Monday, August 26, 2013


Hey  :)
I sent the few pictures that I had taken and sent them to you last week soo I don't know when you will get them, but you can expect them.
I got a new card as well and tried to start taking pictures on it, but it's not working right for some reason.. Hopefully I can get it to start working.
With baptisms it's usually one a month.
Soo this week I studied a bit of Preach My Gospel on working with ward leaders to help converts stay active in the church. Just about things like
Friendshipping - getting a fellowshipper for the investigator and it suggested things like introducing them to the bishop, his counselors, the relief society pres and counselors as well as the Elders Quorum Presidency.
Service- it suggested things like inviting them to service activities, asking them for referrals, etc.
Word of God- it talked about finishing lesson 5, teaching them FHE, reteaching the lessons, preparing them to go to the temple for baptisms, etc.
With PEC it talked about
1- Finding, asking how the members are doing on referals. So things like 1 referal from the Elders Quorum for the tri. 1 referal from the Relief Society for the tri. 1 from the Young Men and Young Women Presidency.
2 - Giving info on investigators, how they are progressing, getting a fellowshipper, what lessons they've been taught, how we can help them.
3 - Working with Less Actives. Any they'd like us to help teach, getting a fellowshipper for them, how to invite them to activities and church.
4- Working with Recent Converts. How they are doing and progressing, continued fellowship, assignments/callings/priestood.
Um. Then I studied a bit on Obedience and Diligence.
Diligence is constant steady effort.
For Obedience it talked a bit about the blessings that come as we are obedient such as knowledge, freedom, wisdom.
It talked about the stripling warriors
the reason they were obedient - So god would deliver them
the results - not one of them was killed
I read about the Commander that had leprosy and the prophet told him to go wash in the river and he would be cleansed, and even though he didn't fully understand he obeyed and was healed.
Things like that.
As well this Sunday at church:
The branch was split. I'm now in Odoben 2 Branch with Elder Kirumira. We have a whole new Branch Presidency and everything so it will be interesting these coming weeks.
Gifty is really progressing as well, I was happy after we taught her the law of chastity she started covering herself when she was feeding her baby (I don't know if i've told you that they don't cover themselves when they are nursing/feeding their babies, soo you see it almost everyday). Anyways when she came to church she even taught one of the members to start covering herself, I was about to jump for joy.
I bought Elder T Adair's guitar for 30 Cedis (he went home this last week) and Pres. Shulz brought it down when he came to split the branch. Soo I've been enjoying playing guitar as well for the past few days.
I didn't do piano lessons this week just because of the branch splitting thing.
I've been happy about our progress with Less Actives though - Sarah came for the first time this Sunday, Ama has come 3 or 4 times now, Jennifer and Benedicta have been coming the past 4 weeks or so and even 2 of their sisters joined them and they brought their friend Ruth for the second time (Although Ruth runs away whenever we try and see her during the week)
I feel like I'm getting to know members better as well which is nice. Someone even gave us a referal without us even asking and so I felt like we've gained their trust a bit.
We ran into one of the less active recent converts and he was playing spar (a card game) so I just played with him for a bit and showed him a couple magic tricks with cards and then a magic trick with my tooth haha it's kind of fun to have a tooth I can just pop out. (In my last area in Sekondi the little kids would always yell "Obruni where's your teeth?!") It usually scares the little kids. He promised to come to church but didn't show soo I think next Sunday we'll try and pick him to church.
I helped Lorene (Less Active Sarah's friend) to peel her Cassava and Plantain for Fufu, and we've been teaching her for a while and she's really quite smart. She promsied to come for the conference since they were splitting the branch but she ended up not coming, but she told Sarah that I helped her so I felt like it was useful and still good for Lorene as well. We taught her about christ's church and the apostasy after church, but I think she saw where we were going with it and it looked like she lost interest, but hopefully Sarah will help us. We also met Sarah's husband who's also less active, but he didn't talk to us so we just decided to give it time.
Oh as well Georgina stopped coming for a month or so and we went and visited her. We joked with her a bit, i pretended pouring water on her, etc. And she ended up coming this Sunday as well.
We helped Kwesi and Yeboah by just going over Word of Wisdom, Chastity, Tithing, and Sabbath Day and I felt like it was a good review which helped them understand better and grow stronger in their testimonies
Anyways time up
Love you guys!
Elder Adair

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