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July 29 2013

Sorry everyone for not getting these letters on until now. I have several letters I will put together according to the week he sent them so you will have to go through each week.  Enjoy!  


The package I got from the ward I didn't have to pay customs on. Hopefully you'll get the letter I sent soon.

Yes the fire truck looked similar to ours back home, maybe a little smaller. And Yes they have sirens on them as well. It was funny to see the Zone Leaders show up riding in the fire truck, but I'm sure they enjoyed it.
In Scripture study I was just reading in Alma about lets see.. Ammonihah and Lehonti? Moroni had finally gotten Ammonihah to make a covenant with him about not returning to war against the Nephites, but immediately returned to the Lamanites and started to stir them up against the Nephites.
I love that story
Lehonti first prepared his army by raising them to higher ground - I figure that's what each of us are doing each time we do something right - Coming to church, Searching the scriptures, Saying our Prayers, Giving Service, Keeping the Commandments by being Honest, Keeping the Laws, Living Chasitity, Word of Wisdom, etc.
Second when he was asked to come down he wouldn't give in.
Sadly Ammonihah comes up nearly to where Lehonti was and asks him to come down just very very small, and even asks him to bring his guards with him.
I think we can relate that to us putting ourselves in situations where we know we might be tempted but we figure we're studying our scriptures and everything so we'll be strong enough.
As well Lehonti didn't know the full intention of Ammonihah, so Lehonti thought he was doing the right thing by coming down to the bottom of the mountain. He thought he would be in full command of the whole army or in other words he thought he had full control of the situation
I think that's the way Satan tempts us. He makes it look like we've got it fully under control and that by following his way everything will be alright.
But then Ammonihah poisons Lehonti slowly until he's dead.
So in the same way we need to realize that Disobedience to the commandments will eventually lead us to death and misery.
There's more but I think for sake of time I'll leave it there
For Studying -
Monday - We have a devotional for 30 minutes on Monday with the apartment and I get a couple scriptures from that. Usually I'll read a Liahona while I'm washing clothes as well.
Tuesday- I don't get to do personal and companion study because we're driving to Swedru for District Meeting - but I learn from District Meeting
Wednesday - I get 1 hour personal study and 1 hour with my companion
Thursday - same as Wednesday
Friday - same as Thursday
Saturday - same as Friday
Sunday - Usually I don't get any study at home because church starts at 9 and I'm just calling investigators before we go, but at church I'll read either what the instructors instructing on and just go through scriptures on my own (because I can't understand Fante), or I've been going through the old Testament a bit. I really loved Isaiah, It definitely has a lot concerning Temples, The Restoration, Jesus Christ, etc.
For what we've been teaching investigators and experiences -
Haha I thought when I came on my mission I'd be a cry baby when sharing my testimony out here, but I haven't really gotten that emotional while I've been out here.
But I loved the other day when we were teaching a man named Kofi about how Christ set up his church and how it fell into apostasy that he was really grasping it. (At the beginning this guy told us that he was set on his church and would never move) but we'd gone with the spirit and taught this guy about baptism, the fall of adam and eve, and baptisms for the dead and finally we decided to teach him about Christ setting up his church. He told us he couldn't come this Sunday because he hadn't gone to his church the past Sunday, but he said he would definitely visit us.
Sister Dadzie whom I have now come to find is Sister Forson, we've been teaching the Restoration. It's been really hard teaching her though because her husband starts thinking we're teaching him and then he stops translating to his wife and asks us a bunch of questions soo we've decided to stick with the pamphlet and we just read from it and then have him translate what we say.. for some reason he's been doing a lot better with doing it that way.
I know that the gospel's true, and I loved the thought  Sarah shared as well to look out of yourself instead of at yourself.
Elder Adair

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