month. I got some nice biscuits everyday and I went
out to that Cape Coast Restaurant, yet I still have 45 Cedis left to
spend for this final week of the month. I think Dad taught me to be
too tight with my money. Avacados are coming back though. I saw a few
today. They're kind of expensive right now so I'm going to wait a
little while to buy some.

Now that Elder Barnett is probably moving out I'll be washing by hand
now. This is going to be interesting. Hopefully Elder Jackson's method

Sorry for the short email this week.

Love you all

Elder Adair

Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13 2012

Haha the excercise still isn't coming along amazingly. On Saturday we
did a service project shoveling dirt and carrying it in big pans to a
wheelbarrow, and then wheelbarrowing it to a guys house. We did half
the job and said we'd come back next week. Then we went and fetched
water for some less actives which we've been doing for weeks. My
back is dead now though. We're going to play football (soccer) today,
but I think I might have to skip out. I also have a sore on the back
of my foot from my nike shoes.

We haven't been able to go out again with the assistants. The time
they came our appointment flogged.

It's about as cold as a windy day back home at night. I wake up quite
cold  like I need to have a light sheet to stay warm. Luckily some
Missionaries are going home and I'm getting some more sheets and a
towel. My towel is disgusting now so I'm excited for that.

I don't think the Humidity really makes it much colder, it just makes
you sweat alot. But the rainy season is pretty much over so it's
starting to warm up again.

Haha the girl that was talking to me last week at the computer wasn't
serious. The girls mostly just want to get married so we don't really
teach them much. Usually their first question will be "are you

Melanie sent me some pictures and some were at Lagoon, it looks like
you guys are having fun. The kids are looking old now it's weird.
Especially shawn's kids.

Ya it's amazing to think of what Abraham grew up with, yet he turned
out to be a great leader.

For me the Bible keeps getting more interesting, It's slowly starting
to make more sense for me. I was looking through the scripture mastery
that they have you memorize in Seminary, and I was surprised that most
of them we use for missionary work as well.

Soo this Saturday we had a mini party for Elder Rogers who is going
home. We went to the Cape Coast Castle Restaurant and I got Hawaiin
Chicken with Chips for 10 Cedis. It was the most amazing meal I have
ever had. I ate the Chicken fat and bones and everything on my plate.
It all tasted amazing. Afterwards I bought a Fan Ice and a Fandango
(Ice Cream and some Orange Juice). I was in heaven.

Also since he is going home Elder Adair is the new Zone Leader in our
apartment. So now we have 2 Elder Adairs in the apartment starting
tomorrow. We'll have 2 guitars as well so I'm excited. Maybe I'll get
to jam with him as well! I didn't even think about that. Oo sweet.

Daniel Donkoh came to church right when the sacrament started so he
missed his confirmation by about 1 minute. But he brought his friend
Lawrence who Elder Jackson told me to go and see. He's progressing
really well and keeping all of his commitments. He has a testimony of
the things we are teaching, and when we gave him the Book of Mormon he
said "I already know it's true". Soo it's exciting to see him

Elizabeth is a cool girl as well, and I'm sure she would accept the
gospel, but she has 2 kids and is super busy. Every time we come she
has her hands full making food, or washing the kids, or washing the
clothes, or fetching water, etc. I'm not sure what to do in that case.

There's a couple more of the Bakaano boys. One is Sammy, He works at a
bar but he doesn't like to meet with us one on one because he wants
his friends there with him. We were teaching them together and it was
going really well with him, but then all of the sudden he didn't want
to see us when we split into one on one lessons. Slowly we figured out
it was because he didn't like meeting one on one.

Then there is Clifford, he's an awesome guy but his reading isn't the
best so I think he doesn't like to meet with us. He came to church
when Daniel was baptized. I think friendshipping him a bit more will

Then there is Eugiene, I haven't gotten to know him very well but I
think he's like Sammy and just would rather meet in a group. I think
he just likes being with his friends so if they sit down for the
message, he will as well.

I don't know if I told you about Dennis, but he works at a Fan Ice
shop and we've been teaching him for a while. He's awesome, but his
Aunt is paying for his education and he has to go to her church if she
will continue to pay for his education. We aren't really sure what to
do in that case either. He'll probably have to wait 3 years until he's
graduated before coming.

Then Sister Erica referred us to a couple people living by her.
Angelina and Lydia. They are really cool and they both came this
Sunday. Haha Sister Erica is so powerful, I'm pretty sure she talks
about the gospel to everyone she meets and she works hard to help them
come to church and make sure they feel comfortable and watches their
kids and helps them get to nursery. Powerful powerful powerful..

Her friend Mike Nyarko was baptized a couple weeks ago.

But ya basically she does hair, and just talks to people about the
gospel while doing their hair, and by the time we get to teach them
they already know quite a bit about what we believe.

I guess our time is up

Love you all

Elder Adair

Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6 2012

Hmm.. What to tell you about this week.

Haha yesterday the assistants came to check on how we are teaching our
lessons. I'm excited to see the feedback that they give.

I'm feeling pretty good. I did a little bit of excercise this week
(Yes this is the rule I struggle with, I have to wake up 15 minutes
early to have time to do it.), but my body was killing the rest of the
day. I was trying to be quiet because everyone was sleeping. I started
doing jumping jacks but it was too loud.. So I just started bending my
knees and basically bouncing up and down without letting my feet leave
the floor. I'm sure it was quite hilarious to watch. But it killed my
back. My back still hurts right now. Then I did 15 push ups (Yes I'm
weak). And when it was 6:30 I did 100 jumping jacks.

I always thought it would be waking up on time that would be the
hardest, but it's quite easy.

I'm trying to figure out how to start excercising just enough to
improve but not be killed for the rest of the day. Haha that's my tip
for all future missionaries back home. Be fit, before you come on your

Hmm.. I don't know what to say.

On Sunday, Mike Nyarko was baptized. Haha that guy is hilarious. After
the baptism he was like "Let's do it again". But he'll be a strong
member. He's friends with one of the strongest members in our branch.
 He's powerful. I thought he was like
17 when I first met him.

Sorry I haven't written much. There's a girl talking to me while i'm
emailing you haha, she wants to be friends.

But ya the weather here has been quite cool for the last few months,
but I think it's about to start getting hot again.

Yup. You're going to have to give me more questions to answer because
I can't think while I'm sitting at a computer.

One of my favorite general conference talks is still that one that
Thomas S. Monson gave on having a positive attitude, believing in
yourself, and having courage.

Everyday I have to work on those 3 things.

"Our doctrine is clear, we emphasize our faith, not our fears"

God is here to help us along the way. He wants ALL of us to return to
heaven. He didn't make this plan for us to fail.

Soo my message for you guys is to have a positive attitude, and know
that God has made it possible for you to succeed. He has provided a
way for all of us to return to heaven. He knows that you can do it.
God knows all things, he has all power to fulfill all his words. Trust
in Him.

Love you all

Elder Adair