Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 21 2013

Yes I'm with someone from Utah now. Elder Adams. But I actually had one from Kaysville Utah at the beginning of my mission (Elder Seku Holder), he just went home this last transfer soo maybe you could find him if you look him up on facebook haha. We've got a lot of the same interests. He likes musicals and singing. He's got some sweet music, and yesterday he was playing a talk from Glenn Beck about his conversion story it was pretty funny. He likes card games. Worked as a Diesel engine worker, Janitor, and bag maker. Likes Ultimate Frisbee and apparently was on Utah States team. He made the whole apartment French Toast which was delicious, I don't know why I haven't made it my whole mission. So it's my new dinner haha.

This week since we got home before Elder Lee and Elder Collins we had the brilliant idea of putting the lock back on our front door, Turning off all the lights, and hiding in Elder Lee and Elder Collins room. I had bought a little cap gun that was pretty loud and Elder Adams had a little nerf gun. We hid behind their door and as Elder Lee came in we shot him and scared him to death. He had a big sugar cane in his hand though that he almost smacked us with. Still it was fun.

Elder Adams brought up the idea of a movie night as well at the church since he had all the mission movies so we did a movie night at the church, it was an alright turn out. A few recent converts and a couple of the younger investigators came. A bunch of members came as well and enjoyed watching "The mountain of the Lord". Although when we told the couple missionaries (Elder and Sister Ivie) that we were doing a movie night they went quiet soo I suppose they thought it wasn't a good idea haha it would be nice if they would speak up.

This week we went to Asikuma Branch on Sunday. Elder Lee and Elder Collins needed help with the area because they only have time to go twice a week. Soo they gave us a couple sweet investigators - Sister Augustina (20) and Brother Francis (13). They're Part Member families. We taught them the Restoration and Sis Augustina is definately solid and has come to church for 2 months already so she only needs to be taught.

Elder and Sister Ivie gave us a ride out to Asikuma. Haha Sister Ivie was car sick from the bumpy road but it was nice of them to make a sacrifice to do so. I've really loved having them in the area. They told us about how they met. Elder Ivie actually met Sister Ivie during his mission. She was helping out in Georgia with the Seminary Program. He wrote her after she moved back to Utah. And they got married 3 months after his mission. Funny story. They also drove us to our investigators house after church, and Sister Ivie gave us a couple apples.

Transfer day Elder Cowan showed me a shop in Swedru that sold Snickers. This whole time I'd been looking for them! They're only 1 Cedi 50 Pesewas. So 75 Cents. They also had Pringles for 6 Cedis (3 Dollars). I think today as I'm shopping I might just have a feast.

The rest of Transfer day we just played Skip Bo. We were all pretty bored that day. I got some fried rice for 4 Cedis, but I didn't even like it anymore. Haha that use to be the enjoyment food.

Today we had a Zone Activity at the Beach in Winneba. We played Ultimate Frisbee and some kind of soccer Ultimate Frisbee mix game. We catch a crab, Ate some Pineapple and apples. I sprayed Elder Lee and Elder Cowan with some Water. Met a new sister missionary that was actually from Elder Kirumira (my last companion from Uganda)'s Ward. Haha she told me how he was a stubborn guy back home. Elder Kirumira was a funny guy, I'll miss him.

Mm I suppose I could look for some Jeans. Do you want me to buy them for me or someone else? I could probably just buy some traditional pants that everyone wears. People back home would see them as Pajamas I'm sure though.

Wow that sounds bad with Jaxon though. How long is it going to take to cure?

Sweet I didn't realize Brandon was working at Home Depot, that seems like it would be a nice job. I'm sure he'll love Utah State as well. What does he do when he's at home?

I'll definately enjoy that chocolate that's coming. Good thing you've got it sent as well, the Christmas months aren't too favorable with getting packages.

Haha and you're working at Mrs. Cavanaughs chocolate store? Hahahaha no way! So you finally got bored of being at home all day? Sweet does that mean you sent me Cavanaughs chocolate? What kind of good deals do you get? Free Chocolate at all?

Wow that's cool the neighbors brought food over. Do you talk to them a lot then? How is their daughter doing? That would be a hard life style.

Welllllllllllll I'm sunburnt now. Just so you know

But I still love you, even though I'm sunburnt.

The church is true. I suppose something I've been thinking a lot about lately is looking for the good in others. Judge not that ye be not judged. As well as Love your enemies, do good to them that despitefully use and persecute you, and pray for them. I feel that those things are really important and make life so much more enjoyable. Praying and asking god to bless someone that has maybe done something you felt was wrong to you. I've found it helps you to see their perspective a bit more clearly. As well doing good to them - anything - a smile, a hug, a compliment, a little service. Judging someone is usually done without the full facts as well and I've found if you judge someone then you start realizing all the things you do as well and well that's just not fun either.


Elder Adair

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