Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 21 2012

I'm doing great. Still getting a little nervous in lessons thinking
that I might be training in 3 weeks. I think I can teach the covenant
training pattern, Baptism, and Lessons 1-3 pretty well. (Not well
enough not to be nervous.. but well enough haha). Then Lesson 4 and 5
which are really like 10 or more lessons I don't really know at all.
My trainer has been a great trainer though.

My companion is doing well. I got put with a really good companion who
works hard. Oh by the way he's a super big Chelsea fan (football
team). He lived in Chelsea before he came on Mission. And they just
won the cup for the Champion's League so he's been freaking out the
past couple days telling everyone haha it was funny when he got a call
from a member that they had won. It was a totally unexpected win. He
didn't think they even had a chance. His whole family went to see it
live and everything haha so he missed out.

We haven't really been playing games. There isn't much time to do that
with everything I've got to do, so I kind of like not having to worry
about playing games. I'm just glad I don't have to wash my clothes by
hand. I would smell terrible, and have no time to do anything if I had
to haha.

I haven't gotten any emails from friends. Soo ya, you friends out
there who are reading this. Hurry it up :P.

Sweet Adam! I just wrote you a letter even, but you won't get it for
another 2 weeks haha. I told him my whole sandal experience while
waiting to go into the castle. But ya let me know where Adam goes.

The missionary work is coming along well. We have 2 guys (a 60 year
old and an 80 year old) that we're thinking will be baptized in the
next month. We're teaching tons of lessons, and we have 2 girls that
we think will be baptized, but they have to wait 3 months because they
are under 18.

Since I'll probably be left in the Cape Coast mission, yes everywhere
I go people should speak Fante. I don't really have to learn Fante,
the Ghanaians like you more if you can speak it though. There's many
reasons why we don't teach in Fante though. I'm sure a big part is
that they are trying to keep the doctrines pure and until the church
is more established here they won't teach in Fante. They can teach
people in Fante if they have family members that are members, but I
haven't had an experience teaching in Fante really yet. I did go with
Elder Nzuki once and he taught one of our investigators in Fante.
Their understanding in Fanti is much better too.

We drive to church yes. With a little walking included. It's just us
taking a taxi. The taxi's here are basically like buses back at home
in price. But no it's not where I proselyte. My area starts like a
mile  or 2 up the road from the church. The Elders I live with go to a
different church building then me. I'm in the same Branch as the
Assistants so we get to be with them a lot, but usually they are out
of the area going on splits with other missionaries and doing what
ever they do.

Yes the church members are all Native.

Ya, we have investigators coming to church. We usually have like 4 a
week or so.

The biggest problem is the cost. We're trying to get moved to a church
that is closer to everyone in our area. I'm sure a lot more people
would be coming if the church was actually in our area. The people are
having to choose between eating or coming to church. The people don't
really come out about how much they're having to sacrifice to come to
church. My ward mission leader was telling me about how a lot of the
time they didn't make enough money and he was starving for food. So
ya, I'm not really all that sure about how much money they make or
anything. But I don't see how they are making 140 cedis a month with
the way they get their money. I'm guessing they make less than 100
cedis in reality.

Haha mom I'm doing fine, I'm not sick. They have medicine here as well
plus it's super cheap. Really, don't send me anything unless I ask you
for it. I can get stuff cheaper here than you can get it there. For
example. I can get a white proselyting shirt for 2 cedis here which
from what I hear is only 1 dollar at home now. It sounds like the US
dollar is doing better so I might get 2 cedis for a dollar rather than
1.5 cedis for a dollar. That will be nice.

Haha good sleep.. that reminds me. I have to go to the bathroom like 4
times a night because I have to drink so much water, and my mouth is
still like thirsting for water when I wake up in the morning. Haha
just had to share. Luckily I fall asleep as soon as I hit the bed

That's cool people are thinking of me. Thank you all you lovely people.

Anyways I'm going to send this one and try to answer Cherish's
questions now. Last week I finished an email and was just about to
send it and my time went out. I logged back on and everything was
gone. Oh well. One thing I've learned from Mission, no reason to get
disappointed when you have so many blessings around you. (Of course
I'm not perfect at it, but man seriously we have so many blessings. We
just are always looking for the perfect life rather than seeing we
already have it.)

Love ya allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

- Elder Adair, or as the Ghanaians would say (Elder Aday)

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