Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9 2012

Hey mom,

Alright haha I'll take the food one day at a time. For my birthday I
ate swedish pancakes with this stuff called Jago. Which basically
tastes like powdered sugar milk syrup. Yup. Then my companion shared
his bag of Mnms and I ate like half. Plus a coke bottle of chocolate
milk. The next day my body was telling me I shouldn't have eaten all
that sugar (Probably especially after my past couple weeks with my
body not being happy) But it was a good birthday dinner. I ate as many
pancakes as I could.

Mmm I can get green peppers but they're a bit expensive. This week I
made a chicken noodle soup with lots of carrots and onions so that
might be a little bit good for me. It'll last me about 2 weeks.

I was feeling pretty good this week. Kind of on the verge of sick but
not really that sick.

Spencer is doing pole vaulting? that's sweet! Dang how long has he
been doing that? Did you guys get to see him do it at all? And is it
like a summer competition that he's doing? Or they do it for his
school in the middle of summer?

One random exciting thing - during proselyting we found kids that had
made a small pool table out of random peices of wood they had nailed
together and then they used brooms for the sticks that they had carved
to have the little end, and then they used marbles for shooting.
Apparently they make foosball tables by doing the same sort of thing
and just using bits of paper for the players (I'd guess like cardboard
paper) It's just interesting how creative the kids are. I mean how
many eight year olds do you see back home that can make a pool table.

Umm mission related - James Jackson. Tell him to email me if you can.
I want to know if there are any investigators that he would want me to
see here in Cape Coast. I also got to talk to Kofi Johnson and he said
that James had called him and told him to say hi to me so that was
exciting haha. I've got like a month at least left here in Cape Coast.
Also ask him what other areas he served in so maybe if I serve in any
of his other areas I could get some tips from him as well. Oh by the
way I was looking through the Area Book and got to read a lot of the
comments he had about some of the investigators he was teaching when
he was in Cape Coast. Some of his comments made me laugh.

Finally I was wondering mom I know that you made some delicious like
umm... granola? Would that be cheap to make here? I just remember how
delicious they were back home but I never got to see how you made
them. Because I could use them for a cereal here if they are cheap to

Oh and if Leslie Frandsen is reading this I got your home address so I
should be writing you a letter today. But it'll probably take a couple
weeks to get to you.

Well yup.

I'm doing good mom. I'm learning to start take more responsibility as
well. This is definately a great learning experience for me. Haha it's
just as tough as high school and college and everything, it's just a
continual learning process. But I feel like I get to learn a little
bit more about who god is each day and the love he has for each and

Thanks again for the amazing mom you've been and continue to be

Can't wait to hear from you again next week!

Love you

Elder Adair

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