Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17 2012

I'm excited to get to talk to you guys on Skype, but 30 minutes will go in no time. That's weird to think he's 2 years old! Yikes. Times flying by.
Haha I'll have to wait a while to see that Nativity Video.
I can't even remember what letters I've sent anymore. This email system is nice because it reminds me of who I've written back. But ah Mitch I miss that guy. How was he doing? Did you get to talk much? Tell him I'm expecting a long email for Christmas, or else he's in big trouble when I get back. :P And that means this Christmas not next Christmas (no excuses).
Oo the great gingerbread house party in which I've never made a successful gingerbread house that could stand.
Wait how far along is Emily in her pregnancy? I can't remember how long ago you told me about it.
Haha soo with the video with Elder Barnett (My companion who had my memory card), can you tell me what he said? I got to see his new house but I didn't get to hear what he said in the video because I'm not allowed to wear headphones and the computer I was on didn't have sound. But ya he was a sweet companion.
Mm I'm not sure I've gotten over my picky eating. But I can probably eat anything you want me to eat.
The video of us getting water out of a whole was us filling up the baptismal font. One bucket at a time. After that video I climbed down inside the whole and was soaked with water for the baptism. It was an interesting experience.
Ya right after you guys told me that you visited the Alligators I got to go see them. But I thought you guys got to touch them as well.
That guitar was the nicest one I've found it Ghana, I'm not sure which missionary bought it but it almost seems like it's from a different country.
Yes they have Cocoa trees here (I haven't seen one in the areas I've been, but I know there's a factory near by here), In fact I've heard Ghana makes the best chocolate in the world. But it's expensive for them to make. I still haven't bought a chocolate bar here though so I can't tell you how good it is. Maybe I'll get one today.
Mm the mosquitos haven't bothered me much. Elder Shinasi seems to get bitten alot. I've gotten just a few mosquito bites lately.
Yup I'm all set for Skype on Christmas, thank you.
So this week we've mostly been knocking on doors going from house to house searching for new investigators. We haven't had much luck with that though.
We were able to do some service for one guy though in painting his house. We only got to paint half of his house before we had to leave to get ready for someone else we had to teach, but it was a good experience and he ended up coming to church on Sunday.
We've been preparing for a baptism this coming Wednesday. I'm terrible at planning, but I'm getting a small understanding of how to prepare for the next time it happens.
We had one family commit to coming to Church and they didn't show up. It was sad. They've come a few times, and they're growing in their testimony of the things we're saying, but when we invited the guy to be baptized he wasn't too happy because he had been baptized before and felt that it was right. We'll keep working with them though, it's too bad we only see them once a week.
I think something I'm learning is just judging my work according to what God thinks rather than what other people think.  
I think some things I can work on is helping the investigators have good friends in the church. Are there any ideas you guys have on how I can help the investigators have friends? Mostly I've just been getting people to sit with them at church to help them have friends. Seminary, Institute, and Midweek are usually good as well but they're usually working during the times those things happen.
Alright well I love you guys
Elder Brady Adair


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