Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 26 2013

Mm hmm we are enjoying in Odoben :).
Sweet that's cool brother Christensen is still being a good friend. Does Brandon still go to the Bountiful Rec Center? Tell him I miss him and thank him for being such a sweet brother for me.
Mm Odoben is just in the middle of the bush. We take like an hour tro ride from the city to Odoben. And then surrounding Odoben it's just a bunch of tree's and bushes. Lot's of farming land for Cocoa, Corn, Oranges, Cassava, Plantain, etc. So when people go to farm they say "i'm going to the bush". But Odoben is nice it's not really super bush. It's just in the middle of the bush.
Haha wow Jaxon is already 3? So that was the age of Suzy when I left right? That will be interesting.
Sounds like he loved that Choo Choo train though, and wow he even knows that he is suppose to clean up after himself.
Umm as for the packages in 2 days thing I have no idea. I was looking at Elder Lee's package he just got and it looks like it got here within a few days though so I'm not sure.
Which reminds me today Pres. Shulz told me that I'm going home March 18th. If I remember correctly. So I guess you can plan on me coming home that day.
I asked someone about how much the jeans cost here and the guy said 10 Cedis. So 5 dollars? The highest price was like 30 to 40 Ghana Cedis, but they like bargaining here in Ghana so I'm guessing I'd get them 15 Cedi's or so.
And yes of course I got myself some snickers :) I enjoyed them very well.
Nope don't worry I don't need anything. I did get Grandma's package with the chocolates today though, so I'll write her a thank you letter on Monday.
As for this week -
We decided to drop most of our investigators and start fresh because most of them aren't keeping commitments.
Soo we contacted a lot and found some potential investigators this week - Sister Asi, Sister Phyllis, Bro Jones, and Sister Vida.
As for study I went over topics like Pride, Virtue, Finding, Marriage, etc. I liked the things that I learnt and found some things I could improve on in each of the areas.
This week Elder Cowan was on splits with Elder Lee and we played Farkel. It was pretty funny because every turn I was getting huge points so I left everyone else in the dust.
Monday we played a little Monopoly Millionaire and I won twice and then the 3rd time I barely lost. I've quite been enjoying the winning streak, but it's sure to end soon.
Elder Adam's is still making us nice pancakes and French Toast.
This week I made some refried beans. Although now my stomach is running. I don't know if it's from not having beans for so long or if I didn't cook it well enough or what. But it tasted nice anyways.
Yup we scared Elder Lee again with my cap gun. This time he beat me.
Well I love you

Elder Adair

Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 21 2013

Yes I'm with someone from Utah now. Elder Adams. But I actually had one from Kaysville Utah at the beginning of my mission (Elder Seku Holder), he just went home this last transfer soo maybe you could find him if you look him up on facebook haha. We've got a lot of the same interests. He likes musicals and singing. He's got some sweet music, and yesterday he was playing a talk from Glenn Beck about his conversion story it was pretty funny. He likes card games. Worked as a Diesel engine worker, Janitor, and bag maker. Likes Ultimate Frisbee and apparently was on Utah States team. He made the whole apartment French Toast which was delicious, I don't know why I haven't made it my whole mission. So it's my new dinner haha.

This week since we got home before Elder Lee and Elder Collins we had the brilliant idea of putting the lock back on our front door, Turning off all the lights, and hiding in Elder Lee and Elder Collins room. I had bought a little cap gun that was pretty loud and Elder Adams had a little nerf gun. We hid behind their door and as Elder Lee came in we shot him and scared him to death. He had a big sugar cane in his hand though that he almost smacked us with. Still it was fun.

Elder Adams brought up the idea of a movie night as well at the church since he had all the mission movies so we did a movie night at the church, it was an alright turn out. A few recent converts and a couple of the younger investigators came. A bunch of members came as well and enjoyed watching "The mountain of the Lord". Although when we told the couple missionaries (Elder and Sister Ivie) that we were doing a movie night they went quiet soo I suppose they thought it wasn't a good idea haha it would be nice if they would speak up.

This week we went to Asikuma Branch on Sunday. Elder Lee and Elder Collins needed help with the area because they only have time to go twice a week. Soo they gave us a couple sweet investigators - Sister Augustina (20) and Brother Francis (13). They're Part Member families. We taught them the Restoration and Sis Augustina is definately solid and has come to church for 2 months already so she only needs to be taught.

Elder and Sister Ivie gave us a ride out to Asikuma. Haha Sister Ivie was car sick from the bumpy road but it was nice of them to make a sacrifice to do so. I've really loved having them in the area. They told us about how they met. Elder Ivie actually met Sister Ivie during his mission. She was helping out in Georgia with the Seminary Program. He wrote her after she moved back to Utah. And they got married 3 months after his mission. Funny story. They also drove us to our investigators house after church, and Sister Ivie gave us a couple apples.

