Saturday, November 9, 2013

29 October 2013

Hahahaha... oh boy. Well about all the many pictures I have been taking. - This past Friday there was a big festival in Odoben where boys dressed up as girls, and different things. So I let a member borrow my camera to take me a bunch of pictures.. I knew I was taking a risk, but I trusted him so I decided to do it. Sadly what I least expected, but I probably should have expected.. He accidentally deleted all 500 pictures.. Sorry :P.
Mm I think it was after summer that I sent the pictures. I don't know, time really races by out here. It's crazy to think I'm almost 20 months out. Yikes. I was worried when I put it in the mail that it wouldn't send because the lady hadn't stamped it with the "by air" stamp. Oh well.
Well today I only have a few minutes because it took most of the time just for me to sign on.
But I guess a little update
There was a big festival this week in Odoben. People dressed up as different things. It was definately the biggest celebration I have seen while I've been out here. The people paraded down the street with their different dress ups.
Although a lot of people skipped church because of it. Haha oh boy.. a lot of the members were telling me how it was the day that nobody went to church but they all had a church service together with all different faiths.
Brother Kwesi was baptized on Saturday, We totally forgot about getting the key to the library for the baptismal clothes.. So we were a little late because of that, but the service was really good.
Sister Henrietta is still doing good, her sister Mavis is a really good member and wants to help all of her family join the church so she's been a good example.
Brother Benjamen didn't show up for church (I'm guessing because of the festival), but I think he has a lot of potential and he keeps saying that he believes all that we are teaching him is true.
This week I was just looking at the things in our planner that help people be truly converted and so I was just thinking of how we could improve on some of those things.
It gave examples like - they need to be invited to investigate, read from the book of mormon, pray, be taught the preach my gospel lessons, see a baptismal service, invite their friends or family to investigate the church. etc.
It gave me ideas for each investigator on what steps still needed to be taken.
But my times out so love you
Elder Adair

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