Sunday, July 21, 2013

16 July 2013

Oo 2 more days until Sarah she takes off! That's exciting!

Haha as for coming to Ghana to pick me up after my mission -it's alright- I'll enjoy coming home to see you guys.

So transfers happened this last Wednesday (Time is going far too quickly).

My new companion is Elder Kirumira from Uganda. He is a sweet guy.
He's been a member since he was 9? He's the first to serve a mission
in his family. He loves football and wants to go into something with
sports when he returns home. Sadly he doesn't know how to cook Chipati
which is the famous Ugandan dish. But I will continue to make my fake
Chipati which is basically just a flour tortilla with beans (A bean burrito eh?).

As for the water situation we're working on it. We'll be fine no
matter what happens. We can fetch from a well in town if it comes to
it. But we went to the fire station yesterday and they should be
bringing us a water truck this week. But it cost the mission 300 Cedis
soo it wasn't cheap.

Haha that's funny about the packages. Alright I'll enjoy them. And I'll be sure to send Grandma a thank you letter.

My friends are doing well. Elder Creager sounds like he's doing well
in Jamaica. Camille is doing well with her family. Tia as well.

Holidays in Ghana mmm They don't have Halloween. I don't think they
have St. Patricks day. They don't have Thanksgiving. They don't have
4th of July or 24th.

As for Holidays they do have.. To tell you the truth I'm not really
sure. Every now and then I hear that it's a Holiday but it seems to be
just a normal day for them. I know they have a Traditional Festival in
like August time for the Traditionalist Religion in which all the
chiefs come to Cape Coast and sacrifice goats and the kids wear masks
and some people dress up. I think they do dirty dancing and stuff as
well so the church usually sends the kids on Youth Camps so they don't
have to be around it.

I think around the same time in Odoben (the place I am now) the guys
dress up as girls for the day and the ladies dress up as guys. I'm not
sure why though.

When I was in Sekondi the Muslims had some Holiday where they
Slaughtered Cows. I think they just ate it though. But that was
interesting walking around town seeing a bunch of slaughtered cows.

That's all the Holidays I can really think of.

They celebrate Easter, Christmas, and New Years. I think Easter is
their biggest celebration where people go to the beach and dance and

Soo this week I mostly just said goodbye to E Tembedza who was
transferred to Eshem in Sekondi Zone. He said goodbye to a few people
in the Branch and Investigators.

Wednesday I got my new companion. We said hi to the Branch President
and I brought him to the Broni family because they had me promise to
bring him.

Thursday was a hard day haha we were basically just searching for new
investigators again.

Emanuel and Martin have disappeared. I finally got a call in the week
from Emanuel and he told me that he had moved to Accra and wouldn't be
coming back until December.. I met Martin this Sunday after church
saying that he had a new job that caused him to go and he mostly stays
in another town now. He said we can meet with him this Saturday and
that he will come to church next week. Soo this will be the 5th time
he's come to church. I'm not really sure what we will decide to do
about his baptism. On Saturday we will talk it over with him and get
it sorted out.

A member got married to some lady and we taught her once now, but she
likes the church and wants to be baptized soo we're just teaching her
now and she'll probably be baptized the beginning of August.

We also have one other boy named Solomon who has been meeting with us
a few times during the week and accepted a baptismal date and promised
to come to church, but once again failed and went to his parents.. Soo
it's not looking too promising but hopefully next week he will start
keeping to his word. If not.. Ouch.

We've got a goal of 6 for the Trimester (4 months), but so far we only
have 2. We have a month and a half to get the other 4. Oo ah. Pray for
a miracle.

In the end the gospel is true, and I've been so blessed by it. Thanks
for all you do.

Love you guys

Elder Adair

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