Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11 2013


Wow Travis Carlile is taking off? Now I do feel old. But Yes that talk from
Elder Holland was sweet.

Which reminds me :). I have an assignment for you. :) Hehe

I want you to prepare someone to meet with the missionaries who work
in our ward/area. I don't know how busy the missionaries are in our
area or how they work, but maybe you could invite someone to a Family
Home Evening with the missionaries ( You could get a hold of the
missionaries and see what would work best for them even, like what
they would want you to do)

Even if it's just a normal lesson they share and you sit in and bear
your testimony that would be cool.

I was just reading a quote in Preach My Gospel from Gordan B Hinkley that said:

"It will be a great day when our people not only pray for the
missionaries, but ask the Lord to help them to assist the missionaries
who are laboring in their own ward."

Maybe you could even teach someone to do genealogy work for their
ancestors and then explain the reason you do genealogy work.

Or whatever creative idea you can come up with.

Soo I'm even giving you a time limit :P. You have until the end of
may. And I hope it makes you nervous. Hehe

Alsoo one of our investigators was asking me specifically how the
church uses the funds of the church, like how much money on chapels,
how much on temples, how much on missionary work.
  Can you find that out for me? I figure their has to be records of it
somewhere. Or is it all private information?

Haha I can't remember what I wrote in the beginning on Tia's letter
but that's funny. Scentsy candles eh?

Wow they actually are changing the postal system. How long until you
get to retire dad? Does that mean they'll lower your pension?

Oo I'm jealous of the plays. Those are always cool. I keep missing the
good ones though.

Mm the rainy season.. I can't remember when it was. It almost seems
like it was in July. But ya it cools down for the rainy season. Right
now it's hot and the power out's are starting up again, they haven't
had very many of them in this area I forgot what it was like.

My companion doesn't dance much, but maybe if you look up Elder
Shinasi on facebook you can find some of his videos, or maybe on
youtube. Haha he probably has long hair in some of the pictures
because he's a convert.

We live with 2 other missionaries. Elder Sandy from Sierre Leon, and
Elder Eruba from Uganda. They are cool, Elder Sandy made me a
wonderful bean stew the first couple of weeks he came. Elder Eruba
makes some powerful Chipati with bean stew as well. It sounds like if
you want to see the wild life you should go to Uganda. We talk
together small, mostly I can just never think of things to talk about

Mm creative things I've seen.. Mm I don't know if I told you how for
Christmas some of them would dress up in like clown costumes and go
around asking for money.

Mm the other day I met a guy that I liked his shoes and he told me he
had a tailor make them for him. sooo you can customize your shoes I
guess which is cool.

I don't know if I've ever told you that they wear Black and Red for
Funerals which happen every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (They have 3
day funerals). And it's more like a boring party where people just sit
in plastic chairs under a camping cover and they have super loud
speakers you can hear across the whole town playing rowdy music. Also
they'll tie red ribbons to their cars and get like 20 drivers to just
honk around the town.

For Weddings they wear White and blue. And they actually look kind of
high tech. But it's the same for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

But the Funeral wear is what I imagined Africans to wear when I got here.

Africans churches love to sing and dance and speak in tongues so you
can hear the "Habina Habina" all the time.

The little kids love to shout from the top of the hills "Obruni
Chewing Gum (it sounds like they say Ching gum) Fou Wo Toe" which
means White man you have chewing gum on your butt. Most of the time I
don't think they know what it means though. I asked a little kid what
it meant and he told me "it's a story"

I'm still learning the Fante, but I'm terrible at hearing it and
saying it. Because of my American accent they mostly give up on trying
to teach me. Elder Shinasi picks it up really fast though and they
understand him soo I'm learning a bit from him.

I could get you a dress. I don't know if you want me to send it now or
if you want to wait until I come home and I'll bring it in my
suitcase. But Ya I think the dresses are pretty cheap. Like 20-60 Cedi
max. It's mostly just paying for what material you use.

Haha.. Pictures.. Woopsy. I better get on that.

Ya I'm sleeping great. I think I get more sleep on my mission than I
did back home. Except now I drink more water so I wake up like 3 times
a night.

Haha wow that would be interesting to meet a missionary from Ghana. He
must be from the states though. Usually American Ghanaians are
completely different from Ghanains that live here. I've met a couple
from London and Canada, they're a bit rude.

Our investigators well

Emmanuel's brother (13) and sister (17) are going to be baptized next week.

One of his brothers (18) keeps on having mood swings and not coming to
church soo we'll just have to give him time. But he loves the church
and it's teachings

Shem will be baptized next week as well. He's 12. He's a sweet kid.
Once again a bit stubborn about having lessons though :P.

A boy named Daniel (19) came to church this week, he brought his
friend Emmanuel, but they ended up leaving after sacrament meeting. I
think Daniel liked it alot but his friend didn't soo Daniel said he'd
come for sure next week.

Then Emmanuel brought a guy named William. (Seriously Emmanuel is like
a 3rd missionary now) We've taught William a few times but he's been
hard to get a hold of with his work schedule.

Welll I think I'm out of time. But the work is going well and We're
happy with whatever God decides to bless us with :).

The Church is true. Just like the sky is blue. God loves you too.

Your all time favorite

Elder Brady Adair

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