Monday, May 21, 2012

May 14 2012

Hey I found the email I wasn't able to send last week! Here
you go. Love you

The mission is going good, it's getting closer and closer to when I
might have to train. So i'm trying to take the lead in lessons and do
all the things that my companion does automatically. Haha I'm not even
sure if I make sense during my lessons, but hey I'm teaching the basic
stuff so at least I'm teaching them something ;). Even if I make no
sense, at least I invite them to read the pamplet.. Hahah the pamplet
is a way better teacher than I am. I think I need to work on involving
the investigator more in the lesson though. I'm trying to study Preach
my gospel in whatever spare time I can find. It's nice to have at
least some guide in what to do, because there's so many things that
are involved in a simple lesson. KISS- Keep it simple stupid :P. Best
advice I ever got.

Ummm.. The Book of Mormon is a great tool for encouragement as well.
Haha when I read what Laman and Lemuel say I always start thinking..
Hey that sounds exactly like what I was thinking earlier.. Then you
read Nephi's response and you're like.. Ya.. that's what I should have
been thinking!

One thing that I wish I would have known back home. - Instead of
memorizing scriptures, I should have just learned the scripture
reference and a couple words about what it was about. The Book of
Mormon can answer tons of questions. The thing is knowing where the
answer is. I think if I knew what each chapter was about it would have
helped a ton. But then again the most important thing right now seems
to just be learning the lessons.

As you learn about the lessons you start to realize that you hardly
know anything. But I think that's one lesson that God wants us to
learn - We know what is MOST important. The little details will come
over time. But we don't need to get caught up in the little details
when the big picture is what we need to be focusing on. If we were
trying to focus on every little detail we would go insane.

Patience is definitely a needed attribute. Trusting in God as well.
Things just work out when you trust him.

Anways love you all

Elder Adair

P.S. Tell Suzy she better still like me when I get home, or she's in
big trouble. I feel like she's not even going to know who I am when I
get back.

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