Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 26th Continuation Email

I haven't used the CD player yet. I usually just sing the hymns to
myself without the music.

So wait is Brandon in his own apartment then?

And thanks dad, I'll be sure to remember. Thanks for the great example
you've always been to me. And hopefully I'll pick up on your wise
spending habits over here!

Love you all!

-Elder Adair

I just found out I have an extra twenty minutes that they give you
because of the lag time on the computers. I haven't really noticed how
they are slower, but it's probably just because I'm only emailing. And
I'm not sending the pictures on here.

Umm. Ya I think i've gotten most of your letters now. They were
waiting for me when I got to my mission. The address you put on them
was to the cape coast mission so ya. Just keep doin whatever you were

I'll just give you some more random info.

I buy water pouches for 10 peswes each.

the top ramen (Indomene) is 50 to 60 peswes. The bigger ones are 60 so
I try to get those.

Eggs are 40 peswes.

A loaf of bread is 1 cedi.
Umm my shoes are never clean. As soon as I step out of my apartment
they get dirty.

People hunt these little badger things with a long knife named a
"Kutless". They have 3 people that scare it into the center of them
(from what I can tell) and then they'll just kill it and eat it.

I've had there ice cream here which I was surprised cuz I thought it
tasted really good. We just got a strawberry yogurt bar. And you eat
it the same way you drink the pouches of water. Just bite off a corner
and eat out of the corner.

I ride a taxi into my area which is 50 peswes per person. So my
companion split the cost. He pays 1 cedi one way and I pay 1 cedi the

Or you can take a tro tro for 40 peswes per person, but you have to
wait til the whole thing fills before you can leave.

I have a fan by my bed which actually keeps me quite cool at night if
the power is on. Last night I actually woke up freezing.

It isn't as hot here as I thought it was going to be, but I think that
is because I'm by the sea.

The missionaries are way cool. There's 6 of them in my apartment.

Yup. Better go now. Hope you liked the random info. I don't know if
you want me to tell you about the work, or the area? Love you.

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