Thursday, July 11, 2013

11 July 2013

Hello Family,

You asked if I have been playing the piano, I did play once at a funeral, but I sure hope the volume was down because I couldn't hear the piano and I made a bunch of mistakes.  I did play once for a missionary Sunday when all the missionaries take over the ward stuff.. but that was embarrassing as well as I messed up the sacrament hymn terribly... Luckily I got to give a talk and talk a little bit about forgiveness :P.

The problem mostly is there is no time to practice as a missionary. I tried doing it before sacrament meeting, but I can't play them very well soo I guess it'll have to wait until I get home and improve a bit more.

Uh huh! Now it makes sense how you see Emily so often. That is sooo cool! So do we get to do crazy vacations to Europe now? Haha. Ah that is crazy that you can get a free ticket, those things are expensive! She better stay at that job.

Oo you are enjoying! Melanie sent me a picture of Jaxon, Suzy, Emily, and Tyson. They all look so different!

As for Bro. Martin he wasn't able to get baptized. I don't know if I told you he has gotten a job so we felt good about him being baptized. But at the same time his job has now made it impossible for us to teach him because he's always at work. Sunday as well he didn't show up. Soo we need to pray and think about how to help him.

As well as Bro. Martin's brother, Emmanuel. He didn't show up to church. But when we met with him during the week and taught about the Book of Mormon he was really excited and telling us how he loved the church with it's reverence and the teachings. Plus he went over Christ's Sermon on the mount  in the bible and Book of Mormon with one of his friends who is a member, and he was excited how the Book of Mormon was in support of the bible.

Transfer News came this Saturday and Elder Tembedza is moving to Sekondi to a place called Essama.

I'm actually receiving the Companion that my son - Elder Shinasi - was with. His name is Elder Kirumira from Uganda, Africa. He seems like a funny guy, but he's not too excited to come to Odoben where there is no water haha.

I don't know if I told you the news that a couple weeks ago Elder Shinasi told me how I can now email friends, he'd talked with the mission pres. and the rules were apparently changed for missionaries all over the world. I'd heard rumors, but they've finally been confirmed so I was excited. I've gotten to write Camille and Adam and Mitch.

This week was a hard week with not too much progression, more of a digression. But we'll pray for a miracle and work our butt off again and hope to turn it back again :).

We decided to back off on Bro Robert. He hasn't really been keeping commitments and it's been like 4 weeks that he hasn't come to church. Hopefully in time he'll make the decision to visit.

A Bro Solomon who was progressing really well all of the sudden didn't show up for when we had planned. His phone wasn't working so hopefully that was why. He called us to see him today.

We met a members son - Bro Barnabus, but he's just been dodging us since the first time we met him.

Sister Ernestina - her family are members and they really really want us to teach her, but she'll act like she's asleep when we come.. so I think we'll have to back off with her as well.

Bro Ali - he's a sweet guy, only met with him twice so we don't know if it'll go anywhere yet. He promised to come to church but didn't show up soo we have it planned to see him today. We'll see how it goes.
But there's a little update on the investigators we're working with

Love you guys
Elder Adair

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