Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 20 2013

Alright I'll see if I can send you the memory card today I'm not sure
how to send it here in Swedru. I'll just buy another memory card for
taking pictures.

Oh by the way Transfer news came this past Saturday and I'm staying
with Elder Kirumira in Odoben :).

This week I played piano in Sacrament meeting. I decided since nobody
can even play the piano I might as well play the right hand. Then
during the rest of the meeting I practice the piano (Hopefully that's
alright haha, but I don't understand what they are saying in Fante).
The Branch really enjoyed me playing though and by the end I was able
to learn the last song to play with both hands soo I think I'll be
able to get the hymns down finally.

After church we decided to start taking aside an hour to teach piano.
We had one investigator come, one recent convert, and then a few
members. I told them to invite their friends for the next time as
well. I thought it might be a good way to find and help the recent
converts and investigators become friends with the members. It seemed
to work well and even the members enjoyed it a lot.

During the week we brought one investigator (Bro Barnabus) to play
football with the members as well. And then he ended up even coming to
church which was a surprise because missionaries have been working
with him for a long time. Soo we're hoping if he gains a testimony to
have him baptized in the coming month.

The less active whom I ate her palm nut soup (which didn't give me a
runny stomach), came once again to church so it looks like she's come
back to stay. She's a really nice lady. We went to her house a couple
times during the week but she wasn't home.

As well my companion has been teaching me some of the Fante songs
which the Ghananians love it if you know them. (There is no rule
against singing any kinds of music, only against listening to it)
Which Ghanaians love loud music too much soo everywhere I go I hear
the music anyways. I figure by learning songs I can also come to
understand the Fante better

So this week I learned part of a Tutu la pa tu song.

Mim pa Bua a Baller
(My shoes are too big)
Ma ta lee a Soldier
(My Dress is like a Soldier
Tutu me a Grader
(Tutu (The singer) is a Bulldozer)
A Gin a Gin a Bonia
(If you are thinking bad about me)
O no bay bo Brazier
(Go and wear a Bra)
Able wa way wa a hernia
(My grandma has a hernia)
E hoo ye na na Adam
(My father's name is Adam)
Ware nay na Arya
(He's married to Eve)
Jesus Wo ye Savior
(Jesus is your Savior)

My district leader when he came also told me that during times when we
don't have appointments we should just go to members and try to teach
them, instead of walking under the sun trying to contact.

Soo I've been trying that out a bit more and wow I like it a lot more.
The day flies by and you usually find someone to have a gospel
conversation with at the members house or get a referal or help gain
the trust of the members more. It feels a lot more effective. (I wish
I had been doing this a long time back)

We met a new Less Active this week. We were actually going about her
as an investigator when she told us that she's been a member for 5
years, but has stopped coming because of her kids whom it is hard to
dress them all up for church. We were able to build a good
relationship with her and her friends there. We did it by joking with
them once again (Which seems to be the best way to go with Less
Actives). Soo we shared with them our Fante knowledge.
I used things like Me Bway Fu Om ba Asore ( I'm annoyed with you not
coming to church)
And then I asked where their Kutless was (Their big knife for cutting
the weeds, pretty much like a sword). But their wasn't any around so I
grabbed some matches and told her I wanted to see her hair and I lit
the match and she ran off... Etc. It's quite fun and they enjoy it.

Sadly she didn't come to church because of what she said to be washing
clothes (which she had them all hung up and it was a lot of clothes)
soo we're thinking of trying to go help them wash their clothes this
week and also having a member to pick them up.

Gifty didn't come to church sadly because of a baby naming ceremony.
We had planned to have her baptized at the end of the month but we'll
have to move it back now. I still feel like she'll be baptized in the
coming month though and I feel like she's gaining a real testimony of
what we are sharing. She's still scared to read to us though. So she
hasn't been doing her reading assignments. She can read really well
though. I caught her singing the hymns at church. When I gave her the
book of mormon she read the title.. she read part of the introduction
on accident- things like that.

Probably my favorite part of scripture study this week was just when I
was reading from the Book of Mormon from around 1 Nephi 13 just about
how the Bible would lose some of the truth and how the book of Mormon
would come forth. I think it's really cool when I think about history
and just about Columbus and the miracle of how we came to be the
United States. And as I read from preach my gospel - just the
importance of continually reading from and praying about the Book of
Mormon so we can have that solid testimony and be able to bear it to

Soo there's a little of my week

Love you!

Elder Brady Adair

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