Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Email from March 18th

3rd time we've heard from Brady-March 18th
It looks like I'll just be able to write letters on prep days? I'm not sure if I can do it at night, but I'm usually too busy getting ready for bed since I have to wash my clothes by hand haha and they all make fun of me cuz I have no idea what I'm doing. I haven't gotten any letters from you yet soo I'm not sure how the letter system works. I figure I'll figure it out more once I get into the mission field.
I can't print out the emails. I don't think they have a printer here? It makes sense since there are so many people on the computers.
Typical day? I wake up at 6:30, I don't have time to exercise so I just skip it. I talked to the MTC presidents wife and she said it would be okay. Because I have to shave, brush my teeth, take a shower, and get ready in 30 minutes. The other missionaries were waking up at 6.. Haha but I think staying awake during classes is much more important. Um at 7 we do personal study. Which is mostly reading the lessons and preparing to teach them to our fake investigators here. We eat Breakfast at 8. Which is usually oatmeal. The food actually hasn't been that bad. I mostly have trouble with the Yam and the weird leaf stuff that comes with it. Banku is nice because you just swallow it.  Then at 8:30 or so we start our lessons, which they just teach you different things about preach my gospel like How the Spirit works, Introducing the Book of Mormon, How to Begin Teaching, How the Book of Mormon can bring inspiration to you and your investigators, Commitments, Bearing Testimony, Giving Promises from keeping the specific commandment, etc. Then we eat at 12:30. Go back and have more lessons. We usually have a few days a week to play sports for a couple hours. We play football (soccer), and basketball. You can also do ping pong or board games. Other days we'll do a service project. But those have been easy. One day I scrubbed the floors in the bathroom, the other time we wiped down the tables in the classrooms. Umm. then we eat dinner at 5, and go back to class again. The teachers have been really good. Haha i'm starting to realize that they know quite a bit over here. I was surprised at how much knowledge of the scriptures they have. They could give you any reference you want, with the exact verse and chapter. We have a snack at 9:15. Which they usually have meat pie haha, I just skip it and drink the soda. They eat a ton over here. But sometimes they have banana bread! Which is deliciousness. Then at 9:30 I get ready for bed by washing clothes, writing in my journal, brushing my teeth, etc. It's hard to find time to iron my shirts haha soo hopefully out in the mission field I'll be able to figure that out better.

The flight was good. I can't remember what I wrote in my last letter. But I wrote it in my journal I think. I'd been keeping pretty good track of my days in my journal. Except for the last couple days cuz I haven't had time. Umm during the lay over in Georgia I just went and got some panda express while I was waiting. Then I went over to the place where I boarded for Ghana and it was interesting because it was just a bunch of Ghanaians waiting to get on the plane. I sat next to a white guy on the plane though haha. They must have planned it.

My cold I still have, but the humidity down here makes it hardly noticeable. The problem is that they love to sing down here, and I do too.. So my voice might be ruined soon. They have air conditioning in most of the rooms here in the MTC so it's funny to go out of the classrooms because you get hammered with the moist warm air.

The teachers are natives, but they're easy to understand. And they're really cool people.

Mostly I just get out of the building to do sports, and then the 2 times we drove to the temple. Most of what I said was just on my ride to the MTC. Soo you can tell that I saw a lot of stuff in the like 15 minute car ride to the MTC. It'll be interesting to get out in the field.

I just ment we have a chapel in the MTC building, so it was just missionaries. But we actually have a church right across from the MTC, and we'll usually see primary kids outside playing football.

Well my times up. Soo I'll probably only be writing letters out in the field. Haha I'm the only white missionary in the Mtc besides a french dude. But I hear in my mission there's tons of white missionaries. Apparently we get kidnapped in the other parts of Africa. So Ghana is safe.
Love you all
-Elder Adair

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