Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 26th Email

No, send me lots of emails. Umm don't send me any potatoes yet. The
thing is that it costs you so much money to send me stuff over here.
The 17 dollars that you spent would convert into about 25 ghana cedis.
(which there money is used basically the same way as ours. Cedis are
like dollars. Peswes are like pennies. They have the peswes in quarter
form, dime form, fifty cent form. But they just call them like 50
peswes, 20 peswes, 10 peswes, etc.)

So ya stuff here is pretty cheap. I'm still tryin to figure out how to
live on 5 cedis a day though. (which is basically like 3.50 at home),
and that's for all my needs not just food. Soo the 25 cedis that you
spent on the oatmeal and kool aid mix, I could've just used for a
weeks worth of food.

The american stuff is pretty expensive. But I don't really know the
Ghanain food prices yet. My companion, Elder Barnett, just buys
American food and he uses personal money from home alot. but ya like a
soda would be 2.50 ghana cedis from what I'm understanding so far.

I've basically eaten egg sandwiches, oatmeal, and top ramen the past 4
days. Haha I'm losing weight. I'm on the next slot on my belt loop
already. I don't know how that happened. I swear I was eating more
than i've ever eaten in the MTC. From what i'm understanding it's
because I mostly only eat carbs and no fats or fruits or vegetables. I
got a pineapple the other day which was delicious. It only cost 1
cedi, but I'm still figuring out how prices work over here, and how
much I need to save up.

Sorry if my messages are all scrambled. I'm just typing whatever comes to mind.

I get 1 hour every Monday to send messages. Soo ya I love reading your
letters. I'm sorry if I'm terrible at responding to them though. I
read them and then I forget by the next day.

I love it here in Ghana. The only hard thing is the sanitation. There
isn't hot water in the apartments soo ya. I just remembered I have
hand sanitizer though so I'll try to use that.

But ya the people are awesome. I've only been in a couple houses so
far. You just teach people on the street. Pretty much everyone is
willing to listen to the message. I would consider this place almost a
heaven on Earth if you were considering how the people are.

I have an awesome companion. He's from England and he's tall. I'm this
short little guy. He seems to be really engaged in the work. He shares
food with me all the time. He sticks to the rules.

Everybody is Christian here. The shops are basically all named after
something religious like "God First" or "Zion". Haha and the shops are
awesome! They're just out in the street and you can buy basically
anything you need. I was surprised at how much stuff there is to buy.

Sometimes reality hits of how poor these people are though. I saw a
guy the other day drinking out of the sewer water. (which is where
they throw there crap and all that) The sewers are just on the sides
of the roads and they're like a couple feet deep.

You see sheep, lizards, dogs, cats, chickens, roosters, and they're
just walking on the side of the road.

We had 2 investigators come to church yesterday.

One was Nana Awuku. He's a way cool guy. He was a politician around
here and everybody seems to know him. But i'm not sure yet if he's
really interested in the message or just wanted us to preach to him.
(Apparently that's what a lot of people like here. They'll listen to
your message but they won't really do anything about it). But ya he
fed us Fufu, which is funny because the other missionaries were
worried that I wouldn't like it, but for some reason I loved it! Best
thing I've had in Ghana so far. I would say it ranks in my top foods
now. But ya apparently all the new missionaries hate it when they
first get here. I think it must have been that they fed me Banku and
granite soup in the MTC, while it sound like they fed the missionaries
here Banku in the MTC.

The other was Grace. She's a really cool lady, but it's an interesting
situation. She's ready to get baptized, but the situation is just
weird so we probably won't be able to baptize her. But i'm sure if it
works out eventually that she'd be a great member.

That's cool though so is Brandon doing both jobs? at the DI, and the hospital?

Tell the Family to Email me as well. I think an hour will be plenty of
time for me to read your emails.

I don't know if you knew that I'm in Cape Coast. I think it's called
Bakaano? So I'm right next to the ocean. We drive along the coastline
when I'm going to church. Haha funny thing about church. They speak
mostly in Fante, so I have no idea what in the world they're saying.
Nana (our investigator) turned to me and said, can you even speak the
local language?.. Haha.

Since I was born on monday, my Fante name is Kodi I think.

Medasi means thank you

O Ten Den means how's your day

Boko means i'm cool

I don't know the spelling of anything. And I'm not even sure if those
are right haha.

Umm I have lots of photos of just people. The Africans in the MTC love
taking pictures. I don't think many of them have one. From what I hear
a lot of them save up there Money to buy a camera and send one back
home haha. Which shows how frugile they are. Cuz I've only met 1
American who says he's kept to the monthly uhh money i'm given?

Oh the power goes out all the time. Haha it was soo funny last night.
The power turned off right before my companion got in the shower, and
I think this was the first night with power so he was excited. (The
pump doesn't work unless there is power). Anyways he was so sad when
the power went out. Then when we were about to go to bed the power
came back on and he got excited, ran and jumped in the shower, turned
it on, was about to get in, and the power went out. The same thing
happened again where the power came on, he got it, and it went out.
Then the 3rd time it came back on he just sat in his chair and said..
I'm not even gonna try. And sure enough the power went back off a
minute later. But the power came back on later and I think he took a
quick shower.. Actually I can't remember. Maybe he didn't even take a
shower. But it was too funny.

I'm usually just drenched in sweat while I'm sleeping.

Anyways, I think my times probably almost up so I'm gonna send this one.

Love you all!

-Elder Adai

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