Sunday, November 17, 2013

12 November 2013

Alright sweet I'll send Sis. Karl a little message :)
Hey... the journal. You've caught me red handed. I did pretty well for the first year and few months. But, my journal has pretty much gone downhill from there. I'll try and pick it back up. Your quote gave me some inspiration to start it again.
Let's see for chocolate I already have chocolate powder. Just send chocolate bars like snickers, Butterfinger, Symphony Bar, Chocolate Peanuts, etc. Things like that.
That's sweet that Suzy is still thinking about me :). She'll probably be scared when she sees me again though as she always is.
Well the Transfer News has come - Elder Kirumira (My companion from Uganda) is moving to Assin Foso to be with Elder Tembedza's (My last companion) Son (He trained him on Mission).
I'm Staying in Odoben making it 7 and a half months I'll stay in this area. (I stayed in my last 2 areas for the same amount of time)
My new companion is Elder Adams from Utah. I believe he's from Logan. I've talked to him before and he seems like a nice guy. He was trained by Elder Martin I think (Another sweet guy).
Elder Kirumira is sad to go, he really loved Odoben. But he'll do great in his new area.
As for my apartment mates - Elder Lee and Elder Collins are staying.

This week we had a famous football player pass through Odoben - Micheal Essien from Chelsea Team. My trainer Elder Barnett will be pretty excited to hear, he was a huge Chelsea fan. If you've seen the pictures of my blue jersey that he gave me that is a Chelsea Jersey. Micheal Essien's father passed away so he came for his funeral in Odoben.
We also has Sis Henrietta's (13) baptism. She's a step-sister (from her Father's side) to a recent convert, Sis Mavis. She's been going to Seminary with her sister and doing the assignments which has been cool to see.  We're also working with her step sisters (From the mother's side) they're 13 and 16, so we still need to get a hold of Pres. Shulz to see how he wants us to work with them, but they've been coming to church, seminary, and receiving the lessons so I'm thinking December time they'll be baptized as well.
Elder Lee has bought a new washer which I got to use yesterday. Washer's are always nice :). Sadly it started making noise as I was drying my clothes in the spinner.. so Hopefully I didn't just ruin his brand new machine. It sounds like a coin got stuck in the drain or something.
Tell the family hello
What's Brandon been up to? I haven't heard much about him.
How much longer does dad have until he retires?
Well the gospels true, love you
Elder Adair

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