Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 26 2013

Mm hmm we are enjoying in Odoben :).
Sweet that's cool brother Christensen is still being a good friend. Does Brandon still go to the Bountiful Rec Center? Tell him I miss him and thank him for being such a sweet brother for me.
Mm Odoben is just in the middle of the bush. We take like an hour tro ride from the city to Odoben. And then surrounding Odoben it's just a bunch of tree's and bushes. Lot's of farming land for Cocoa, Corn, Oranges, Cassava, Plantain, etc. So when people go to farm they say "i'm going to the bush". But Odoben is nice it's not really super bush. It's just in the middle of the bush.
Haha wow Jaxon is already 3? So that was the age of Suzy when I left right? That will be interesting.
Sounds like he loved that Choo Choo train though, and wow he even knows that he is suppose to clean up after himself.
Umm as for the packages in 2 days thing I have no idea. I was looking at Elder Lee's package he just got and it looks like it got here within a few days though so I'm not sure.
Which reminds me today Pres. Shulz told me that I'm going home March 18th. If I remember correctly. So I guess you can plan on me coming home that day.
I asked someone about how much the jeans cost here and the guy said 10 Cedis. So 5 dollars? The highest price was like 30 to 40 Ghana Cedis, but they like bargaining here in Ghana so I'm guessing I'd get them 15 Cedi's or so.
And yes of course I got myself some snickers :) I enjoyed them very well.
Nope don't worry I don't need anything. I did get Grandma's package with the chocolates today though, so I'll write her a thank you letter on Monday.
As for this week -
We decided to drop most of our investigators and start fresh because most of them aren't keeping commitments.
Soo we contacted a lot and found some potential investigators this week - Sister Asi, Sister Phyllis, Bro Jones, and Sister Vida.
As for study I went over topics like Pride, Virtue, Finding, Marriage, etc. I liked the things that I learnt and found some things I could improve on in each of the areas.
This week Elder Cowan was on splits with Elder Lee and we played Farkel. It was pretty funny because every turn I was getting huge points so I left everyone else in the dust.
Monday we played a little Monopoly Millionaire and I won twice and then the 3rd time I barely lost. I've quite been enjoying the winning streak, but it's sure to end soon.
Elder Adam's is still making us nice pancakes and French Toast.
This week I made some refried beans. Although now my stomach is running. I don't know if it's from not having beans for so long or if I didn't cook it well enough or what. But it tasted nice anyways.
Yup we scared Elder Lee again with my cap gun. This time he beat me.
Well I love you

Elder Adair

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