Monday, February 27, 2012

Elder Brady Adair gave two mission farewell talks.  His first talk was the one that most of his family and some of his close friends came too in his parent's home ward.  Brady also gave a second talk in his home Young Single adult ward where he had many friends who came to support him.
He gave two great Enthusiastic talks.  He bore testimony that he believed the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to be the true church.  He talked of how we are each happier when we follow the prophets, choose the right, and continually read our scriptures and say our prayers.  He talked of how the commandments that we follow are not a restriction, but to help us to be happier throughout our life and through eternity.  He reminded us that even when we feel that we don't have a strong enough testimony, we can rely on other's testimonies to strengthen our own, especially our Prophet Thomas S. Monson and all of the twelve apostle's.  He reminded us that they will not lead us astray and that as we follow their counsel which comes from God that we will find True Happiness.  He spoke of how He gained his personal testimony by simply just reading the Book of Mormon in Jr high as was suggested by his seminary teacher.  His testimony brought the spirit strongly into the meeting, and we all could feel the holy ghost bear record to us that what He spoke was true.  Brady explained to us that He has faith in our Savior Jesus Christ and is serving this mission to receive the blessings that our Father has promised to send as he serves faithfully to build up his kingdom on this earth.  Brady will be leaving to the Accra, Ghana Cape Coast Mission in Africa on Thursday, March 1st and arriving to the MTC in Ghana on Friday, March 2nd.  Brady has been preparing through personal scripture study, prayer, and going to institute classes to gain as much knowledge as he can to better serve the people of Ghana.  He is excited and nervous all at the same time, as is his family, but we each know that He will be watched over and blessed greatly by this experience. We will update this blog as he sends us pictures and letters.
Soon to be Elder Adair playing a board game with a few friends and family that stayed after  everyone left.
Todd, Suzie, and Cherish, with soon to be Elder Adair, His Mom (Tammy), and his  dad (Todd Adair)

Soon to be Elder Adair with his Grandpa Walpole

Soon to be Elder Adair with his cousin Casie
 Soon To be Elder Adair with his Aunt Janae who came to support him.
Soon to be Elder Adair with his cousins Rachel, Sarah, and Natalie

Soon to be Elder Adair with his Grandma Salter and Grandma Walpole

Natalie, Aunt Melanie, Rachael, and Grandma Salter eating lunch after Soon to be Elder Adair's  farwell talk.  
 Soon to be Elder Adair with his cousin Spencer who came all the way from Nevada to hear him speak.  Spencer said, after Brady spoke, "That was the Best talk I've ever heard."
Family eating food after "soon to be" Elder adair's Farwell talk
Just a few of the crowd that came to cheer Brady on and so that He will know that we are hear to support Him through his whole mission.  

Family waiting for the food at Brady's Farwell luncheon
 Brady singing us a few of his songs that he wrote on his guitar, which we love to hear and will cherish while he is gone.  

Brady with his Sister, Cherish, who will miss him greatly, but is very proud of him and his decision to serve the Lord.  

Cousin chaz, Aunt Jenny, Uncle Dave, and Grandma Salter listening to Brady sing some of songs for the last time until he comes home from his mission.  

Brady with him Mom, Tammy, who has raised him well and taught Him to be faithful and to work hard through example.  

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