Transfer day Elder Cowan showed me a shop in Swedru that sold Snickers. This whole time I'd been looking for them! They're only 1 Cedi 50 Pesewas. So 75 Cents. They also had Pringles for 6 Cedis (3 Dollars). I think today as I'm shopping I might just have a feast.

The rest of Transfer day we just played Skip Bo. We were all pretty bored that day. I got some fried rice for 4 Cedis, but I didn't even like it anymore. Haha that use to be the enjoyment food.

Today we had a Zone Activity at the Beach in Winneba. We played Ultimate Frisbee and some kind of soccer Ultimate Frisbee mix game. We catch a crab, Ate some Pineapple and apples. I sprayed Elder Lee and Elder Cowan with some Water. Met a new sister missionary that was actually from Elder Kirumira (my last companion from Uganda)'s Ward. Haha she told me how he was a stubborn guy back home. Elder Kirumira was a funny guy, I'll miss him.

Mm I suppose I could look for some Jeans. Do you want me to buy them for me or someone else? I could probably just buy some traditional pants that everyone wears. People back home would see them as Pajamas I'm sure though.

Wow that sounds bad with Jaxon though. How long is it going to take to cure?

Sweet I didn't realize Brandon was working at Home Depot, that seems like it would be a nice job. I'm sure he'll love Utah State as well. What does he do when he's at home?

I'll definately enjoy that chocolate that's coming. Good thing you've got it sent as well, the Christmas months aren't too favorable with getting packages.

Haha and you're working at Mrs. Cavanaughs chocolate store? Hahahaha no way! So you finally got bored of being at home all day? Sweet does that mean you sent me Cavanaughs chocolate? What kind of good deals do you get? Free Chocolate at all?

Wow that's cool the neighbors brought food over. Do you talk to them a lot then? How is their daughter doing? That would be a hard life style.

Welllllllllllll I'm sunburnt now. Just so you know

But I still love you, even though I'm sunburnt.

The church is true. I suppose something I've been thinking a lot about lately is looking for the good in others. Judge not that ye be not judged. As well as Love your enemies, do good to them that despitefully use and persecute you, and pray for them. I feel that those things are really important and make life so much more enjoyable. Praying and asking god to bless someone that has maybe done something you felt was wrong to you. I've found it helps you to see their perspective a bit more clearly. As well doing good to them - anything - a smile, a hug, a compliment, a little service. Judging someone is usually done without the full facts as well and I've found if you judge someone then you start realizing all the things you do as well and well that's just not fun either.


Elder Adair

Sunday, November 17, 2013

12 November 2013

Alright sweet I'll send Sis. Karl a little message :)
Hey... the journal. You've caught me red handed. I did pretty well for the first year and few months. But, my journal has pretty much gone downhill from there. I'll try and pick it back up. Your quote gave me some inspiration to start it again.
Let's see for chocolate I already have chocolate powder. Just send chocolate bars like snickers, Butterfinger, Symphony Bar, Chocolate Peanuts, etc. Things like that.
That's sweet that Suzy is still thinking about me :). She'll probably be scared when she sees me again though as she always is.
Well the Transfer News has come - Elder Kirumira (My companion from Uganda) is moving to Assin Foso to be with Elder Tembedza's (My last companion) Son (He trained him on Mission).
I'm Staying in Odoben making it 7 and a half months I'll stay in this area. (I stayed in my last 2 areas for the same amount of time)
My new companion is Elder Adams from Utah. I believe he's from Logan. I've talked to him before and he seems like a nice guy. He was trained by Elder Martin I think (Another sweet guy).
Elder Kirumira is sad to go, he really loved Odoben. But he'll do great in his new area.
As for my apartment mates - Elder Lee and Elder Collins are staying.

This week we had a famous football player pass through Odoben - Micheal Essien from Chelsea Team. My trainer Elder Barnett will be pretty excited to hear, he was a huge Chelsea fan. If you've seen the pictures of my blue jersey that he gave me that is a Chelsea Jersey. Micheal Essien's father passed away so he came for his funeral in Odoben.
We also has Sis Henrietta's (13) baptism. She's a step-sister (from her Father's side) to a recent convert, Sis Mavis. She's been going to Seminary with her sister and doing the assignments which has been cool to see.  We're also working with her step sisters (From the mother's side) they're 13 and 16, so we still need to get a hold of Pres. Shulz to see how he wants us to work with them, but they've been coming to church, seminary, and receiving the lessons so I'm thinking December time they'll be baptized as well.
Elder Lee has bought a new washer which I got to use yesterday. Washer's are always nice :). Sadly it started making noise as I was drying my clothes in the spinner.. so Hopefully I didn't just ruin his brand new machine. It sounds like a coin got stuck in the drain or something.
Tell the family hello
What's Brandon been up to? I haven't heard much about him.
How much longer does dad have until he retires?
Well the gospels true, love you
Elder Adair

Saturday, November 9, 2013

5 November 2013

Hey mom thanks for the update :) Sounds like it was a fun vacation. You'll have to see if you can get me a picture of the Halloween costumes.
Snorkling and Mayan Ruins, this was all down in Mexico?
Yes, I can get candy here. The thing to send me is chocolate, anything chocolate I would love.  That's really all I can think of that I'd want.  Chocolate. You can get chocolate in certain areas in Ghana, but I haven't seen it for a long time so chocolate is what you should send.
I'm not really sure what the date is for when I come home. I'll let you know when I get travel plans, probably around Christmas if that's okay?

