Sunday, May 6, 2012

April 30th 2012

Yup I'm still here. Today yes, It's prep day so we do whatever we want
til 6. So at 7 we do a devotional with the apartment. Then we got
ready and played football at the Fifa pitch. Now we're here emailing.
Afterwards we'll walk back to the apartments getting food along the
way. Do our cleaning assignment at home, I clean the toilets today.
Then we relax, eat or whatever. Tonight we're going to show Ebenezer
"The Testaments". He just got baptized yesterday so we figure that
will be a powerful movie for him, and probably get him more excited
about the Book of Mormon. Then we'll go home and close for the night
seeing how well we did today, and our goals and lessons for tomorrow.
Then I'll eat some Indomie (I'm sorry my meals aren't very nutritious)
I'll try and get some fruit today though. Then I'll try and write in
my journal. Which is nearly impossible. Lately we've been playing
Monopoly Deal every night with the Assistants so I'm in a rush for
bed. Haha maybe I should leave my journal at their apartment. Elder
Spencer Hair is leaving though so we might not get to play Deal very
often now.
I've got candy. I'm living off of gram crackers for candy :P. My candy
that I took out here I gave away in the MTC because everybody was
asking for what I was going to give them as a goodbye gift. After
seeing how poor everyone is (my companion only had 1 or 2 shirts.
Imagine having to live like that), I just had to give it up. The thing
is, I'm pretty sure none of them like sugar.. soo they probably just
threw it all away. or sold it to their companions.
6 cedis is only 4 dollars. But a good wage over here is like 85
dollars a month. And the guy doesn't have a job so I'm sure that it's
quite expensive for him to pay that much. We finally got someone to
offer him a ride, and he actually picked him up this Sunday so we were
really excited. He's such a powerful guy. Did I tell you that when I
talked to him about how Thomas Monson is our living prophet today his
eyes lit up? Haha he was so excited.
I haven't gone to the castle where they ship slaves off yet. But yes
they are right in my area. We see Ubruni's all the time. (I don't even
know how that word is spelled, i'm not even sure that's the correct
spelling). But I'll be in this area another 6 weeks at least to finish
my training. The first transfer just ended yesterday.
I don't know what the people think of the US. Haha since the people
speak Fanti they'll always make fun of you while your standing right
next to them. Hey I"m not complaining though. I'd rather not be able
to understand them because some of them are bullies. Hahah wow also,
when kids cry over here they literally beat them. Like i'd be scared
for my life kind of beating.
My companion likes the US, he's been to Utah a couple of times to
visit Salt Lake I think it was. He's a huge Chelsea football (soccer)
fan. I'll probably be a fan of them when I get back. Everyone in Ghana
loves football, and the kids play it all day long.

My computer is going crazy. Darn.. the connection was lost and my last email didn't send. Their apartment is at the Mission home next to the Mission President. We're like 5 minutes walk down the road. Elder Hair is being transferred up to Kumasi. But ya my time is up, I'll talk to you next week. Have some good questions ready for me to answer! :P
Also! My friends can email me. So tell Mitch, Camille, Ali, Adam, etc.
I just have to write them back through snail mail. But that will be
nice because it won't take nearly as long. Love you all!

Elder Adair

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