Friday, December 6, 2013

December 5, 2013

Wow that journal entry was pretty intense. You want to send me more of that journal entry from our great grandfather?
So that's where the church started from your Mom's side of the family? Interesting. He's very detailed in his journal writing.
No you don't need to send me Cavanaughs chocolate haha.
I'll call home on Christmas Between 7-10 pm. So over there it would be Noon- 3. Supposing I'm still with the same companion. Transfer day landed on Christmas this year. But luckily they decided to do the transfers on the 23rd of December so we don't have to worry about it.
But that airplane deal is pretty sweet! Wow. So if I wanted to fly back to Ghana it would only cost me 100 Dollars For the Trip to Ghana and Back? Tell Cherish she needs to keep that job for the rest of her life.
Haha and you've got some fun people to work with there at Cavanaugh's chocolate factory. I'm surprised so many of them are working there.
So this week Elder Collins got one of the Ensign's sent from home so I've been reading the General Conference talks. As well the mission President allowed us to watch conference on P-days on Elder Lee and Elder Collins mini Movie player (Because Elder Collins is training they watch the training videos during study).
As well this week they have decided to dig a bore hole for us. It costed the mission a bunch of money. So on Tuesday we didn't go to District Meeting, but we stayed with Elder Ivie and watched them bring a big huge machine to dig a bore hole in front of our apartment 330 feet or so into the ground. Our whole Compound was covered in Mud like a foot or two deep. Tomorrow they will bring the pump in so now we will have running water in our hosue that will not run out. Hurray!
As well Elder Ivie took us with him to look for apartments in Asikuma. They found a nice one, and for cheap so it looks like their going to send Missionaries to Asikuma December 23rd. It's a super nice area, and the people are very well educated so which ever missionaries come will enjoy.
We went to teach Sister Augustina and Brother Francis in Asikuma. So it was a 1 hour tro ride to Asikuma, then an hour walk to their house. Then another hour to teach them. Then an hour walk back and an hour tro tro back to Odoben. So we left Odoben at 2 and got back at 7. Quite a journey for one lesson. But they both have been coming to church for over 2 months and they have a testimony that the church is true. Now they mostly just need to be taught. Soo now the decision is to teach them Twice a week and we're planning for their baptism on the 21st of December.
We're planning on just getting a taxi to their house so it doesn't kill all our time though.
In Study I've been looking a lot at just what the prophets have to say about successful marriages mostly and how to improve such as Saying I love you, Saying I'm sorry, and Saying Thank you. Things like service for each other. The tone of voice we use. How it's ok to mess up, but rather think that "we can fix it". And how most things can be worked through even if it's Budgeting Problems, Entaglement in Sin, Interference from In-laws, lack of Temper Control, etc. Or how we should pray that your companion's joy can be your own joy. And that you do everything in your power to make your companion happy.
well I love you Mom. Thanks for your great example. The gospel is true and I know it's what brings us true joy.
Elder Brady Adair

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