Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012

The last week was good. I think I'm getting a bit more in the hang of things.

This place reminds me so much of Saint George with all the dirt paths we take everywhere, I feel like I'm going on a hike. This was definitely the right place for me.

It's alright just give Mitch a call and tell him my email address and tell him to let my friends know that they can email me. But they'll receive letters from me.

Ya I go to the same ward every week. The ward is good, we have an awesome ward mission leader. He knows everyone in the area, and is good at giving us referrals. He's basically a missionary himself. The ward's aren't as organized here, but they're still learning the gospel over here so it makes sense. I'm sure in 50 years it will be majorly different.

I'll be with my companion another 5 weeks at least. We're 1 week into the 2nd transfer.

Ya the weather is good and the food is good. I'm still learning what things I can cook here though. The mission presidents wife is suppose to be making a book with recipes in it.

Hahahahaha. K so this made me laugh. There's a letter that comes once a transfer and it has a note from the mission president, a recipe, and some other info. And the recipe they gave us was like.. what's it called.. White soup? White gravy? It had Milk, eggs, and butter. Hahahaha.. I don't know if the person who wrote it remembered that we live in ghana where that meal would cost us our whole subsistence for the month. And then she put that you could put it on chicken, and all these delicious meals that we only have back home. Yup just made me laugh. I think it was torture to remind all the American's what they're missing :P.

Anxiety has been good. The hardest parts are when you're having doubts, but I just have to push through them. I feel like I have a strong testimony most of the time. But it does come to a point where sometimes I'm just hanging on for the day. The mission definately pushes you, but it's cool to see that the gospel is really about becoming like Christ. I liked a sign that I read, it said something like if we expected all those who went before us to sacrifice so much, then why don't we expect to have to do the same. Eternal life was never cheap. I think that's something so cool.

Ya I've been taking my meds, but I need to start taking my multi vitamin pills. These past couple days all I ate was flour and water basically so I haven't been eating really healthy. My stew didn't turn out so well so I just had to throw it away which took away my vegetables for the week. I haven't been wearing the soccer cleats yet. I probably should have just saved the money and bought them here because I probably could have gotten them for a few dollars.

I think I get to call home this Sunday? So let's say 6 p.m., sound good? I'm guessing that's 11 over there? The phone's aren't that good so hopefully i'll be able to hear you.

 So far the blenders been great. It kind of scared me when I brought it home and it wouldn't turn on, but I found out it has to be locked in place for it to turn on.

Mm yes we have regular church, but it's all in Fante so I can't understand anything they say. I mostly am just fighting to stay awake all of church. It's hard. Oh but hey yesterday I got to watch 2 sessions of Conference!! It was amazing! And the t.v. and the sound system worked. Yes it was amazing.

There's about 20 people who come to church. I'm pretty sure there's like 100 members in our ward though. At least it seems that way. I don't know if i'm suppose to say this.. but like even the branch president didn't come for general conference. Haha and from what I hear most of the bishopric won't show up when it rains.
Ya we the missionaries don't have to conduct luckily. Elder Kitchen must be working in hard area. Sounds like my area's the easiest so I got lucky.

Ya there's tons of stores. I'm not really in the bush like you thought I'd be. It's pretty normal. The major difference is that I have to be careful what I eat, there's no air conditioning, and no milk products. (Except there's things like Fan Ice which is like a little vanilla ice cream in a plastic bag). I'm sure I'd notice a lot more things missing if I wasn't a missionary. But since I am there isn't much missing.

Their stores are basically like our shed at home. They just line the whole street, and they sell different stuff. None of it's refrigerated, and it's not washed. So like if you buy mango's they're all sticky. Mostly I just focus on the food. I buy things like mango's, banana's, pineapple for fruit. Then Tomatoes, Onions, Peppe, maggi cubes, curry for my stew for lunch. Then I'll buy Indome for dinner. and Eggs and bread for breakfast. Occasionally I'll go to a chop bar and buy fried rice and chicken for 2 cedi's like every other week, but I try to keep all my meals to 1 cedi. Or Fufu for 1 cedi without meat, once I bought with meat (which the meat is really good, but seems expensive since I'm trying to stay on 1 cedi a meal). I think that's mostly all I get. Oh this last weekend I bought 2 cups of flour and 1 cup sugar for 3 cedis. Then I just make a tortilla with sugar on it. Haha I really like it, the other Elder's think it's disgusting. But hey I don't want to use the eggs cuz there 30 peswes each. I'm excited to know I can get quite a bit of sugar for 1 cedi though yay!

The16 year olds will make fun of you alot in Fante. But it's just dumb because you can't understand them and they're making fun of you for not being able to understand them. Sometimes it's nice not to be able to understand people :P.

I don't really get to talk to the Mission President. Usually I'll see him if we're out the door a few minutes late soo it's just intimidating when that happens haha. It's usually because we're waiting for a ride with the AP's to save money from getting a taxi. We have to take a taxi into town everyday because our apartment isn't in our area.

Anyway's love you all

Elder Adair

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