Saturday, November 9, 2013

5 November 2013

Hey mom thanks for the update :) Sounds like it was a fun vacation. You'll have to see if you can get me a picture of the Halloween costumes.
Snorkling and Mayan Ruins, this was all down in Mexico?
Yes, I can get candy here. The thing to send me is chocolate, anything chocolate I would love.  That's really all I can think of that I'd want.  Chocolate. You can get chocolate in certain areas in Ghana, but I haven't seen it for a long time so chocolate is what you should send.
I'm not really sure what the date is for when I come home. I'll let you know when I get travel plans, probably around Christmas if that's okay?

We got to watch a little bit of conference this Sunday. The computer stopped working after 2 talks though, but I heard President Eyring's talk on Loving God and Dallin H Oaks on part of the 10 commandments and having children and such.
On Saturday the couple missionary's Elder and Sister Ivie brought a movie on Joseph Smith and so quite a few of the members came to watch it. It was funny the power was out but it turned on just in time for us to start the movie. (Elder Collins used his super spiritual prayer strength to turn the lights back on I suppose is what happened really.)
We had apartment checks and our apartment was pretty good. We got marked down for a couple things like not sweeping our rooms (I totally had swept and mopped it that morning, I blame it on the floor paper, we just need to take it out.) But we still got our chocolate chip cookies. (Which yes they have here and they are actually decent)
Elder Kirumira has popped out with a new idea of entertaining us. Rubber bands with little papers. He likes shooting the chickens and members, and some times he'll pop it out during companion study when I've bored him.
Elder Lee has been so kind in allowing me to steal his Richocho Powder ( hot chocolate powder). I enjoy eating it by the spoonful.
Elder Collins has allowed me to steal his Indomie a few times as well. When I'm too lazy to plan on what I'm going to eat for dinner.
Elder Lee and Elder Collins are convinced I cheat at Monopoly Deal because I beat them everytime. Although Elder Lee achieved his victory yesterday.
The Zone Leaders came on splits with us on Tuesday
Elder Dikane from South Africa, he's a sweet guy. I really liked how as we taught with him he'd use examples of people from the bible - like with repentance he related it to Paul and how he was going against the church and then turned into a great missionary. It made the lesson more exciting and understandable.
Elder Baird from Idaho I believe. He's a humble guy. Elder Lee and Elder Collins got to go with him though so I haven't seen him too much in missionary work.
With study I went over ideas on Finding and I liked the idea at the back of just sitting down with members of the church and having them write down names of friends and family that they know and then prayerfully choosing one whom they'd like to share the gospel with and then helping them come up with ideas of how to help introduce that person more to the gospel.
As well I liked a talk from Pres. Monson about marriage a bit about how Partners need to love each other, they need to show respect for each other. He talked about not always needing your opinion to be right. He talked about how even when relationships go bad it doesn't mean that seperation is the solution, things can be worked out and become good again. He gave an example of a couple he took to the temple that had been having fights and he had them listen to the marriage ceremony and at the end they were close together again.
He talked about some of the reasons for people wanting seperation included financial problems, anger management, lack of communication, in-laws interrupting. So I was thinking of ways I could work on those areas.
So yup there's my little update of what's going on over here.

Love you guys

Elder Adair

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