Monday, December 24, 2012

December 24 2012

Well you guys forgot about me on Christmas Eve :P
Haha no it's fine I'll talk to you guys tomorrow.
Soo I'll tell you about my week.
Mm Monday we just did a quick Family Home Evening with one of our investigators who was getting baptized on Wednesday. It went well and his brothers and sisters came and played some card games with us as well which was fun.  It was cool when we showed up that he was teaching one of his friends the things that we taught him about the gospel. And he was doing really well at it. I hope he becomes a missionary one day because he knows his scriptures really well.
Tuesday we had District Meeting and we prepared for our Christmas Devotional thing on Friday. We were singing hymn 214 as a District. Haha it was suppose to be a talent show.. and we couldn't really think of anything we could do as a District. There were some funny talents though. We also started filling the baptismal font but the pipe wasn't working that well.. it was coming out really slow. We just had a couple lessons the whole day. People liked disappearing that day.
Wednesday I woke up at 4:15 to be ready for a zone service project we were doing for the deaf. We ended up leaving at 5:30 and getting to where we thought we were suppose to be.. ended up waiting for an hour.. finding we were in the wrong spot.. taking a tro tro.. getting lost. Giving up and coming home.
Got ready. Studied. Called the zone leaders to get a key to the chapel. They told us the font was totally empty. They said they'd try and come to the chapel but they had a couple lessons first. We took a tro to the chapel. Luckily Elder Shinasi saw them as we were going so we dropped off and grabbed the keys. (Talk about a miracle)
We walked to the chapel.. And yup there was no water in the font. We spent forever figuring out how we were going to fill up the font. We thought about buckets like last time.. But having only two people and having hardly any water left in the tank and just a few hours left until the baptism it didn't work. We tried the janitors closet water, but it was coming out super slow too. We found the grass hose, but the hose pipe didn't fit on the spout. We tried using a bunch of tape to just hook it to it.. didn't work. We tried rolling up some plastic paper and making like a funnel and taping it.. We tried stuffing a sachet water bag inside the hose and taping it to the outside of the spout.. We were ready to give up. Bishop told us we could hire some boys to use buckets to fill it up from the tank. Eventually I just took off the spout and stuffed the hose up the pipe thing and somehow it worked out. Once again the water wasn't very high but we were able to pull of the baptism without any problems.
Thursday most of our appointments failed again. We met with a member and he gave us someone we could go and see that had some questions about the godhead. We're just waiting until he gives us the go ahead now. While contacting we met some kid's mom that we had met earlier but as we discussed with the mom she talked about how she had a Book of Mormon but had hidden it away because she thought it was an evil book(she didn't want to throw it away in case it actually was god's book). But she told us she felt good about it after we had talked about it and said she'd find it and start reading it. Her boy seemed serious as well so I'm excited to see if that goes anywhere. We also talked with another lady about the restoration and how Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ.
Friday we had the Christmas Party. We had a little Nativity. Had a short talent show. I got to see Elder Barnett which was sweet. We watched forever strong which was cool. Had some food. And for a present they gave us a Kente Tie (I dont' know if i've told you that Ghana is famous for their Kente clothe) and on the Kente Tie it has the Gye Nyame symbol which means "Only God" (I guess to say that everything is possible through God) and it also has "Kia Kaha" written on it which means "Forever Strong". It's a sweet tie, but it'll probably be destroyed by the time I get home so I hope I can get another. We didn't end up getting home until like 8:30.
Saturday We met with a few people and I'm hoping a couple of them will turn out to be serious. But none of them accepted coming to church Sunday.
Sunday I told the Bishop about the confirmations and he told us that today was the day that the missionary's were suppose to take over church for the day and be in charge of Sacrament meeting, Sunday School, And Priestood. (Haha my heart sank when he said those words) Luckily he said because they hadn't warned us earlier he'd just have Elder Shinasi say a prayer and I could give a talk and the other two missionaries could give talks as well. The other missionaries ended up not having to give a talk. And they only had me talk for 5 minutes which went by super fast, I started talking and then they started tapping my shoulder telling me to stop.
I was super tired the whole day and we walked clear out to Fijai to start contacting.. It's like an hour walk though soo I feel like it's kind of a waste of time. But we found a couple of people. Sadly the Christmas season isn't in our favor because everyone's preparing for presentations in their churches. (Haha there celebration is church, not presents :P)
Well there's my week in a nutshell. If you've got any ideas for improvement just shout them out.
Love you, See you Tomorrow.
Elder Brady Adair

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