Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dec 4 2012

 I am in my new area and I'm loving it!
Mm I haven't seen any monkeys here. There was one lady in an area close to mine that had one. But the day I went on splits to their area she had sold it so I never got to see it.
But the trees are awesome here. Kweikuma (the area i'm in now) is even cooler than my last area. They just have all different types of decorative trees here. But mostly it's coconut trees, palm trees, and plantain trees. I've seen some cool evergreen trees here as well that I hadn't seen in Cape Coast (my last area).
Strange things you see here are big spiders (we keep finding them in our apartment), cockroaches, lizards (I understand what Todd meant when he said you'd see lizards on the walls at places they'd eat, centipedes (or maybe they're millipedes? I'm not sure), Goats & Chickens (they just wander the streets), I've seen some turkeys (which I hadn't seen in Cape Coast), They had a big Muslim  party where they slaughtered a big cow (we saw it walking home and it was fine, the next day going out it was slaughtered and hung up roasting), they have dogs here but they aren't really pets they're usually for eating (but i'm in a nicer area now so sometimes you see someone with a pet dog), cats are for eating (I still haven't eaten dog or cat, but i'll definately eat it before I finish), I saw a vulture once in my last area (those things are huge, I never realized how scary looking they are), you see a lot of ravens but here there's a lot of diversity of birds.
Haha I don't remember what I wanted for Christmas. I'm pretty relaxed with the stuff that I have. Ohhh maybe Calcium pills? Like one's that I could just take one a day and get my full calcium needs? With the increase on our subsistence money I've been getting some powdered milk so I'm finally getting some calcium.
I ate a full crab. They just eat it shell and all. It actually wasn't too bad.
I'm doing good with the investigators.
One guy we're teaching is fully ready for the gospel so really we're just going over what he needs to know before he's baptized and he has friends in the church so it's good.
One guy has really grown in his testimony. He believes in Joseph Smith being a prophet and the Book of Mormon and everything, but he's just having a little difficulty believing there is only one true church, but as we talked about it more he's understanding more.
Another guy is continually coming to church but he's been busy with school and stuff so we haven't been able to teach him as much. Plus he's probably moving out of the country soon soo we'll just work to make sure he believes this is the true church and everything. But he seems to feel good about everything.
Another guy we're teaching is loving the teachings and even brought his little brother and sister. (I didn't realize his sister spoke English til this Sunday because she's always been shy though and just speaks in Fante.)
There's a couple we're teaching as well and they have a child, but the man is having a hard time comparing the teachings to the things that he's learned. They've come 3 weeks in a row to church now though. His wife believes though. Every time we go and see them they have lots of questions which is cool because it makes us go home and study.
So the work is going well in the area.
Sorry about the short emails you've been getting but sometimes I get 4 or 5 emails and it's hard to reply to all of them in just 1 hour.
Soo yup I'm just trying to be a good missionary. I'm still not working very well with members though. Because I don't like just taking a member to a lesson and them sitting there the whole lesson getting bored.. but then it's hard to find time to prepare them for a lesson so they can teach. Hmm.
Elder Shinasi and I get along great. We seem to have the same teaching style as well so it's easy to teach people and help them understand. He really likes to answer whatever question comes at him as well so he knows his scriptures well and he's helping me improve.
Umm yup. I love you guys thanks for the great example you've been to me.
Elder Adair

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