We got to watch a little bit of conference this Sunday. The computer stopped working after 2 talks though, but I heard President Eyring's talk on Loving God and Dallin H Oaks on part of the 10 commandments and having children and such.
On Saturday the couple missionary's Elder and Sister Ivie brought a movie on Joseph Smith and so quite a few of the members came to watch it. It was funny the power was out but it turned on just in time for us to start the movie. (Elder Collins used his super spiritual prayer strength to turn the lights back on I suppose is what happened really.)
We had apartment checks and our apartment was pretty good. We got marked down for a couple things like not sweeping our rooms (I totally had swept and mopped it that morning, I blame it on the floor paper, we just need to take it out.) But we still got our chocolate chip cookies. (Which yes they have here and they are actually decent)
Elder Kirumira has popped out with a new idea of entertaining us. Rubber bands with little papers. He likes shooting the chickens and members, and some times he'll pop it out during companion study when I've bored him.
Elder Lee has been so kind in allowing me to steal his Richocho Powder ( hot chocolate powder). I enjoy eating it by the spoonful.
Elder Collins has allowed me to steal his Indomie a few times as well. When I'm too lazy to plan on what I'm going to eat for dinner.
Elder Lee and Elder Collins are convinced I cheat at Monopoly Deal because I beat them everytime. Although Elder Lee achieved his victory yesterday.
The Zone Leaders came on splits with us on Tuesday
Elder Dikane from South Africa, he's a sweet guy. I really liked how as we taught with him he'd use examples of people from the bible - like with repentance he related it to Paul and how he was going against the church and then turned into a great missionary. It made the lesson more exciting and understandable.
Elder Baird from Idaho I believe. He's a humble guy. Elder Lee and Elder Collins got to go with him though so I haven't seen him too much in missionary work.
With study I went over ideas on Finding and I liked the idea at the back of just sitting down with members of the church and having them write down names of friends and family that they know and then prayerfully choosing one whom they'd like to share the gospel with and then helping them come up with ideas of how to help introduce that person more to the gospel.
As well I liked a talk from Pres. Monson about marriage a bit about how Partners need to love each other, they need to show respect for each other. He talked about not always needing your opinion to be right. He talked about how even when relationships go bad it doesn't mean that seperation is the solution, things can be worked out and become good again. He gave an example of a couple he took to the temple that had been having fights and he had them listen to the marriage ceremony and at the end they were close together again.
He talked about some of the reasons for people wanting seperation included financial problems, anger management, lack of communication, in-laws interrupting. So I was thinking of ways I could work on those areas.
So yup there's my little update of what's going on over here.

Love you guys

Elder Adair

29 October 2013

Hahahaha... oh boy. Well about all the many pictures I have been taking. - This past Friday there was a big festival in Odoben where boys dressed up as girls, and different things. So I let a member borrow my camera to take me a bunch of pictures.. I knew I was taking a risk, but I trusted him so I decided to do it. Sadly what I least expected, but I probably should have expected.. He accidentally deleted all 500 pictures.. Sorry :P.
Mm I think it was after summer that I sent the pictures. I don't know, time really races by out here. It's crazy to think I'm almost 20 months out. Yikes. I was worried when I put it in the mail that it wouldn't send because the lady hadn't stamped it with the "by air" stamp. Oh well.
Well today I only have a few minutes because it took most of the time just for me to sign on.
But I guess a little update
There was a big festival this week in Odoben. People dressed up as different things. It was definately the biggest celebration I have seen while I've been out here. The people paraded down the street with their different dress ups.
Although a lot of people skipped church because of it. Haha oh boy.. a lot of the members were telling me how it was the day that nobody went to church but they all had a church service together with all different faiths.
Brother Kwesi was baptized on Saturday, We totally forgot about getting the key to the library for the baptismal clothes.. So we were a little late because of that, but the service was really good.
Sister Henrietta is still doing good, her sister Mavis is a really good member and wants to help all of her family join the church so she's been a good example.
Brother Benjamen didn't show up for church (I'm guessing because of the festival), but I think he has a lot of potential and he keeps saying that he believes all that we are teaching him is true.
This week I was just looking at the things in our planner that help people be truly converted and so I was just thinking of how we could improve on some of those things.
It gave examples like - they need to be invited to investigate, read from the book of mormon, pray, be taught the preach my gospel lessons, see a baptismal service, invite their friends or family to investigate the church. etc.
It gave me ideas for each investigator on what steps still needed to be taken.
But my times out so love you
Elder Adair