Wednesday, July 24, 2013

24 July 2013

Sorry about Grandpa Salter. I guess I'm glad that we have nice hospitals though.

Oo that's cool about the missionary thing. I was wondering why they did so much contacting in Utah because really the best way is through referrals from members who at least know the person and can be there to support, and since there are so many members in Utah it seems like they'd get a lot of referrals.
Wow Zac is already out? That's cool. Yes, the 18 year olds are doing great here in the mission field. If a missionary is ready to come out at 18 it just shows that he was prepared and ready to come. I'm sure that Zac will be a sweet missionary as well.
Yes, we have water now. We had a fire truck come and fill up our tank.
We don't refrigerate eggs here. I never knew that you could leave them out of refrigerator before I came out, but everyone does it. I think if you keep them in the fridge they just last longer.
As for making my own soup I've just been enjoying Elder Oluk's cooking bean stew, and then I just make like a tortilla to eat it on for lunch.
Yes I've gotten the package from the ward as well. I sent them a letter last week. I just sent it to our home so I don't know what you want to do with it.
This week I got to play some card games with Elder Lee. He's from California.
We also were showed around to some less actives by our branch mission leader. So we're hoping to help some of them return back.
Some of them their issues are with money such as not having a belt, and needing to work on Sunday so they can eat.

Some are Word of Wisdom issues and so they don't feel comfortable coming to church.
Some don't have any reason and they say they'll come but then don't show up.

We were able to meet with Bro Dadzie's Wife once. We're hoping to baptize her in the coming month. The problem mostly is that they aren't keeping to the times we set up to come and teach them haha. It's funny when we are teaching to have her husband translate for her though because he wants us to teach too deep. He'll ask us how the prophets could write if they weren't educated and if they didn't have ink.. or He'll answer the questions we want him to ask his wife. Haha. (He's an older guy)
Solomon showed up again yesterday. He said he was having financial issues and had to go to his parents to get money. We reviewed the Restoration with him and it sounded like he's understanding it all. I was worried because my Brofo (English) is too much for him. We gave him a new baptismal date of the ending of next month. so we'll pray that he doesn't make an excuse this week. We'll have Enoch (a member) call and invite him this Sunday.
Joseph we've been teaching but when it comes to coming to church he'll say he's sick, or he has to fetch water, etc. So today Mission Pres. came to our district meeting and just talked about having members invite them even if it's over the phone and so we'll do that.
Mami Faustina we only taught once this week, she kept on being busy and not being home at the time she'd set up with us. We just taught her that she has to make sacrifices if she wants to keep meeting with us. She lives with a couple members so we're still working with her.
We met Kweku, Kwame, and Jennet this week. So we'll see if that goes anywhere this week.
Martin didn't come to church like he had promised, and didn't even show up when we came to teach him... Too bad he was doing so well.  His new job has just made it too difficult to see him.
Sister Lizzy came to church this week though. Prince (a member) invited her. We taught her like a month back. Talking to her after church it just sounded like she just came to visit though and didn't really want us to continue with teaching, but we'll see if anything happens by the end of the week.
Are our dogs still alive? haha
Are the twins keeping you up all night?
So who's all living at home now?
Love you -
Elder Adair

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