Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14 2013

Yup Elder Shinasi and I are still together in the same area in Kweikuma.
Elder Shinasi is from From London, England.
Ya the MTC change is the reason I have 2 weeks for my mission, and for the transfer as well.
Yup when Elder Sitati came to our mission he told us that because of the age change it would more than double the missionaries in the field.
Umm I haven't gotten any packages yet but the reason why is because now it has to go through the post and also the office elders, where before I could just pick it up from the office because I lived right next to it. So packages take probably double the time to get to me.
My sore throat and headache are gone, they just lasted a few days.
Oo I'm jealous of the snow. The sidewalks are 4 to 6 feet high? Wow that sounds higher than I've ever seen it. You guys didn't get snowed inside the house then?
That's going to be strange going back to our old church building while you're at the young single adult building.
                                                  Brady with his first companion in the field Elder ?
This week has been a bit slow for me, but I think we've found a few potential members.
Last night Elder Shinasi woke me up by saying "Hold This, Hey Hey Hey, Hold This" and I asked him "What do you want me to hold" and he said "Uhh I don't know." Then he woke up and said "What what what?" haha apparently he was having a dream about making chicken and he wanted me to hold a pan or something haha.
On Monday we had a little District party at the Sekondi apartment. They made us Chipati with beans (Elder Wamono and Elder Eruba from Uganda made it) And it was really good I'm thinking about making it for lunch for a week. I'm still a terrible cook though. Elder Ayang is in my district (My MTC companion), and so I got to relax with him a bit as well.
Oh and Elder Trevin Adair has become my zone leader again which is sweet. He misses Cape Coast, but he's in a good companionship so I think he'll like it over here soon.
During the evening we ran into one of the members and she told us her son was sick and wanted us to go give him a blessing. So we went and he said he'd been praying for us to come. We were able to give him a blessing and he was feeling well the next day. (he'd been sick for quite a while too)
And Finally we did a baptism interview and everything went well.
Tuesday we had combined District Meeting, and got the report from the ZL's about what we need to do better. I was laughing because everything they said we needed to improve on - From using Black ink on the Baptismal Records to Keeping our Wallets and Credit Cards safe.
The font was actually working for once and the Zone Leaders checked it for us to make sure it filled all the way. That was nice not having to worry about filling up a font for once.
Afterwards we went to visit members but they were all busy. We ran into one member though and helped her prepare some food, but of course she ended up giving some to us. She even told us not to say Medasi (Thank you) because she would be offended. Haha here it's basically like if you say no to food then it's really offensive. And sometimes they'll be sneaky about it and they'll say "I'm making some rice" and if you don't ask for some they'll get mad and say why don't you like me? Sooo Elder Shinasi has given up on saying no. But man people are asking us all the time to give us food now. I don't know why.
Oo but she made some Ka Krow, You've got to try this one out
Ka Krow is made of:
A sauce made of Garlic, Onion, Ginger, Spring Onion, Carrot, and Green Chili Pepper
Then since you don't have plantains you could use bananas and mash them. Then put in the sauce.
Then add flour.
and then fry it in oil. Mmmmmm Delicious. I bought the ingredients today and I'm going to make it.
Then we just went contacting searching for new people to teach.
Their was a lady carrying a big sack of oranges on her head so we helped her carry it up the hill. It's smart how they do it on their head. But it starts to kill your neck quickly if you aren't use to it.
Then we ran into another guy that we'd taught before but he hadn't really let us come again. I just shared about how in Solomon's temple their was a big font that rested on the back of twelve oxen, and kind of asked him what he thought that was for. So we shared a bit about what goes on in the temple. But he just wasn't very serious. He just told me only his pastor could say what it was really talking about. (Here they think a temple is just a chapel)
One of our appointments wasn't home again.. She likes to do that.
Finally we saw one of recent converts members brothers. It's sweet he's been bringing his 2 sisters and his brother and then one of his friends. And he's just so powerful we keep running into people and finding out he's shared the gospel with them already haha. And he knows the doctrine's really well because he's studied the bible so much.
 It was funny he was sharing with me how I think it was Peter? or Paul? Was caught up into the third heaven. It just made me laugh because he was teaching us about the Three Kingdoms of Glory.
Wednesday we decided to try one of recent converts referalls he gave us a while back and she actually gave us some time to share the message about baptism. She understood it super well which surprised me because women usually aren't usually as well educated, but she grasped it right off.

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