Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 6 2012

Hello Everyone,

Sorry about not getting an email on Monday. The power went out and my email wasn't saved so we're doing emails today instead. I gotta write it all over again :(.

But I'm glad that I get to see your email today :).
The week has been good. I was getting nervous because training calls were coming. Luckily I wasn't chosen :).

I'll probably have another transfer with my companion (6 weeks) which we'll find out this Saturday exactly what is happening.

I'm eating alright. I just need to find a replacement for Indomie at night. It still tastes good but it's definately not healthy for me. I'm thinking of just getting 1 cedi fried rice at night. I think that will be a little better for me. Plus that will come with a bit of lettuce. I might also start getting Watche as well, but we've been told they use rotten ingredients to make it. But so far no one has gotten sick. And it looks like it's fine to eat. But ya I still eat an egg sandwich in the morning, a stew with rice for lunch, and indomie for dinner. And then I'll get a small banana or 2 small oranges for my fruit. I haven't gotten pineapple or mango's for a really long time. Maybe I'll get some tonight.

My companion is doing great. He doesn't want to leave the area. Plus he wants to stay down in the Cape Coast Mission. Once again we won't find out until Friday though. He's been a great trainer though, we've gotten along great. Hahahaha his computer just barely died.. Uh oh. sounds like he's going to have to start his emails again for the 3rd time. Hopefully they'll actually give his money back, or his time. Probably not. But ya he's been having me take the lead in lessons and he covers some of the things that I miss or clarifys to the investigator. But from what I've seen he's one of the hardest working missionaries.

We did have Zone Conference and got to have our interviews though the other day. It was really cool to see Sister Shulz open up about how they were really sorry that they haven't been able to spend much time with the missionaries because of everything that they had to do. She also talked about how she was very shy and had a hard time talking to people. That was really nice to hear that even she has trouble with it. Just to know that we're still all imperfect people trying to do our best.

Oh I don't think I told you that got to see Elder Kitchen. I didn't even realize that he was coming to Kakum on Monday so when he got out of the car I was surprised. It was nice to see a familiar face.  We just talked for a bit and it was kinda funny to hear some of his stories because I'd already heard them from his emails back at home. I'll probably just have to hook up with him when I get back home though because we didn't get a whole lot of time to talk. He was in a really tough area before so I'm sure he is a pretty powerful missionary.

The weeks still seem to zoom by.  The people here are still as wonderful as ever. I don't even know how it's possible that they are so nice and welcoming.

It's getting funner to teach lessons. I'm still not perfect at teaching. Plus I need to simplify my teaching a whole lot more. I think I just throw it all at them at once. When really they just need the basics right now.

Ebenezer passed the sacrament for the first time. That was cool to see. I was actually blessing the sacrament that day and I was nervous as well so I could kind of understand how he felt.

 I email in town right next to the area where I proselyte. there's just a internet cafe that we go to. My Part of my area is actually in town but we don't ever proselyte in town because that would just be hectic with all the people passing by.

But people sell food just at there homes. So just imagine at home everyone having a lemonade stand in front of there house. What seems so strange to me is that a lot of them sell the same thing. Hahah it's funny to drive down the road all you'll see stand after stand after stand selling the exact same thing.

For example we were with the AP's once and we drove past like 40 stands that were within like 5 feet of each other and each one sold Banku. It's just funny that they don't each sell different things. It's like luck of the draw if a car stops at your stand to buy Banku.

I've started writing to do lists for myself at night, the nice thing about the mission is that you always have something to do. I find myself rushing for bed basically every night. I'm not excited for the day that I don't have a washing machine though. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

I might have to start waking up at 6:15 so I can get the full 30 minutes of exercise in and then try out Jackson's idea of exercising while washing clothes.

Hey mom!

Haha Grandpa.S. You crack me up. I'll be excited to see you when I get home then ;).

Spencer that's awesome you've got your learner driver permit! I remember starting driving and I was totally terrified. I remember going like 20 on the road I was suppose to be going 50. And I did the same thing as you to get my hours by driving to California. I remember the family screaming a couple times at me along the way. I hope you got to have that amazing experience as well.

Ali! You better be keeping up that awesome art work. I'm expecting you to be so amazing that you can cover my room's walls with artwork when I get home. Haha jk, but really you better keep up with the art work, I'm excited to see how good you get.

Sounds like I'm going to have some cousins that I'd never seen when I get home. I still feel like there is a lot of cousins I don't even know yet.

Lagoon passes?! That sounds fun!

Aww thanks Grandma S:). I'll be expecting mail then. Thanks for the amazing example you've been to me all my life. Oh and definately thanks for all the fun family experiences we've had together. I have so many memories of hanging out with the family in Saint George. It almost feels like I grew up there.

Ya when I think of spiritual gifts I like to think of all the attributes in D&C 4 like

Faith, Hope, Charity, Love, An eye single to the glory of god, Virtue, Knowledge, Temperance, Patience, Brotherly Kindness, Godliness, Humility, Diligence.

Because at the end it says "Ask and ye shall receive, Knock and it shall be opened unto you"

But it's true those gifts really do come as you pray for them. There's no way that I could do this work alone. I've already seen plenty of miracles. I could never do the things that I've done by myself.

This week has been pretty cool. Sunday was a really hard day for me because I was exhausted, but we had tons of investigators and less actives show up which was awesome.

We had Paul Wesley, Millicient, Hagar, Ernestina, Johnson, Adama, Ebenezer, Hannah, Selima, Racheal, a kid named Kofi who looks like 10 years old but he says he's 16. He doesn't speak any English and we talked to him for like 2 seconds on the side of the road and he said that he wanted to come to church. So he walked to miles to church and 2 miles back home. It was pretty awesome if I might say. And that wasn't even all of the people, but ya it was an awesome Sunday. It's nice to see people drawing a little bit closer to Christ.

On Monday we got to go to Kakum National Park. I was surprised that there wasn't any animals, but there was a cool rope bridge we walked on that was high in the air. I was glad that we got a discount. Normally for white's it costs like 16 Cedis but we split the cost with the black missionaries and got in for 8.50.

Afterwards we got to go to a place where they had crocodiles that you could touch. I thought that was really cool. And it was actually really cheap just 1 cedi.

Anyways I gotta go
It was nice to hear from you all!

Love you

Elder Adair

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