Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 11, 2012

2nd email from Brady on March 11, 2012
Umm I just wrote you a letter and I'm gonna send it. I don't know how long it will take to get to you. But I only have a few minutes left. Umm the food is still a definite change. It's the sauce that they use that is hard to get use to. The rice is the same, the meat is the same, etc. Haha but yes they feed us a ton of food! I can't even eat it all. Umm Yes they had some Elders at the airport to pick me up, but the thing is that they couldn't meet me until I went through all the uhh.. getting into the country stuff? Like they had to check my bags, check my passport and stuff like that.
I can't remember what I wrote in my last letter, but what do you want to know? Umm i've eaten Banku, bones, Yam, Tom Brown, Some weird spagetti sauce stuff, Co tum Brey. Luckily they have Oatmeal and white bread and spagetti noodles, white rice. Oh and fruit! Yes! When I get out in the field I'm definately gonna buy a lot of fruit haha. The people over here are awesome, they definately help a lot in getting use to the change. Umm.. We get a lot of time to play football (which is soccer), and basketball. I've loved learning how to share the gospel because it's definately helped organize my thoughts on the gospel, and strengthened my testimony as well. It's hard to see that there are a lot of things I don't know though. It's a good thing they have leaders who can help out. Umm.. The sleep schedule is still hard, today I was dozing off in sacrement meeting. Haha and I was loving the talks! But I could barely stay awake!
Lets see.. Oh thanks Cher and Dad for the letters you gave me. Haha I'm not sure if I like the pictures though. It's almost better not to think about home. Sorry if I keep the call home short, but like Todd said 2 years is short and I can't get my mind off track. I've definately had to remind myself of the blessings that will come as I fulfill this call. Haha it's definately a sacrifice. But the way I see it, I'd rather struggle over something I believe than to come home and then feel sorry for the rest of my life haha. Plus over here you can see a lot of sad things, but you have to realize that the gospel will fix all of it in the end. A lot of the Elders don't even know who there parents are. Even the couple times I've driven down the street you see people everywhere who are missing legs, or there legs are bent in weird ways. The people who have surgery have big scar marks that won't heal. The people don't have very many clothes. Most of the people brought a small bag and a backpack. Then there's me. I want to share, but at the same time I don't because I know if I give to one then I'll have to give to another. Plus I have to be careful because when people say they like something, it means that they want it. Luckily Courtney taught me that, or I might have lost a lot of my stuff already.
Well love you, I gotta go eat.
- Elder Adair

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