Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 13 2013

Hey Mom :)

Oo Pictures. I've got one I could send, but I've lost one memory card and the other one I gave to one of my past companions soo I don't know, do you want me to send it? I've been terrible with taking pictures. Most of my pictures aren't even of me. 

Sister Gifty ended up coming to church this week :) She dressed up all her kids and even her next door neighbor sent her kids with Gifty. She said she would come to church with us next week as well once her Mother could baby sit the other kids.

The kids were all falling asleep in church Haha.. I didn't get to ask how the primary went for them. We joked with Sis Gifty in the investigators class about "Developing Our Talents" that her talent was eating bread, because she always asks us to buy her bread. (Here in Ghana they often mix their "r" with "l" so we've been joking with her that she's been saying "blade" instead of "bread", we ask her "ahh you're going to eat blade?" and she'll say "no blead that looks like ballfloat" and we'll say "ahh a blade that looks like a ballfloat that's even worse".

As well we were able to have Sister Forson baptized this last Saturday. It wasn't easy translating, but she was happy in the end and her husband is a strong member so I'm confident she will be a convert that stays. Her husband is one of the people in Ghana who understands the concept of being on time :P. 

Finally we're working with Bro Barnabus. He kept saying he needed clothes to come to church and so I just thought I had some old pants and Elder Oluk had some old shoes so we gave them to him as well. Sadly that wasn't the thing that was holding him back because he didn't come. He did come witness Sister Forson's baptism though and he made a friend there. 

Oh as well there was a less active we were visiting and I ate some of her palm nut soup (eating their food is something they really like you to do for some reason) and then we tried to wash her dishes but she wouldn't let us. Her kid was laughing as we tried forcing to do it and they ended up coming to church again and said they have come to stay which was cool.

On Monday I played Monopoly Deal with Elder Lee, and I was so happy to win him twice :).

In my studies the topic that keeps standing out to me as I've been reading is not just listening to the gospel but applying it.

For example as I read Joseph Smiths encounter with the Savior and he said that the people drew near to him with their lips but their heart was far from him. It referred me to Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Luke. In Luke it compared someone who listens to the word and applies it is someone building their house on a solid foundation but someone who just listens builds a house that will just wash away. 

As well on Sunday I was reading Romans chapter 2 and it's kind of the same as the Abinadi thing where he starts asking if they are applying the commandments. 
Even as I read about the Savior just before he gave Peter the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven he warned them to be careful about the Sadducee's and Pharisee's Doctrine. Which when I think about them I think one thing Christ talked about was them being Hypocrites which reminded me of the same thing. Learning but not applying.

Love you all 

Elder Adair

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