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August 6 2013

Hello :)

How long is Emily there for?
Sounds like Eric is enjoying over there. He's just exploring the U.S.?
This week I was learning about dispensations a bit more. I noticed how in the Pearl of Great Price it talked about Enoch receiving the Priesthood, then he was taken up to heaven but one of his sons was left behind for his posterity to continue (I believe because he was taken the Melchizedek Priesthood was taken with him?). Then his son had a son, and his son had a son named Noah. God gave to Noah the same priesthood that Enoch had. I kept reading and it didn't talk about Noah's death.. but then I got to the book of Abraham and it talked about the Pharaoh in that time had sought the ordinances and everything, but he didn't hold the true priesthood to do it. While Abraham was of direct descent from those who held the priesthood.. So as he sought the priesthood the wicked priests tried to offer him as a sacrifice, but then Jesus Christ appeared unto him and told him he would give him the same priesthood that Enoch and Noah had.
I read Elder Holland's talk on Believing while I was washing yesterday. I really love that talk, but the thing that has been sticking out the most to me lately is just how the church is full of imperfect members and the only perfect person to ever live on the Earth was Jesus Christ, and how God is our loving, forgiving Father in Heaven. As well how Joseph Smith acknowledged his faults and even Pres. Thomas S. Monson is imperfect. It's something I feel I need to work on a lot is just forgiving others and recognizing I'm not perfect as well.
Experiences with the Spirit? Well this Sunday I was waiting for a couple investigators to come to church and I was just praying that God would help them. But then instead of what I was expecting a lady (Sis Suzy) who would normally avoid us at all costs walked into the church. She'd only talked to us once, but the rest of the time she was always running away. (I'm still not sure why, I think she's been taught by lots of missionaries but finally decided to come) Anyways she came with a less active that I was surprised came again as well. Soo I felt that was a bit of a miracle that a couple less actives came and someone who was the last person I'd ever expect to come came.
Mm with Sis Gifty (another investigator we've been teaching who's married to a less active) she didn't come to church and the member we asked to pick her up, forgot and didn't go. Soo when we went to her house I picked up a bucket of water the kids were washing there clothes with and chased after her with it and eventually intentionally just missing her with the water. And then I picked up a big stick and chased her with that. I don't really know if this is much of an experience with the Spirit.. But it was quite fun for me. She laughed as well. And then we were able to have a short lesson about promises and extended a baptismal date to her for which we thought could help push her to coming and as well that she would be prepared for if she starts keeping her commitments. She's really receptive to the message - just being a bit lazy and making excuses.
My companion Elder Kirumira has been a fun companion to be with. He likes to push you into gutters, and tripping you while you are walking ha ha. He's been obedient as well so that's always nice. He speaks quite a bit of Fante so I'm learning a bit more from him, but sometimes I just get lost. He jokes a lot as well, Chasing people with Knifes, Squeezing their hands hard, twisting their hand behind their backs. Pushing down Investigators doors when they run away.. Oh just the usual stuff. ( He does it all in a joking way ha ha)
Soo Yup there's a little bit about my week.
Love you
Elder Adair

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