Monday, January 21, 2013

January 21 2013

Hey Mom,
Brrr, ya I'm not jealous of your cold weather at all :P.
Ya I made some Ka Krow, but it wasn't quite as amazing as I was hoping. When I get home I'll perfect it with bananas I'm sure.
Haha alright I'll try and get some pictures carrying stuff on our heads. Yes the memory cards have finally come, along with the mashed potatoes, stain remover pens, and mnm's. The MnM's disappeared within a few minutes. The mashed potatoes I still need to make. Maybe tomorrow. But thank you guys for the gifts! I've got to try the stain remover on one of my shirts. (I got the shoe polish on it.. so I've kind of lost hope. But maybe maybe.)
We haven't played Monopoly Deal at all. But one day one day. The time will come :).
Elder Trevin Adair is from Arizona. This morning I was talking to him about how we would have to go to the grand canyon sometimes. Get a group of missionaries together or something.
The week's been good.
Monday we did a FHE with our recent convert and his family he's been bringing to church. They really love the gospel, and it's cool to see them together. We did the Elephant King of the Jungle game. (Haha I need to think of a new game probably though)
Tuesday we were trying to contact with no luck. We ran into an old guy but he just couldn't grasp much of what we were saying. We found out one of our converts had recently gotten a piano and so I played with him small and said we'd come and teach him hymns. (I wonder if it would be possible to teach piano on more than one person?) Then we taught a young boy who's been coming for 6 months to church so we're just going over the lessons with him before he's baptized. Then we ended up being 30 minutes late to our next appointment (Not good at alllll..), but I helped the lady peel her fish and we ended up getting her to like us. We found out she knew quite alot about the Book of Mormon (She started talking about how they were Israelites who sailed across the sea to a different continent and the prophets wrote there.. I was shocked how well she understood), but surprisingly she didn't know much else. She knew about temple marriage and small about baptisms for the dead. After that we ran into one of recent converts who's been disappearing and were able to help him out small.
Wednesday We were able to help another of our recent converts and taught him about temple marriage and he felt good about it. We were able to answer some of his concerns about Joseph Smith as well.
Then we went to the lady who knew alot about the Book of Mormon. We taught her about pre earth life and the fall and she seemed fine with that. She really likes more scripture and doesn't have a problem with it at all.
Then we taught a girl about prophets and how to help determine if it's a true prophet or a false prophet.
Then we had a couple of cancels and met a some boys at an internet cafe who were joking about doing drugs, sleeping with girls, etc. And we were able to get them to be serious and talk about the effects of those things and Elder Shinasi was able to share how he knew people who did those things and now were dead or were homeless, etc.
Then we headed to PEC and then there was a baptism for the other Elders and we just stayed so we could get a signature from the bishop.
Thursday We had a couple people cancel so we called up a guy we had met and shared about baptism. He was the most knowledgeable guy in the scriptures I have ever met. But it surprised me that he still didn't distinguish between immersion once and immersion three times. He even quoted Romans 6:3-5, which I thought made it pretty plain. He shared how many people misinterpret the bible because they use reference books instead of just using the Bible plainly. Then we taught a lady  and her friend about baptism. It was kind of a hard lesson because they kept speaking in Fante when I knew they could speak English fine. Then taught another lady about prophets, but her reading wasn't too good and it was hard for her to hear English. A guy that we really wanted to see was busy with some friends.. it's too bad. We had just shared about the Book of Mormon and he was really starting to understand. Then we taught a lady we've been teaching for a while but she's having trouble keeping commitments soo we might have to drop her. We just taught about Judgement and the 3 Kingdoms.
Friday our Mission Pres. came and interviewed us. We also got whiteboards to help us with the work (They're actually quite useful). After Lunch we met a guy and talked about Temple Marriage (that one never seems to work because they always say in heaven they aren't given in Marriage.. dang Matthew scripture :P Making it complex to explain) But hopefully we'll teach him again. Then we met with a lady we were referred to and taught about baptism. She wouldn't ask us the questions she had. She said she'd let us come again before she'd ask them. But she's a potential, and understands English well. Then we met with the lady who knew so much about the Book of Mormon. We shared about Christ's Atonement and about the Spirit World and helped to answer her questions on Baptisms for the dead. She was really surprised at the scripture in the Bible.
Annnd thats about as far as I get.
I know that God answers prayers though, There were a few times during the week that we were praying to run into certain people and we were able to see them and help resolve their concerns.
Love you guys,
Elder Adair

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