Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28 2013

Hey Mom,
Haha ya I figured it would take forever for my letter to get there because of Christmas but 6 weeks ~ Wow!
Wow I'm jealous of your winter wonderland over there. I could have gone ice skating outside my house!
Sorryiooo mom hope you get better soon, Cold's are no fun at alll.
Haha it's funny looking at pictures of Marcus, because I haven't seen anyone with long hair besides dreadlocks in the longest time.
Ya I saw Nicky in Melanies pictures, that's sweet he's back again. Is he still working? Is he out in his own apartment now or something? Did you guys do the ice skating party this year?
Ya. It's true that American's are rich. A lot of people here get paid less than 20 cents an hour. But that's good to hear that he got a job. Don't worry about him though Ghanains are incredible. They can survive off of nothing. If I ever come back to Ghana I'll definitely go that guy.
Maybe I can tell you one story.
There's one guy I know that supports his whole family with a little money that his dad gets and the 200 Cedis he gets a month for being like a taxi driver. And he supports 8 People. Now think about dad earning 100 dollars a month and supporting a family of 8. It's not possible right? But somehow Ghanains do it.
The weeks been good. 4 out of 5 of our recent converts are still being strong and seem to have friends in the church and I feel pretty confident about them. One of them is not doing so well and he's started avoiding us.. So we'll just have to give it time with him. There's a lot of rumors about the church in Ghana and I think that he mostly just hasn't been discussing them with us.
I've made it 4 months now waking up at 6:10 and getting my full 30 minutes of excercise :P. Just had to let you celebrate with me. It would be cooler to say 10 months.. but I can't.
Umm.. We've decided to start getting in by 8-8:30 at the latest so that we can stay caught up with the area book, cleaning the house, and my journal. I figured since we don't eat dinner until we get home and in the white hand book it says to stay out no later than 9 or 9:30.. then I'd probably better stay out later than 8 or 8:30 since we don't do the dinner in the day.
  It's been helping out and I'm finally all caught up in my journal. I'm usually writing what happened a few days ago, but now I get to write my day fresh.
I still need to make my potatoes :P but I'm excited for them.
We've met a few new people. And so we're working with them, Hopefully it goes somewhere.
We've also been chasing down a referral from a member who apparently was her husband. Only to find out she's not married and she was just talking about her brother who was already a member haha. Oh Ghanain humor.. She had us good though.
I got to go on splits with Elder Trevin Adair which was sweet. Everyone was asking if we were brothers. We got some good Fufu. Had a lot of appointments cancel.. So we did a lot of street contacting, Woot.
Yup. Love you all
Sorry the letter was kind of short
Elder Adair

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