Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28 2012

Ya, sorry the letter was late haha. The time is going quick. I can't believe another week has already passed. It feels like just yesterday that I was writing an email to you.

Thanks for the package, it was very thoughtful. But really, don't send me anything. I can get the same stuff cheaper over here. Plus, I'm right next to the mission home so I'm not in great need. I'm in the safest place in Ghana. I'd rather use the money you are using to send the package for fruit. So please please please, if your going to spend money on me- Just let me draw money out of my account. I'd feel much much much better about it.

Ya the sachet's of water are purified so they're fine for me to drink. The caution is really the plastic bag, if it's dirty or not. Plus we have a water filter. Haha we've been out of water for the past few days and I've been showering with a cup. It's a bit exciting.

Mitch sent me an email! Go Mitch :). Haha sorry I never wrote you! I'm a terrible friend.

Go Caleb! That's awesome. He'll be a great missionary.

Jamaica?! Haha Adam that rocks! I think that's where Rasta Farian's come from. Hmm that will be interesting. Also the Cool Running's bob sled team. Will he go to the Provo MTC?

I'm always down with birthday money :P. But yes once again. I don't need any packages. I understand that you think that I'm joking on this one. But I'm dead serious. No packages please please please please please please please. I think I got it across now? Haha. I promise the best thing is just to put money in my account and I'll get the things I need here. Plus our money is like doubled here. It's like 1.82 ratio to 1. So yes remember that when you spend 17 dollars on a package In my head I'm thinking 34 Ghana Cedis, plus the cost of whatever is in the package. And I can get 48 packets of Milky Magic Biscuits for 10 Cedis here (which would last me for the whole month).. So I kind of weep inside when I realize what I could have gotten for the same amount of money.

Alright I'll tell my companion Hello for you. By the way he said thanks for the treat money!

Hmm.. stories about the week?

Today we watched 17 Miracles. That movie is awesome. Elder Eldredge bought the whole group 2 Fan Ice's (which is like a bar of ice cream). My apartment is really good at giving away free food :). Anyways it was awesome. The power went out at the very end of the movie Haha look at the blessings. It's been raining all week. Last Monday We had to walk through a river that had been built up by the rain to get to our apartment. Needless to say, we weren't able to proselyte that day.

I had my first bite of mashed potatoes the other day. I was in heaven. Buttery... Delicious.. Mashed Potatoes. But once again. Do not take this as a hint to send me buttery mashed potatoes. It still would be far too expensive and I'd rather use the money to buy fruit.

Hmm.. Brother Davis has been able to get a ride every week from a member named Brother Tando. Which is sweet! Brother Davis is the 77 year old man that has trouble walking. Anyways we gave him an invitation to be baptized this week on the 24th of June. And it just happened to be his birthday. But he accepted! (Which we weren't ever in doubt of, this guy is sooo powerful). He's the one that spent 6 cedis for a ride to and from church once.

Ebenezer has been able to come these past couple weeks, and has been confirmed and received the Aaronic Priestood. He's a really powerful member already. He wants to share the gospel with everyone. He also really wants to serve a mission and has already asked if he can come to lessons with us. That would be cool as well because he'll continue to learn as we teach with him. We're still trying to find some fellowshippers for him when we leave though. There is two guys his age, one's named Paul Wesley and the other is Kofi Johnson. (They are both the only members in their family and are just a few years older than me, that seems like a powerful sacrifice in itself for me). Anyways hopefully they will become friends.

By the way every time I shave the missionaries say that it looks like I haven't shaved? I've kind of just learned to just deal with it. Because I do shave every morning, I'm not sure why it doesn't shave. I have been using 1 razor for a full month to save money, but it looks like I might have to give up on it because I'm starting to get the pimple thingys. Those are no fun to shave with. But ya, even with a new razor the missionaries still say it looks like I haven't shaved.

Hmm I don't know what else to say.

I'm adjusting even more to the missionary schedule. I did pretty well during church yesterday. I think drinking more water would help as well. I'll have to buy a small bag to carry around with me. (Sunday's are hard because our apartment isn't close to our area, and I can't buy sachet waters because it's Sunday).

I haven't had trouble with the food since I got here. I think that's a miracle in itself. But I have heard quite a few stories soo I guess it will just take time. Maybe I've just been lucky with the food I've gotten so far.

The hymn's are helpful when you're getting discouraged out in the field. They help you stay focused on the positive rather than the negative. (Haha I'm sure the other missionaries are sick of me singing hymns)

Cherish, you were right. I'm suffering from not having back tickles. I saw Sister Asay giving her husband Brother Asay (our Mission Office couple) a back tickle. Anyways, I'm glad that the culture in Ghana seems to be totally different because I haven't seen them do it. I don't think I realize how blessed I am that there isn't all this stuff reminding me of what I'm missing back home. Because like there T.V. programs are terrible haha. I don't understand why they like it.

Well I'm not sure how much time I have before this thing turns off so I'll send this email and begin another one :).

Love you all

Elder Adair

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