Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 1, 2012-Emails

Dear All,

Haha first of all, I'm pretty sure that Fufu recipe is for people
living in the states. Maybe I'm wrong. I guess the instant potatoes
would just be like the Casava here. I haven't seen anybody use a
potato here yet though, I think they must be expensive, but I hear
that they do sell them. I haven't seen instant potatoes, so I'll think
about asking those from you.. But at the same time I'm hesitant
because I know that you spent 25 cedis on sending me the oatmeal and
fruit punch powder. I still think it would just be better for me to
buy stuff here. Because I'm pretty sure I could have gotten 25
minerals (soda's) over here. I haven't boughten any candy yet though
cuz I'm still figuring out how I want to spend my money.

Weird it says I only have 5 minutes left. I think the computers are a
bit messed up right now.

I think they probably do have the best schools here, because in the
MTC I could hardly understand the Africans. But Ghanains are usually a
lot easier to understand.

I think it's pretty green here. At least by the beach it is. I'd say
it's greener than back home. And the trees are cooler over here.

8 Elders came from the MTC with me to this mission. But 6 went up
North, and the mission is getting split soon so I probably will never
see any of them again until the day I leave.

My mission will be the Cape Coast mission, and the other will be the
Kumasi mission. Sam will be in the Kumasi when it switches so I'll
never get to see him. I did get to talk to him on the phone for a
minute the day I got here which was cool though. Well the comp is
being dumb so bye! Love you
The first memory card is full so I'll just send you that one. It's
basically just of the MTC. I'll start taking some pictures down here
though. I'm going to buy a camera case today. I want to get a closed
case so it won't be as likely that someone will steal it. I'll do a
tour of my apartment. Oh ya, by the way, I can use the
video feature on my camera. So that will be nice.

The place I live isn't a church, it's just like a normal apartment. We
pretty much have the same stuff as back home except no hot water, we
have to use matches to light our stove (I'm going to try and get a
click lighter to see if I can just use the sparks it makes so I won't
have to buy any more matches. Today we ran out of matches and I
couldn't make any breakfast haha. Nobody wants to share there matches.
But I understand. But ya, Sam lives up in Sunyani which is a
completely new mission area. It was actually quite far from the other
areas. but I guess there was just a town where there was like 30
people who were living the gospel and paying there tithing and
everything (I don't know where to, must have just been saving it), but
ya one of the assistants I guess got to participate in baptizing 30
people. How cool is that?

Oh I didn't tell you, I'm just up the street from the mission office.
So I actually even got to see the Mission President this morning which
is kinda funny.

That clock dealio is pretty cool. I'm still not sure if I'm not
suppose to right slang words like that when I'm writing emails though.
My white handbook says something about that but I'm not really sure
what it means by slang.
K it still hasn't logged me off so I'll keep writing. Yes they eat
lots of fish over here. Did I tell you I was eating the fish heads?
I'm glad you guys started having me eat fish at home, I'm still
getting use to it over here. I'd rather have lamb, but I'm getting use
to the fish.

It's actually only rained once while I've been here. I think the rainy
season is next month. But it didn't rain to hard, and I was inside.

Oh weird thing! I was starting to wonder if they had clouds over here
because all the time you can only see white in the sky. It's not even
puffy clouds, it's just white. But yesterday and the day before I saw
puffy clouds! Haha just thought I'd let you know. And I actually saw
the blue sky for once. The problem was that the sun was out though so
I got sunburnt. It actually isn't too bad over here I think. Compared
to Saint George at least. The sun hasn't been directly out. So it's
mostly the humidity that gets you. I mean I still sweat a lot, but I'm
not dying of heat.

No don't send me a phone card. You can buy them over here. We actually
just got phones in our mission as well because it's a safety

I'll probably never make Fufu. You have to buy loads of ingredients
and you have to pound the stuff with a stick. For some reason you can
get a big bowl of it for just 1 cedi in town. Which is crazy to me
because of all the work that goes into making it. I think it's the
meat where they get the money from because you get a tiny peice of
meat for another 1 cedi. But it is delicious meat.

Thank Lori and Grandma for the emails. I would write them back but I'm
not allowed to. But ya it sounds like I can read emails from anyone.

I'm getting to know the town down here pretty well now. One problem,
they don't have street names so everybody just knows where the
chopbars, football stadiums, etc are. So I'm going to have to learn
all those names.

I was watching the kids play football yesterday. Holy cow they are
incredible. I was talking to my companion about it and he said because
they are so poor football is a great way for them to earn money if
they get signed onto teams. But it's terribly dangerous because people
will intentionally break the players legs so they don't get on a team.
Soo it's a really dangerous sport if you want to do it for a job. Oh
and football is soccer just so you know. I always thought they spelled
it Futbol, but I guess they spell it the same way as us. They just say
American football if they're ever talking about our football back

I think my time really is about up so I'm going to go. I love to hear
from you guys.

Btw I don't think Lori knows that I'm not learning a language? I'm
just learning the greetings in Fante.

Btw my name is Kojo not Kodi haha. It means monday born. Everybody
here has there own name plus there Fante name of whatever day they
were born on.

Love ya all!

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