Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Letter From Elder Adair on March 8th- our FIRST EMAIL from him.
Hey! I finally got a chance to send an email! Sorry the missionaries here have never really used computers before so they were all excited last time we had the chance to use them so I didn't get a chance to send you an email! Plus I just figured out that you can send letters as well here, but I'm not sure when we get time to write them or who I'm suppose to give them to to send.
But to let you know, it's great down here! The first day was really hard on me, I only got a couple hours of sleep on the plane so I was up for like 36 hours or somethin or other. Haha I got robbed at the airport, but just forty bucks. The guy helped me through the people who check your bags and stuff. I'm not really sure if I did something illegal.. I'm pretty sure I did. But I had no idea what was going on soo.. Ya. I'm pretty sure the dude either paid the guards so they wouldn't check my bags.. Or he just stole my money.. Which is what I think he did cuz I swear I watched him stuff it in his pocket haha.
Then driving to the MTC was an interesting experience for me. Wow. Talk about busy streets. There's cars everywhere, and you just force yourself into them. I hope they don't make me drive cuz I'll get in a car crash within the first few seconds. Also there's people just standing in the streets selling stuff as you pass. I don't they survive without getting hit.. Also you see people all over missing legs, sitting on the side of the road. I didn't know so many people could fit into one place.
Oh by the way before I even left I met some dude from Austrailia at the airport, he might send you a letter or something. Haha I think he just came to calm me down cuz he said he could tell I was just leaving on a mission from my wide eyes.
Mm anyways I got to the MTC and I was way dizzy. It felt extremely humid. And they gave me some water to drink. Then after doing some papers and stuff they sent me off to the lunch room. I took like a tiny bit of the rice (which didn't look bad) but when I tasted it, it was too mmm I'd describe the taste as sweaty haha. Anyways. I threw up all over myself. Yup. Great start yes?.. But they sent me to the Wash Room (bathroom i guess?). Haha they didn't even have me change my clothes. I just wiped myself down and everybody seemed fine with it. Oh by the way the bathrooms here are basically the same. Well.. I'm still in the MTC.. so ya. They're nice here. And the showers as well. Hot water with the normal spout thingy. Soo after my accident one of the leader dudes carried my baggage up the stairs. And I'm sure you remember how heavy those bags were. He just sucked it up and carried them up 3 flights of stairs. Insane.
I got to my room to unpack. And my companion Elder Ayang, as soon as he saw me, started helping me unpack. Holy crap these people are humble here. I don't know if it's because I'm white, (cuz they definately love whites over here). Mom you might be adopting 20 children soon, they all want to come to America haha. But anyways everybody was greeting me, and they have a super cool handshake over here where you basically snap your fingers together at the same time that they snap their fingers.. You'll see when I get back. I love it.
I only have 6 minutes left to write before this thing times out. But I'm glad I can type fast, cuz I don't know how these other missionaries can stand to only write like a few sentences to their parents. But then again they are amazing people. Haha you should hear them sing hymns. I've never heard someone sing with such force, and they're amazing singers. They don't even need a piano and they can do it all, and they do cool harmonizing too. Umm their English isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, it's mostly if I don't know the words then it's hard to understand. Plus they pronounce a little different, like they call me Aday.
My companion is awesome. Haha he goes to sleep on time (which the rest of them go to sleep at like midnight) but he wakes up like an hour early. Which I could never do. I need every hour of sleep. He keeps me in line, and is a great teacher. He works hard, and has a positive attitude. I seriously couldn't have asked for a better companion. Anyways I'm gonna end now before my time runs up. Love you all!
-Elder Adair

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