Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7 2013

Thanks for the update on your week. Sounds like things are going well. Sorry Tyson for not getting extra time. Sounds like a cool firework show you guys got to see though that's cool.
Hey Les Miserables, I've always wanted to see that musical. I've heard it's good but I've never seen it before. How was it?
The 2 weeks thing is for sure. I will be staying in the field two weeks longer than when first called but I'm actually glad about it because at one point in my mission I was sick for 2 weeks. Now I get to make it up a bit :).
Noww.. I was going to tell you about my week, but I don't have my planner for last week since it's a new transfer. soo it's not as easy to remember.. But I'll try for you
Oh by the way transfer news came and Elder Shinasi and I will be staying together for 2 more months (this transfer will be 8 weeks instead of 6 because of the 2 week change for the MTC thing)
Soo on Monday. I wrote you guys annndd umm. uh. I can't remember. The days are all mixed up in my head.
Things I can remember that happened at some point this week -
One of our recent converts has been proselyting with us. He's sweet! He knows the bible really well as well soo he's always pulling out scriptures while we're teaching. And for Christmas we bought him a bible and triple combination with the index, topical guide, and bible dictionary. And while we were teaching one guy about alcohol not being good he flipped to the topical guide and found scriptures to back it up as well. Haha I was happy about that. And he's really persistent and wants to go on a mission. I definately think he will. On Sunday he brought 2 of his brothers and his sister as well and then one of his friends. He has a strong testimony and has a lot of friends in the church as well. The friend that he brought to church though we've been teaching this week and he believes that everything we've taught is true. The problem is that his Grandmother won't let him leave his other church.. So we'll work with that. But his friend had friends in the church as well. In fact his best friend comes to our church soo if we can just get his Grandmother to allow him then I'm sure he'll become a strong member. But ya he's been referring us to all of his friends and even random people on the street that he finds to share the gospel.
We met with the couple we've been meeting with and they love everything we've taught them. Even the wife still wants to be baptized. But the guy is still struggling with getting an answer. I'm not sure what is holding him back. They promised to come to church as well but didn't show up.. So it's strange. I still feel like one day they will come.
One of the guys we were teaching is still concerned about money, but he loves the church at the same time. I think it's mostly because we're two white guys and he wants to go to England though. Which is kind of interesting because from what Elder Shinasi has told me is that they want to go to England so bad, but when they finally get to England all they want to do is go back home. But he didn't end up coming to church. Some of his comments made me a chuckle a little bit.. Like about him being a lion, and if someone has an evil spirit that wants to come and destroy him he would be able to destroy them with his spirit.. Just had to add that. Too funny not to.
Umm what else. I was sick with a sore throat which has changed into a runny nose and headache for the past few days. It's hard to proselyte like that. But hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow.
A few of those who we taught were able to receive the priestood this Sunday as well which was a special experience. I feel a lot more confident about them in this ward because there are so many members to help lift them as well.
But yup that's all the info you get for this week.
Hope everything's going well back home. Talk to you next week.
Love you
Elder Brady Adair

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