Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19 2012

Oo Thanksgiving is coming up now? I forgot this was the season of Holidays. I've started singing a couple Christmas songs over here, but it feels weird because there's no snow or Christmas trees. I'm glad though because that would remind me too much of home.
Sounds like the family is doing well :) Thanks for the update.
For me the week has been pretty good. This week we had a conference for Africa and we got to hear from the prophet, but it was hard to get investigators to church again because it was in Takoradi. The church members encouraged our investigators not to come because they wouldn't be able to hear anyways haha. (Which sounds strange, but really they can't understand our American accents. Even still when I'm teaching, people can understand Elder Shinasi far better than they can understand me.) But the prophet spoke about rescuing the less actives and he gave some stories about war and such. It was good for me. It's a good reminder for me because I think a lot of the time we get too relaxed with ourselves and with all the time we have - that we don't look out for those who are struggling.
Umm two of the guys we're teaching are progressing really well - (We've been advised we can't use actual names because it's illegal. Good advice right?)- But we'll call them Kofi and Quame. One of them we met on the street and Elder Shinasi has been continually saying he wants to try out Yam (I'm not a big fan so I haven't really encouraged him) Anyways we were passing a place where they were selling it and the lady was telling us to come buy some. We said "No we don't have enough money", and so a random guy, Kofi, offered to buy it for us. (And using my extreme book of mormon knowledge about.. Ammon? Haha maybe not extreme knowledge.. But about how the King offered him half of his Kingdom and instead he asked for the King to listen to the gospel) Soo I turned him down and said "No, we aren't here for food, but we'd love to share the gospel with you".. and it started from there. We were able to teach him about how Christ was baptized (Matthew 3:13-17, and then it's symbolism of death, burial, ressurection - Romans 6:3-5.. And such and such) And he got all choked up and was about to cry. And from then on he's just been seriously thinking about everything we've shared with him. He came to church and loved it and accepted to be baptized. This week he wasn't able to come to church because his friend died and they were having a funeral, but ya he's a sweet guy.
The other guy was playing guitar on the street to his girlfriend and we were able to share with him about the temples and how families could be together forever. He was surprised and wanted to learn more so we just took his address and a while later returned. We taught him about baptism's for the dead because his grandmother had died.. Taught him about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. And his testimony is just really growing soo we're really excited for these two.
A third guy we've been teaching who's totally prepared for baptism but we just haven't had time to teach him. But we have finally been able to teach him about the plan of salvation and he just loved it. He's been coming to church for a couple months now as well so he'll for sure be baptized in the coming month.
There's also a couple family that we're teaching. I get a little nervous with them and all their questions. It makes me realize how small my scripture knowledge is. They came to church, but found it kind of boring. But they seem to agree with all of the teachings soo it's just really a matter of whether they'll give up drums for hymns.
Mm we keep finding new people, but then they dont' show up for the second lesson.
The Mission President's encouraged us to work smart soo this week I've set aside time for us to see members and get them involved in the work. Because usually the problem is we just have so many appointments that we just don't have time to see the members. (Not that we aren't seeing them, but I think it will be more effective now that I've set the time aside ahead of time)
But any missionary tips from any old missionaries back home? How to work with members?
Elder Shinasi is doing well as a missionary, I just hope that I'm training him right. But I'm trying to improve and make sure he's ready to train in the next 6 weeks.
I'm going to try and send you pictures today through the mail. Umm I'm sorry I haven't taken very many pictures. And I didn't really take pictures of the environment. Most of my memory was taken up from video's I took of me playing songs on the guitar haha.
Well love you, I'm not sure which day Thanksgiving is on soo Happy Thanksgiving!
Elder Adair

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