Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31 2012

Haha that's funny I called 1/2 hour early on Christmas, it sounds like it worked out perfectly because I actually called half an hour later than I was thinking. A member had prepared us a huge bowl of Fufu so it took me a while to finish it (And you don't leave until you are finished).
    My ties are fine. And I can get a tie for 1 Cedi if I ever want to get one.
Ya, it definately didn't feel like Christmas over here. It's totally a different culture for Christmas time here.
   It was a Zone service project. We took the wrong tro tro (bus) and ended up in the middle of no where so we went back home. Ya we were suppose to do the service, but the rest of the zone just did it.
   No I haven't used the money. There isn't really anything I need to buy. I actually lost my phone chip the other day soo it might end up costing 40 Cedis and I'll use the money on that :P.
            For the Throw blanket I haven't used it because it's hot enough in Ghana so we don't use blankets at all. My other apartment got cold for a couple weeks because the Elders were keeping the windows open and using their fans. But I'll save it until I come home if I can and then I'll use it then.
         Haha as for the clippers they exploded on Elder Holder soo we just go to the clipper guy now.
As for the mission field this week I think I told you most of it but here you go
Monday we had a Carole night in Takoradi with the whole stake and a couple of our recent converts came. During it the people started dancing in the front so we joined in (i'm still not sure if we weren't suppose to do that, but it was fun) and the Ghanains got really excited to see white people dancing. Then one of our recent converts played his song on the guitar which was cool, and afterwards I did a song. The guitar was tuned too high so I was straining but the Ghanains didn't care at all they loved it.
Tuesday for Christmas we had most of our appointments cancel but we had a quick district meeting where the missionaries just bore their testimonies. Then we met with a family without the parents, it was a sweet lesson though. We just sang a hymn together for Christmas which really invited the spirit. But it was hard at the same time because all the kids went to different churches so it was a challenge to teach them and keep them all interested. (People who can teach more than one person at a time are amazing teachers to me, it's difficult to keep everyone's attention.)
Then we had a member invite all the missionaries over for dinner so we had a big Bowl of Fufu with Groundnut soup. Finally I got to see you guys and talk for a bit. And our last person wasn't home as well.
Some Church Members

Wednesday we tried to meet with a bunch of people but they either weren't there or they were busy. We met a couple girls and taught them about baptism and they seemed interested. We also met with another guy in preparing him for his baptism. Then we were just finding new people throughout the day, but not to much success, and no members were home when we went. I went to one at the end but it was kind of a disaster. Haha.. All right I'll even tell you about it. We sat down together and I was just chatting with them trying to make them feel comfortable.. I asked them if there was any service in the ward we could do.. And then I just blurted out how we hadn't come to their house for a while and we were wondering if there was anyone they'd like us to see and they just said no. Yup.
Thursday We got out after weekly planning and eating lunch (which is like 1) and as we were leaving our neighbor asked us "You're finally leaving?" And I felt kind of bad, but hey I have to stick with the rules soo there's really nothing to be ashamed about. The first lesson we went to cancelled and then we met with a recent convert and just got to see how much he remembered of the restoration. We also met with a guy by his house and shared about baptism. The guy was mostly worried about money, but he's still a potential. Then we called up a guy who was like a biomed student and got to meet with him and share baptism. He was a smart guy and understood a lot about baptism soo it was a pretty straightforward lesson. Then we just met with a member to see if she had anyone she wanted us to go and visit, she said the people she knew were gone for holiday but when they come she'll let us know. Then we met with one of recent converts referrals and we found out she actually has a sister in the ward as well.
Friday we met an investigator and talked about families, the godhead, and prophets and invited him to church and he said he'd come. We met another guy who knows his scriptures really well but he hadn't kept his assignment at all so we weren't able to give him a Book of Mormon, sounds like we might have to drop him.. he was a really cool guy. Then we started contacting again and met a couple people.. one of them stopped the lesson half way and said it was too late haha, Then we met a muslim and shared the restoration with him. I really enjoyed it. The restoration really is the perfect thing to share with Muslims. I've always wondered what the best approach was, but that approach has been the best way so far and he wanted to meet again.
Saturday we went out with the AP's and had an alright day. But I lost my chip for my phone.
Saturday we had 7 investigators at church.. but they were all mostly kids soo it's not really that great.
And I'm out of time soo you will never know what happened the last two days
But yup I'm just trying to work smart as a missionary but it's hard. One of these days I'll figure it out.
Soo yup love you guys
 Elder Brady Adair

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