Wednesday, March 14, 2012

He's Leaving on a Jet Plane

Well we dropped off Brady Today at the Airport.  He's officially on his way to serve his 2 year mission in Ghana.

He was set apart as a missionary last night by the Stake President.  The bishop of his Single's ward came.  I'm pretty sure there were angels in the room while he was receiving his blessing.  I kept peaking just to see:).  Elder Adair was promised that his tongue would be loosed and that he would be able to help convert people through the spirit.  His Bishop told him that he had all ready been a great example to those in their ward, and he told Brady that he would be a great missionary.
This morning, as we put Brady's suit case into the car, the wheel broke off.  It stressed us all out a little bit, as we had to run into target to buy a new suit case.  Luckily, it broke before he got to the airport or his mission.  We then stopped at Quizno's for Brady's last sandwich on american soil for the next two years.  


When we arrived at the  airport, we said our good-bye's and watched him walk through the security line and out of sight.  

 Suzie ran to him one last time to give him a big Hug.  When asked who he'd miss the most, he said, probably, Suzie and Suzie will miss him too.

We didn't shed too many tears as it felt really surreal.   But it hits us harder and harder all the time.

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